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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURE

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Rays, 141:of service and progress from the angle of the pure reason (infallible and immutable), of trueRays, 146:plane; the good is more diffused and not so pure in its concentrated essence being colored by manyRays, 158:of planetary energy which are received in a pure state. It is then channeled through the sevenRays, 174:the significance of the words that "darkness is pure spirit." This recognition, realization,Rays, 174:own center. The only realization left is that of pure Being Itself. This realization necessarilyRays, 174:leads the initiate closer to the center of pure darkness - a darkness which is the very antithesisRays, 180:third aspect. God is life. God is fire. God is pure being. These are the qualities of the spiritRays, 208:to the appellation, "Victors, through the clear pure will." Group initiation is no easyRays, 218:of a direct line of relationship between the pure Ashram and a group of disciples. It willRays, 225:the time of the fourth initiation, where atma or pure spirit is in control, where the SpiritualRays, 225:and has also transcended cooperation through pure love with the Plan. These words are all attemptsRays, 228:of the mind and the dynamic electric energy of pure will. For the initiate, this rule simplyRays, 307:closely related to desire and aspiration than to pure will, as spiritually comprehended. TheRays, 310:the use by the initiate of what we might call pure will, it should be remembered that this pureRays, 310:pure will, it should be remembered that this pure will works into manifestation through one orRays, 311:borne in mind that the destroying aspect of this pure will, expressing through the Monad,Rays, 312:of this third development - responsiveness to pure will - we considered these five words inRays, 316:He knows and is beginning to express that pure Being as pure will in activity. When the thirdRays, 316:and is beginning to express that pure Being as pure will in activity. When the third initiation isRays, 353:of the highest order and type), but veiling the pure light which shines behind them. TheyRays, 358:- 3rd aspect - Intelligence The buddhic plane - Pure reason - Intuition This 4th or buddhic is aRays, 361:- prevents Him from registering this energy of pure cosmic love as He later will. It is this senseRays, 387:principle of love (as humanity calls it) or of pure reason (as the Hierarchy calls it). Since thatRays, 387:the triumph of the hierarchical work, because pure reason-through the second ray - is now theRays, 387:though the process is not yet perfected, and pure reason or true love is beginning to manifestRays, 387:will serve to implement the expression of pure love, which is the essential and - at this time -Rays, 399:to enter into the Heart of God, the center of pure love, and from that center to tread the way ofRays, 399:instead a great vortex of energy - the energy of pure love - under the domination of the Law ofRays, 399:its higher correspondence, the cosmic level of pure reason; three lead to the realm of divine Mind.Rays, 401:be pointed out that, in its original state, this pure astral energy, directed under law into ourRays, 401:lives and in the lives of others. The inflow of pure solar astral energy, under cyclic law and theRays, 402:chaos by pouring into the planetary astral plane pure astral energy, untainted by glamor andRays, 402:energy, untainted by glamor and revelatory of pure love. They were experts in timing and in energyRays, 402:to facilitate the work of distributing the pure incoming love energy (expressing itself as lightRays, 404:on the planetary astral plane, and with only the pure essence retained, sets the law in motionRays, 415:its stimulation, for the principle of buddhi, of pure love (i.e., love-wisdom) must be active inRays, 422:call the principle of Mind and brought it as a pure gift to embryonic humanity. Rays, 432:agency: As a recipient and transmitter of pure energy or life it uses the carotid gland controlledRays, 438:aspect, plus an ability to stand immovable in pure Being. Here again I find it hard to express thatRays, 440:or states of awareness; i.e., that related to pure existence, to the untrammelled life of theRays, 484:undeviatingly for spiritual advancement (with pure motive), and who are oriented unswervinglyRays, 527:Evolution. This entails the bringing through of pure divine will and the relating of the spiritualRays, 537:of his higher or abstract mind and of the pure reason which controls and animates the buddhicRays, 539:It is not light as we know light. It is that pure essential essence of that Light which revealsRays, 540:the antahkarana; it is through the activity of pure reason that fusion with the Hierarchy becomesRays, 549:the higher sensitivity; to render yourselves so pure and selfless that your minds remainRays, 565:the Spiritual Triad: the buddhic or the state of pure reason and the atmic or state of spirituallyRays, 588:for the service of humanity. The stage wherein pure reason, plus the spiritual will, makes him anRays, 588:Purpose underlying the Plan. The stage wherein pure monadic energy pours through him, focusing theRays, 590:of the fifth ray of spiritual energy produce: Pure thought The thinker or the Son of MindRays, 597:to spiritual impression coming from the plane of pure reason (the buddhic plane) through theRays, 599:hierarchical plan. The illuminating energy of pure reason, emanating from the buddhic plane, poursRays, 624:lies her problem, and unfortunately she lacks pure disinterested leadership; as is the caseRays, 628:higher spiritual values. Once her soul ray of pure knowledge is active, it will dominate herRays, 689:of equal potency, and no expression of it has so pure and constructive a quality as that to whichRays, 690:initiated member of the Hierarchy and is also a pure channel for transmission. The peculiar energyRays, 698:selfish aeonial past) is left; they are simply pure receptacles for the energies of the threeRays, 700:only useful in service. The intuition, the pure reason, complete knowledge illumined by the lovingRays, 709:synchronize with his, it becomes available as a pure stream of force, flowing through him at allRays, 712:Triad - the spiritual will, the intuition or pure reason, and the abstract mind. It is in theRays, 752:once a definite start has been made in a pure and disinterested spirit, goodwill will permeate theRays, 763:that rise to the throne of the Logos. Only the pure in heart can hear, only the gentle can respond.Rays, 766:the hand and touch the door, knock thrice with pure intent. A voice will answer to that call. TheReappearance, 35:be frustrated by human free will and evil - pure materialism and selfishness; the divine purposeReappearance, 97:of these major divine energies, and thus be a pure expression of love and wisdom, of rightReappearance, 131:though it cannot as yet be appropriated in its pure essence; this energy, we call the "love ofSoul, 25:cast; and we may take behaviorism as the pure instance, because it is the extreme instance, of thisSoul, 37:clear that temperament even more important than pure intellect in achieving success, is largely anSoul, 64:the living and the dead, is, in matters of pure science, in the front rank of this age. He says:Telepathy, 9:in it something of mental substance or energy. Pure feeling and entirely emotional emanationsTelepathy, 9:are concerned and where the groups work with pure love, communication will be from heart to heart,Telepathy, 69:upon imminence, atmic realization [69] and pure reason, as the Hierarchy has termed these threeTelepathy, 69:the Hierarchy contributes the faculty of pure reason, which is the governing faculty of theTelepathy, 69:aspect, which is entirely of an astral nature. Pure reason, which is the supreme characteristic ofTelepathy, 69:- when present - what love in reality is. Pure love is a quality or effect of pure reason. The pureTelepathy, 69:reality is. Pure love is a quality or effect of pure reason. The pure reason of the hierarchicalTelepathy, 69:love is a quality or effect of pure reason. The pure reason of the hierarchical response is neededTelepathy, 70:one time by the Hierarchy, and the quality of pure love is needed and demanded (even if unrealized)Telepathy, 110:and sensitive astral response) and the pure love of the soul are involved. Astral, sympatheticTelepathy, 125:This is the expression of divine Love or pure Reason, the Hierarchy. It is essentially the energyTelepathy, 156:life, monadic intensity, divine purpose and pure reason. Ponder for a while on these types ofTelepathy, 170:and not to material living, and are clear, pure and radiant; their central point of light is of
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