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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURE

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Discipleship2, 124:the lower energies so that they will be pure enough to be carried first of all to the awakeningDiscipleship2, 137:human consciousness. Of this your soul - in its pure nature - is a part. You will therefore thinkDiscipleship2, 163:impersonally and with a "vivid directive of pure intent," penetrated from the highest point ofDiscipleship2, 163:make itself invincibly apparent. They brought pure evil to the surface in such a manner that theDiscipleship2, 167:be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure Materialism and selfishness; the divine purposeDiscipleship2, 181:Disciples have to learn to work with this pure energy of love as it blends with the forces of theDiscipleship2, 185:of you a true introspective and consequently a pure mystic. Exactly the reverse is intended; allDiscipleship2, 203:This matters not, for - if their motive is pure, their intelligence keen and their meditationalDiscipleship2, 281:the initiate brings to the work is drawn, as pure energy, from the heart center of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 281:the heart center of the planetary Logos; it is pure love with its inevitable corollaries, wisdomDiscipleship2, 285:reverberate and veil the One who stands behind. Pure Being IS - unknown and unafraid, untouched,Discipleship2, 285:form and process) go, and yet for aye remain. Pure reason then suffices. Being cries forth andDiscipleship2, 286:into the form of this planet. This was from pure choice, motivated by his "fixed determination" toDiscipleship2, 286:Sacrifice through the medium of the developed, pure, reasoning will, and not simply from that ofDiscipleship2, 290:Right eye - spiritual energy. Buddhi. Pure reason. Understanding. Left eye - mental energy. Manas.Discipleship2, 293:or even of the soul world. It is a world of pure energy, of light and of directed force; it can beDiscipleship2, 312:measure - a difficult law for you to comprehend. Pure destiny, devoid of all evil intent, is anDiscipleship2, 312:increasing purity in the three worlds, this pure destiny will become correspondingly effective.Discipleship2, 313:initiate learns to penetrate into the realm of pure reason from the realm of mind, and there heDiscipleship2, 313:thought, the antechamber to the world of pure reason, and through these three aspects of mind heDiscipleship2, 316:with safety so that, in its avidity for pure truth, humanity could be simultaneously trusted?Discipleship2, 330:is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure" can be grasped. The perfected strength of theDiscipleship2, 349:the egoic lotus, the abstract mind and buddhi or pure reason are all brought into alignment withDiscipleship2, 405:is the energy of the intuition or the energy of pure reason. This is the mental quality "within theDiscipleship2, 405:point of revelation is related to the plane of pure reason or to the buddhic plane; this is theDiscipleship2, 408:Bridge, constructed by the sons of men who seek pure light. "They pass across the bridge into theDiscipleship2, 412:from the mental plane to that of buddhi or of pure reason. This led to the discarding of a hint asDiscipleship2, 413:where the light of the soul, which is the pure [414] energy of love, can be turned upon all lifeDiscipleship2, 415:reveals) which will enable him to substitute the pure reason for the many complexities of the lowerDiscipleship2, 416:for the exercise of the intuition or of the pure reason; this is what Patanjali describes asDiscipleship2, 426:that plane, the buddhic plane, or the plane of pure reason. Discipleship2, 466:That fire, my brother, is the residue of the pure fire which is left when you have trodden upon andDiscipleship2, 468:this realization the capacity to be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of selfDiscipleship2, 479:of those you are seeking to help, with the pure rose color (most carefully visualized by you) ofDiscipleship2, 518:occultists; the other group is distinguished by pure love. Of the group which finds its way intoDiscipleship2, 531:ideals. The Hierarchy is simply the channel for pure love and where love exists there is no dangerDiscipleship2, 546:pyramid and on its summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity. With that light youDiscipleship2, 547:[547] "Dim light am I and yet the pure light shines. Not distant is that light but daily, hourlyDiscipleship2, 582:of building a form. This is also the line of pure magic and - as you know - it can be either blackDiscipleship2, 605:respective resting places, carrying new life, pure stimulation and dynamic will to each and everyDiscipleship2, 654:a ladder. The golden Cross and the ladder of pure light are one, and by their means I rise. UpwardDiscipleship2, 664:It is through spiritual magnetism and through pure love, impersonally applied, that an Ashram isDiscipleship2, 669:be expected to be as intuitive and motivated by pure reason as the aspirant today has to be mental.Discipleship2, 669:disciples will work from the plane of atma or pure spiritual will, just as today they work from theEducation, 10:to experiment in many fields of opportunity. Pure vocational training should not be emphasizedEducation, 12:by the perpetuation of the species. Response to pure intellectual awareness. This leads to aEducation, 142:have a consciousness of light and the goal of pure service (which such a consciousness inevitablyEducation, 147:in mind that the soul body is constructed of pure white light, whilst the light out of which theExternalisation, 7:and who refuse to tread