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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURELY

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Externalisation, 584:Disciples and aspirants will not be dedicated to purely humanitarian and welfare work. That will beExternalisation, 611:the mass of humanity is concerned, and that the purely intellectual approach (which rejects theExternalisation, 646:goal, and naught can stop them. Many of them are purely selfish; some regard their money as a trustExternalisation, 689:the cosmic astral plane. From the negative or purely material forces of the planet, which are notExternalisation, 689:and oft unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends, and are therefore basicallyFire, 47:bodily heat. Mental energy in the mental body. Purely mental thought forms, animated byFire, 47:- manifestation in this case connotating a purely subjective manifestation which is neitherFire, 61:body. It is [61] absorbed through the skin purely and the pores are its line of least resistance. Fire, 61:which is a spiritual emanation and that which is purely animal. It might be wise here to point outFire, 109:of the concept to other realms than the purely human. In the human kingdom lies the key, but theFire, 110:its work of providing a ring-pass-not from the purely physical to the astral. As has been said,Fire, 124:"wheels turning upon themselves," and from a purely rotary movement become fourth dimensional inFire, 128:that we may do so is but incidental and purely secondary. What we seek mainly is to giveFire, 137:i.e., when they become synthetic. But the purely manasic triangle prior to this merging is, TheFire, 160:from any other angle than that of the purely material. For instance, we are applying the symbol ofFire, 187:lower subplanes have to be subjugated during purely human evolution. When the consciousness isFire, 284:withdrawn. But we must not forget that this is purely relative, and only to be considered from theFire, 330:planes. This division is the best and most purely metaphysical, for it embodies the entire idea ofFire, 350:the Law of Economy; the second method is the purely electrical one, and works under the Law ofFire, 370:scheme for the four planets which embody manas purely and simply, or is the major resolution of theFire, 407:mental plane, and be more and more controlled by purely concrete mind. Unless this is paralleled byFire, 446:their centers of consciousness out of the purely human into the early stages of the spiritual. Fire, 455:being tinged with mentality and not being of a purely astral quality, will be even more dangerousFire, 455:(some linked to the Brotherhood and some to the purely manasic groups) is the proposed advent ofFire, 524:preliminary to the first initiation, will be purely exoteric, and no longer [525] part of anFire, 557:family, viewing them as a whole, are as yet purely physical, and based on lower desire. The desireFire, 610:to birth the infant Ego. This is the period of purely personality life, when the third aspectFire, 624:of the union of Father-Mother) and producing the purely concrete manifestation. This is why theFire, 636:nourishes and causes reproduction. They form the purely mother aspect. These three groups areFire, 691:[691] Creative Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely human Monads. Similarly, this triple force,Fire, 788:physical brain via the spleen. This is dealing purely with the physiological key. We might nowFire, 796:and also equally, considerations other than the purely "personal" will enter into its time periods.Fire, 837:have you know that there is no such thing as a purely spiritual evil, but evil is the result of theFire, 837:being Spirit is incapable of evil. Evil is then purely and solely the result of the materializationFire, 842:out, as it is called. They may be seen in the purely intellectual selfish scientific type. They areFire, 852:are controlled by cosmic forces and not by purely systemic forces. Another factor might be termedFire, 893:in advanced decomposition. The connection is not purely a physical one, but it is also psychic.Fire, 895:It is the bridging kingdom between the purely deva evolution and two other manifestations of life.Fire, 955:the lower self which are of a centralized and purely personal aspect, and the faculty of working inFire, 971:neither pure desire nor pure mind, and is a purely human product, being superseded by the intuitionFire, 977:which (when analyzed) will be found to be based purely in the personality. The greater the progressFire, 1016:the types of forms. Second, those which are of a purely protective nature, and which, through aFire, 1032:on its own axis, and each larger atom, from the purely physical standpoint, likewise does the same;Fire, 1047:contemplated. The three permanent atoms if the purely objective side is in question. A cyclicFire, 1048:ring-pass-not. There his work ceases from the purely monadic standpoint; the inherent life of theFire, 1068:more knowledge, true medical science will become purely preventative. It will concentrate itsFire, 1121:glands of the body which are deemed at present purely physical, and thus enable the solar Angel toFire, 1127:and planetoids in the solar system. Some are purely mahatic or of the third Aspect, dominated byFire, 1170:of perfumes. Smell is the highest of the purely physical senses; so in the vegetable kingdom aFire, 1172:from the central spiritual Sun. The one is purely systemic, the