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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUPILS

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Astrology, 693:of Magnetic Response. Another name given to its pupils is 'The graduates of painful endeavor' orAstrology, 694:called the 'sowers.' Mercury (4th) - The pupils of this planetary school are called 'The Sons ofAutobiography, 137:all the time. They were both of them personal pupils of H. P. Blavatsky. They had trained with herAutobiography, 138:and talk and listen. Many of H.P.B.'s personal pupils have helped me and have personally taken theAutobiography, 138:had the privilege of being taught by personal pupils of H.P.B. for weeks and months on end, and I'mAutobiography, 139:I found that the Masters of the Wisdom were His pupils and disciples, just as people like myselfAutobiography, 139:and disciples, just as people like myself were pupils of some Master. I learnt that when I, in myAutobiography, 190:knew had been taught me by personal friends and pupils of H.P.B. and this Mr. Prater recognized.Autobiography, 190:have more than a happy feeling that the personal pupils and friends of H.P.Blavatsky approved ofAutobiography, 191:I taught came direct from personally trained pupils of H.P.B. and is more likely to be correct thanDiscipleship1, X:as to the nature of these Masters who take pupils and who, whilst giving them the training neededDiscipleship1, 225:exacting service. I am handling some of their pupils for them and preparing some [226] of theirDiscipleship1, 459:work. In teaching we learn. It would profit your pupils much (and you also) if you together were toDiscipleship1, 536:with the benediction: "May the Holy Ones, whose pupils we aspire to become, show us the light weDiscipleship1, 546:It is a meditation which I give at times to my pupils and is called a "Meditation on the Path ofDiscipleship1, 651:following invocation: "May the Holy Ones whose pupils we aspire to become so strengthen us that weDiscipleship2, 25:of spiritual knowledge, the Masters who take pupils are faced with two problems: The problem of theDiscipleship2, 65:of teaching applied by the Masters who take pupils. This has created temporary [66] difficultiesDiscipleship2, 594:Master M. was at one time asked to handle the pupils of the Master K.H. so as to release him forExternalisation, 87:for this reason that I have said to some of my pupils that when humanity will have solved correctlyExternalisation, 354:and as individuals, and may the Holy Ones Whose pupils you seek to become show you the light youExternalisation, 517:will appear who will train the minds of the pupils to be responsive to direct inspiration fromFire, 66:Chohans, 24 with Their affiliated groups of pupils, form the essence or centers in the body of oneFire, 173:into intuition. All teachers, who have taken pupils in hand for training, and who seek to use themFire, 180:which any particular group of adepts and Their pupils are the exponents. Every group of Masters andFire, 457:Masonry. He is one of the Masters who take pupils. The Master H. or Hilarion, is a Cretan Master,Fire, 752:These Kumaras, Sanat Kumara and [752] His three pupils, having achieved the highest initiationFire, 752:with the ego on the mental plane, and His three Pupils being concerned with the other three typesFire, 753:applied to some of Them; Sanat Kumara and His Pupils are in physical form, but have not taken denseFire, 857:are mostly used by the Lord of the World and His pupils to ascertain information in connection withFire, 868:is not to give information but to train their pupils in the use of thought energy. It willFire, 1141:truth intact and embody cosmic facts. The pupils of the Masters. They develop intuition. SymbolicFire, 1175:each planetary school or Hierarchy subjects its pupils to this law, only in manners diverse. TheseFire, 1177:is taken. The Masters, therefore, Who take pupils for training, are numbered amongst them, whilstFire, 1178:of Magnetic Response. Another name given to its pupils is "The graduates of painful endeavor" orFire, 1178:frequently called "The Sowers." MERCURY - The pupils in this planetary school are called "The SonsFire, 1245:given by all spiritual teachers to their pupils in the words "let your light shine forth." [1246]Initiation, 54:is not one of the Masters who [54] usually takes pupils, for he numbers amongst his disciplesInitiation, 54:the Eastern adepts, and who numbers amongst his pupils a large number of Europeans and Americans,Initiation, 55:of humanity. The Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and works inInitiation, 55:very well known in the occident, and has many pupils everywhere, is of Kashmiri origin, though theInitiation, 56:has gathered around him quite a numerous body of pupils. He is upon the sixth Ray of Devotion, orInitiation, 56:Ray of Devotion, or Abstract Idealism, and his pupils are frequently distinguished by thatInitiation, 58:the Red Cross. He occupies himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by hisInitiation, 58:from them for certain stated times some of their pupils and disciples. He works largely, too, withInitiation, 58:and smooth black hair, and does not take as many pupils as do the Masters previously mentioned. HeInitiation, 58:present handling the majority of the third ray pupils in the occident in conjunction with theInitiation, 59:and he it was who initiated, through various pupils of his, the Spiritualistic movement. He hasInitiation, 59:the two English Masters. Neither of them takes pupils in the same sense that the Master K. H. orInitiation, 59:that the Master K. H. or the Master M. take