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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURE

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Patanjali, 163:plate upon which the seer can impress his "pure knowledge" using the mind as an interpreter andPatanjali, 200:the magician. This is done through continence, Pure living and clean thinking, and not through anyPatanjali, 205:perception of the ideal on the mental plane. Pure desire, freed from love of form on the emotionalPatanjali, 207:the truth of the words of the Christ that "the pure in heart shall see God." He beholds the soulPatanjali, 219:of that apparatus to oxygenate and render pure the blood, so will be the health or wholeness of thePatanjali, 247:and the object." The man's attitude becomes pure fixed attention; his physical body, his emotions,Patanjali, 296:head, which can be seen as a radiant circle of pure white light. This begins as a mere pin pointPatanjali, 318:soul, an outpost of the life of God, a spark of pure spiritual fire. This is the lowest point whichPatanjali, 318:spiritual fire. This is the lowest point which pure spiritual life, direct from the Monad, ourPatanjali, 319:knowledge of the spiritual worlds and of those pure spirits who work and walk in them is achieved,Patanjali, 349:- the man who can perfectly transmit the pure white light and yet reflect equally all the colors ofPatanjali, 355:may be called "illumination" by the mystic or "pure vision" by the occultist but it is one and thePatanjali, 368:veils the light of the soul has been rendered pure, and thus the light of God streams forth. ThatPatanjali, 369:no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritual consciousness withdraws into the One.Patanjali, 378:intuitive perception, spiritual insight, pure vision, the attainment of the wisdom. They arePatanjali, 381:the practice of sex magic, but this is astralism pure and simple and with this the true student ofPatanjali, 382:nature. Desire that which is true and right, pure and holy, and your consciousness of these thingsPatanjali, 388:and tendencies. Thus he stands at the moment of pure meditation free from that aspect of karmaPatanjali, 389:of human endeavor. He has reached the realm of pure thought and can hold his consciousnessPatanjali, 390:the severing of the highest principle (that of pure spirit from its two expressions, the soul andPatanjali, 419:which is dense and dark now shineth with a clear pure light, and radiance poureth from the sevenPatanjali, 428:no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritual consciousness withdraws into the One.Problems, 28:all the nations. This will only be possible when pure religion is restored and the spiritualProblems, 107:that dark land, there emerges a fundamental and pure mysticism, ranging all the way from natureProblems, 129:The early Christian Church (which was relatively pure in its presentation of truth and in itsProblems, 130:were originally sincere and clean and relatively pure and good. All have steadily deterioratedProblems, 139:liberal and kind and whose individual lives are pure and aspiring. It will be hindered by theProblems, 169:to the churches or to the world religions. "Pure religion and undefiled" is pure charity and aProblems, 169:religions. "Pure religion and undefiled" is pure charity and a selfless following of the Christ.Psychology1, xix:the bodies so that the entire lower man may be a pure channel and instrument through whichPsychology1, 23:Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists as being asPsychology1, 23:Attraction, which is the life-demonstration of pure Being. This Lord of Love is the most potent ofPsychology1, 24:great forces. I speak in terms of entity, of pure Being, and not in terms of human personality. ButPsychology1, 26:As to the first ray egos, there are no pure first ray types on the planet. All so-called [27] firstPsychology1, 27:of the second ray, which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation at this time wouldPsychology1, 73:life, but it should be borne in mind that the pure ray type does not as yet exist, for there is notPsychology1, 73:of forms; it must be remembered that a pure destroyer is utterly unknown, and mercifully for thePsychology1, 73:is insufficient to work much harm. Again, pure love is incapable of expression today, its flowPsychology1, 76:of the lower self. The ego or solar Angel, the pure Son of Mind, Who expresses intelligence, bothPsychology1, 76:lower mind is intended to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy. This fifth rayPsychology1, 76:His quality of higher mind, this ray is a pure channel for the divine will. Through the septenaryPsychology1, 79:reveals the way up and out of darkness into the pure light of God's day. I mention this as I amPsychology1, 126:to disaster. Hence the necessity to inculcate pure living, the learning of protective invocationsPsychology1, 130:only then does true magnetic radiation and the pure shining forth of light become possible.Psychology1, 161:can also be true, and then you have the pure extrovert. The personality ray focuses itself upon thePsychology1, 203:ray of wisdom from its characteristic desire for pure knowledge and for absolute truth - cold andPsychology1, 304:functions cannot be illumined by the light of pure reason and divine intelligence. I deal not herePsychology1, 323:they are difficult to follow, being mixtures of pure selfishness (developed often to the nthPsychology1, 359:achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divinePsychology1, 386:are concerned