other a cosmic law. 9. The Law ofFire, 1189:there are centers of energy in man which are not purely etheric centers but are the product of theFire, 1213:energy for which the animal kingdom stands, Of purely human energy, [1214] Of the spiritual energyFire, 1214:the relative position of Father-Mother. The purely human energy serves as the balancing factor andFire, 1237:divisions. Forces of a kamic nature. Forces of a purely physical description. These the occultGlamour, 31:self-induced glamor. The bulk of the people are purely emotional with occasional flashes of realGlamour, 36:potency is to realize the necessity to act purely as a channel for the energy of the soul. If theGlamour, 95:himself with it and to find satisfaction in purely physical pleasures and pursuits. This stageGlamour, 108:self, the Master who was to lead him out of the purely physical consciousness into the next divineGlamour, 119:from the past, or mental reactions of a purely personal nature. Between any of these groups ofGlamour, 182:as so many self-centered aspirants think. It is purely impersonal and only applicable to humanityGlamour, 194:medium of that experience. Knowledge is not a purely mental reaction but is something which isGlamour, 209:effectiveness can be seen in the man who, from purely selfish motives and through an intenseGlamour, 257:Breathing exercises, my brother, have a purely physiological effect when not impelled or motivatedHealing, 18:no way responsible. These range all the way from purely external occurrences to hereditaryHealing, 74:You will note, therefore, that all ills are not purely subjective or psychological in origin as farHealing, 88:thus develop actions and reactions which are not purely instinctual. Today, owing to theHealing, 115:or another. The straight mystic succumbs more to purely psychological situations connected with theHealing, 143:of the four aspects of matter in its lowest or purely physical expression. There are other aspectsHealing, 166:psychological and systemic details of a purely academic nature when, by an act of the will and ofHealing, 186:of the mind (not of the spiritual will, but purely as an expression of personality will), succeedsHealing, 243:body which is the major cause of death where the purely animal form nature is concerned, or theHealing, 252:cities and lands. Certain diseases appear to be purely local; others seem universal in theirHealing, 259:concept is a transiting out of the realm of the purely selfish and of personal liberation intoHealing, 268:is material and its effect is to impress a purely materialistic Jehovah upon world consciousness.Healing, 274:individual etheric body when the difficulty is purely local, or to the planetary etheric body (inHealing, 283:produce a cure, provided that the work done is purely mental and that the results expected areHealing, 283:purely mental and that the results expected are purely physical. Otherwise the emotional natureHealing, 312:or mental, and at brief times, and from a purely physiological standpoint, physical. The clearestHealing, 324:destructive way. The science of inoculation is purely physical in origin and concerns only theHealing, 352:propositions, and not to cloud the issues with purely physical plane occurrences, temporary orHealing, 358:Yoga. This is brought about by a projection of purely physical magnetism, which, added to the quotaHealing, 363:system. The tradition of such appearances is purely symbolic, inherited from the previous solarHealing, 364:really possible when the bond between the two is purely emotional or based upon a physical planeHealing, 403:the unnecessary, unimportant, inaccurate and purely speculative details which they give out asHealing, 416:that we may do so is but incidental and purely secondary. What we seek mainly is to giveHealing, 464:are concerned, the conflict will be more purely mental and is oft focused around the will-to-serveHealing, 480:that it has now reached the limits of its purely physical area or field and is now on the verge ofHealing, 487:categories: As practiced by those people who are purely astral in quality and constitution. TheseHealing, 499:by means of illumination. In the early stages of purely manasic or mental life, this is doneHealing, 530:wisdom which is theirs. This will at first be purely experimental, but out of the experience gainedHealing, 559:an emotional type, and very, very rarely indeed purely physical in his consciousness. Where theHealing, 603:same be bad; energy is an impersonal force and a purely impersonal agency. Purity of intention,Healing, 609:of return. The work of the soul is never the purely selfish one of having a medium of expression inHealing, 636:conditions the life [636] experience from the purely physical angle of all forms composed of atomicHealing, 643:are of a widely different quality, for one is purely of the personality and is sometimes calledHealing, 644:three types of healers: The healer who works purely through magnetism and brings to bear theHealing, 644:procedure, plus the techniques employed, on purely mental levels, on systems of affirmation, modesHealing, 707:medical profession, which will offset the purely physical reaction. Where the soul ray of theHercules, 92:self-consciousness and emerges from out the purely animal stage, until the time comes when, havingHercules, 177:on the ladder of initiation, if you cannot live purely in your own home circle you are of no use in
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