pupils. One of them, who resides in Great Britain, hasInitiation, 60:in place here. First, the work of training their pupils and disciples to fit them to be of use inInitiation, 61:and second rays have temporarily taken over pupils in the Mahachohan's department. Secondly, theInitiation, 70:by some Masters [70] who have not hitherto taken pupils, The press of work on the Masters who doInitiation, 70:they have delegated some of their most promising pupils to some other Masters, drafting them intoInitiation, 90:is in charge, also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in many schemes, and is gatheringInitiation, 107:are three aspects of the one aspect, and the pupils of Sanat Kumara. Though their functions areInitiation, 201:work and under guidance from a teacher, the pupils will pledge themselves to permit noIntellect, 242:of the technique of meditation urge upon their pupils the need of care and slow procedure. It isIntellect, 261:if they respond to the appeal of teachers for pupils to "sit for development." They are then taughtMagic, 182:teach as we taught on earth, not flattering our pupils but disciplining them. We lead them on, notMeditation, 12:disciples, or in India, Tibet or China by the pupils of the Master M. or the Master K. H. Now comesMeditation, 15:the allied souls, and the affiliated groups of pupils under [16] some one Master, until all areMeditation, 45:or family. Four Groups connected with the Pupils A man, when in incarnation, has four sets ofMeditation, 46:This Head, being of the same nationality as the pupils, and having the faculties of the causal bodyMeditation, 49:or - if he is a disciple, - the group of pupils of which he forms a part. Their particular type ofMeditation, 68:manifestation of the inner groups of aspirants, pupils, disciples and initiates. Groups that areMeditation, 80:teachers, who can judiciously work with the pupils, stimulating through scientific knowledge andMeditation, 89:except in a few individual cases where certain pupils (perhaps unconsciously to themselves) areMeditation, 106:the rule for the average. With advanced egos, pupils and disciples, it is not so, and each mustMeditation, 119:may be enumerated as follows: The groups of pupils of some one Master to Whom he may be attached,Meditation, 187:and are well-known to all those who train pupils for initiation. But by themselves, even ifMeditation, 280:this. At stated intervals the Master takes His pupils, and enables them to contact otherMeditation, 280:a few of the things a Master has to do with His pupils. I take not up the later stages of theMeditation, 291:own vibration which impresses itself upon His pupils in a specific manner. This method of contactMeditation, 294:with the work of a Master with His affiliated pupils or disciples or probationers. Other groups,Meditation, 302:endeavors, and to Whom the Masters Who take pupils, and the Heads of the various occult schools areMeditation, 302:brooks no rival nor contemporary work with its pupils, not for the [303] sake of its own teachersMeditation, 303:its own teachers but to ensure the safety of its pupils. Danger lurks in the path of the occultMeditation, 303:adepts know adequately how to protect their pupils, provided those pupils stay within the peripheryMeditation, 303:how to protect their pupils, provided those pupils stay within the periphery of Their united auras,Meditation, 303:All true occult schools demand this of their pupils, and all true Masters expect Their pupils toMeditation, 303:their pupils, and all true Masters expect Their pupils to refrain from taking other occultMeditation, 304:By the requirement, demanded of all affiliated pupils without exception, that the life of innerMeditation, 311:will begin in an inconspicuous manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it is to makeMeditation, 314:prepare the way for initiation, and train pupils in occult lore. As you will consequently see, theMeditation, 314:themselves in the school work, to the pupils, and on the inner planes. The fundamentals as regardsMeditation, 316:and able to superintend and teach the pupils the rudiment of occult meditation, as taught, forMeditation, 316:book. Occult facts will be imparted to these pupils by them and the basic laws that - in theMeditation, 316:who will superintend other departments of the pupils' lives. Exoteric science will be taught andMeditation, 317:of care will be taken in the admittance of pupils to the school, and this will obviate theMeditation, 318:degree, the aim of the school being to prepare pupils for the first initiation. This necessarilyMeditation, 318:on some one ray or its complementary ray, with pupils on the same ray or complementary ray. ForMeditation, 318:one in Ireland is purposed to be - teachers and pupils on the second, fourth and sixth rays will beMeditation, 318:If a first ray school, the personnel and pupils will be first, third and seventh ray, with again aMeditation, 318:will comprise the entire teaching staff, for the pupils under them will be relatively few in numberMeditation, 319:room with the students [319] themselves. The pupils are - it will be presumed - ready to work forMeditation, 319:meditation. At intervals they will conduct the pupils to the Master, advise as to their passingMeditation, 321:are far more esoteric and fewer in number. The pupils will be chosen from out of the preparatoryMeditation, 322:room for the meeting of the united body of pupils. The buildings for the advanced schools, evenMeditation, 322:of circular shape providing for each of the pupils (and you must remember that numerically they
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