with the magic of form, whereas pure white magic concerns only the soul or subjectivePsychology1, 400:all sense of their common origin. There is no pure race in the world today, for intermarriage,Psychology1, 400:years have been so numerous that there exists no pure strain. Climate and [401] environment arePsychology1, 419:Yellow. Divine Principle: Buddhi. Intuition. Pure reason. Human Principle: Understanding. Vision.Psychology1, 419:plane. Sense: Sight. Esoterically, this is the pure reason, seated in the ajna center, between thePsychology2, 22:man to the Lemurian epoch and to the period of pure infancy. The quality of the astral body. ThisPsychology2, 23:aspects, becomes sensitive to the energy of pure electric fire or life, as it pours through thePsychology2, 32:and thence to that of the liberated state of pure intuitional life. He has passed from formPsychology2, 32:vibratory impressions which it is the nature of pure Being (divorced from phenomenal existence) toPsychology2, 32:Ones reveal at will that quality. The color pure remains. The nature of life in form fails toPsychology2, 33:desire nor mind; nor any quality of life. Pure life they are; pure being and pure will; pure lovePsychology2, 33:nor any quality of life. Pure life they are; pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent;Psychology2, 33:of life. Pure life they are; pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent; this is all thatPsychology2, 33:Pure life they are; pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent; this is all thatPsychology2, 33:are; pure being and pure will; pure love and pure intent; this is all that unenlightened man canPsychology2, 33:The Blessed Ones remain in isolation pure; and yet at will can take a form. The Blessed Ones dwellPsychology2, 41:evocation of the intuition; Right judgment and pure reason; The wisdom which works through thePsychology2, 100:the sight of suffering), and secondly, through pure, disinterested service, which is a quality ofPsychology2, 113:constitute themselves channels for service in pure self-forgetfulness. This thought embodies thePsychology2, 169:feet of the discouraged worker. The key was of pure gold; the shaft of light; upon the key a label,Psychology2, 189:plane which is the plane of illumination and pure reason (the buddhic plane) and the plane ofPsychology2, 203:nationally, and tribally they do not exist as pure types, but occasionally such a person emerges inPsychology2, 234:God's instincts are stronger and more vital and pure than are those of humanity, and mustPsychology2, 294:vortex of force to be found which is composed of pure manasic energy, and, therefore, is purelyPsychology2, 395:reason. The reason here referred to is that pure intuitional infallible comprehension which graspsPsychology2, 498:is (for the average ordinary person who is pure Atlantean in consciousness but is just beginning toPsychology2, 615:or leaders of the new groups are usually of as pure a type of the new age or Aquarian character asPsychology2, 697:constitute themselves channels for service in pure self-forgetfulness. This thought embodies theRays, 8:For Group Initiation V. The Basic Essential of Pure Character. This is something more than justRays, 27:- Monad - Atma - Purpose Heart - Soul - Buddhi - Pure reason Base of spine - Personality - Manas -Rays, 27:by the antahkarana. The heart as an aspect of pure reason requires careful consideration. It isRays, 27:It is usually considered the organ of pure love [28] but - from the angle of the esoteric sciencesRays, 28:a group of disciples must be distinguished by pure reason, which will steadily supersede motive,Rays, 29:is still incomplete and the aspect of pure reason and of the heart does not control. The evocativeRays, 33:It should be one of purpose, governed by pure reason and working out in spiritual activity. That isRays, 33:of the knowledge aspect of the soul to the clear pure light of the divine understanding. When theseRays, 34:high source of the Monad, and implemented by the pure reason of the intuition. It will be apparentRays, 34:is essentially different to the unfoldment of pure consciousness. Had you grasped the fact thatRays, 39:taken. The "clear cold light" is the light of pure reason, of infallible intuitive perception andRays, 41:the higher psychic sensitivity. It consists of pure identification with divine purpose. This isRays, 45:life is now in the realm of clear truth and of pure reason. The life of the initiate is beingRays, 45:and achieved identity. On this level of pure impersonality and of right orientation the groupRays, 51:beauty and truth and intelligently expressed as pure love. All these stages are achieved by theRays, 73:Sanskrit terms esoterically) the light of the pure reason, which is the sublimation of theRays, 74:an Ashram, embodying the light of buddhi or pure reason. The light of the Hierarchy as a center ofRays, 80:The third aspect expresses itself through pure materialism, and hence the three sixes. In anRays, 89:of the God-Savior, sacrificing Himself through pure love for His fellowmen. The annals of theRays, 89:the very night of time. The saving principle of pure love finds its expression at the hour ofRays, 96:of consciousness, that of buddhi or the plane of pure reason, the intuition. From the angle of theRays, 101:physical plane, where it can create a body of pure substance and radiant light for all that theRays, 139:1. There is the door of the reason, of pure perception of truth. Christ gave the clue to this
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