the path of service with pure motive. Lest this widespread upheaval andExternalisation, 13:when they are single-minded, unselfish, pure and dedicated to service. But in the training to whichExternalisation, 13:are undertaking to work; from their high and pure position let them see clearly, hear truly andExternalisation, 17:at this time are hindering the entrance of the pure light of truth. Aspirants in these schoolsExternalisation, 20:meditate and aspire and work. His motive is pure, and he is seeking to decentralize his personalityExternalisation, 25:spirit of loving kindness which will make you a pure channel. Thus will the work of the HierarchyExternalisation, 61:through the medium of the world disciples (of pure motive and skill in action and triedExternalisation, 79:forces. I ask you to regard [79] yourselves as pure and unclogged channels and to seek only to beExternalisation, 79:with the soul of each and all, whose nature is pure love, realized synthesis and divine potency. ItExternalisation, 120:A period of urban existence superseded that of a pure nomadic and agricultural existence. Men beganExternalisation, 146:sent forth the Great Invocation in a spirit of pure love and with a [147] completely unbiasedExternalisation, 194:barriers. With very few exceptions, there are no pure races. Germany in particular, by its place atExternalisation, 215:of aggression, of material acquisition and pure selfishness, working through a pronounced crueltyExternalisation, 229:of your life's decisions and attitudes are truly pure and unadulterated. I seek to draw yourExternalisation, 265:evil activity. Pouring upon the selfless, the pure and the disinterested, it will foster realityExternalisation, 311:The clarifying of the mental life in the pure light of the soul. Disciples live too much in theExternalisation, 374:economic selfishness, ideals based on pure commercialism and materialistic and territorial goalsExternalisation, 473:the Teacher of angels and of men was deemed so pure, so holy and so enlightened that He wasExternalisation, 477:who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal and - like the sun -Externalisation, 477:the problem and the necessity of seeing that pure impersonal thought energy did not find its wayExternalisation, 507:D.K. works much with [507] those who heal with pure altruism; He occupies Himself with those whoExternalisation, 570:forcefulness of their lives, their clear, pure wisdom, the sanity and the modern acceptableness ofFire, 90:in those tropical countries where the air is pure and dry, and the rays of the sun are recognizedFire, 103:the emphasis laid on the necessity for building pure, refined physical vehicles. The more refinedFire, 126:of this is that the matter of his body is not pure enough to stand the uniting of the flames, thatFire, 150:The first Logos is electric fire, the fire of pure Spirit. Yet in manifestation He is the Son, forFire, 166:vitality within these spheres of fire or of pure life force. The centers, therefore, whenFire, 167:left this intangible spiritual body of fire, one pure flame, distinguished by seven brilliantFire, 170:forming a living flaming iridescent globe of pure fire, and holding within it a certain geometricalFire, 184:When it blends with the electric fire of pure Spirit after the third Initiation, they take on twoFire, 212:described as the Rod which carries a voltage of pure fohatic force from cosmic levels. The twoFire, 219:upon the other two, he realizes himself as pure Spirit and on the consummation of the chord isFire, 240:aspect of the Deity, Who is an expression of pure energy or intelligence, motivating that tenuousFire, 240:the Mahadeva aspect, which is an expression of pure will or necessitous desire, impelling toFire, 241:and ultimately to use with wisdom the form. Pure will is as yet an abstraction, and will only beFire, 262:we have: Monad, the microcosmic absolute. Pure Spirit. The one and only. The monadic trinity. FirstFire, 264:- Atma - Will. Third Principle - Buddhi - Pure reason, wisdom. Fourth Principle - Manas - PureFire, 264:Pure reason, wisdom. Fourth Principle - Manas - Pure mind, higher mind. Fifth Principle - Manas -Fire, 264:Principle - Kama-manas. Seventh Principle - Pure emotion, or feeling. These are the principles forFire, 265:the Ego what can be seen? The Absolute - Atma. Pure will-to-be. The Duad. Buddhi - Pure reason,Fire, 265:- Atma. Pure will-to-be. The Duad. Buddhi - Pure reason, wisdom. Manas - Pure mind. The Triad. TheFire, 265:The Duad. Buddhi - Pure reason, wisdom. Manas - Pure mind. The Triad. The causal body. Lower mind.Fire, 267:Development This is also sevenfold: Astral - pure desire, emotion, feeling. Kama-manas -Fire, 267:lower concrete mind. Higher manas - abstract or pure mind. Buddhi - pure reason, intuition. Atma -Fire, 267:Higher manas - abstract or pure mind. Buddhi - pure reason, intuition. Atma - pure will,Fire, 267:mind. Buddhi - pure reason, intuition. Atma - pure will, realization. Monadic - Will, love-wisdom,Fire, 338:itself, considering the essence and the Self as pure Spirit as distinguished from spirit-matter. InFire, 340:fierce. As regards the fire of Spirit, or pure electric fire, this is finally synthesized with theFire, 349:manasic units within His body that a downflow of pure manas from the planetary manasic permanentFire, 351:therefore "fire by friction"; His is the life of pure Spirit which wills to be, and which utilizesFire, 400:passes into the consciousness of the Monad, or pure Spirit, via the fourth plane of buddhi. For himFire, 401:manifestation, and eventually is resolved into pure will or power. Herein lies the clue; all the
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