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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURELY

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Initiation, 32:by terms which are handicapped by having a purely material connotation. In Lemurian days, after theIntellect, 14:These witnesses fall into two groups; the purely mystical and emotional quester who sees the visionIntellect, 30:to their influence out of the realm of the purely analytical critical mind into that of pure reasonIntellect, 32:on recognition. "All education in the East is purely directed towards Sense-understanding, which...Intellect, 49:more to some men than to others. For some it is purely animal existence; for many it connotes theIntellect, 57:vital body. Thus it is swept into activity of a purely selfish and personal nature; or it can beIntellect, 59:to the drive towards spiritual realities. All purely mental types and all truly coordinatedIntellect, 78:of contacts. Man has already passed from the purely animal and physical state of being into that ofIntellect, 119:same results can be equally well reached with a purely worldly theme as the "object" or "seedIntellect, 121:of them - belonging to other schools than the purely materialistic - posit something more thanIntellect, 155:writers on mysticism who are concerned with the purely mystic way, and have not studied adequatelyIntellect, 163:21. The intuition, he tells us "is interested in purely intangible results and, if it disregardsIntellect, 201:- The Practice of Meditation Therefore, from a purely mundane point of view, it is useful to learnIntellect, 203:the first time seriously considered. These are purely spiritual results; they indicate a growingIntellect, 203:will emerge. Therefore, any one who is not purely emotional, who has a fair education, and who isIntellect, 208:worker, or for the woman who is living a purely social or family life. These last have to learn toIntellect, 260:modern times to find the one-pointed thinker and purely mental type evading marriage and as heIntellect, 260:marriage and as he frequently does leading a purely celibate life, may be a demonstration of theMagic, 16:will be the process in the future. The past is purely speculative from the standpoint of theMagic, 24:as to the nature [24] of this one life is purely relative. Those who are engrossed in the form sideMagic, 37:will be found to be functioning fully as neither purely animal nor purely divine, but can beMagic, 37:functioning fully as neither purely animal nor purely divine, but can be regarded as human souls.Magic, 38:a God". Later it is more strictly human, neither purely animal nor entirely divine, but fluctuatingMagic, 50:one remembers that the etheric body links the purely physical, or dense body with the purelyMagic, 50:the purely physical, or dense body with the purely subtle, the astral or emotional body. In this isMagic, 56:into being, or to those who are working purely on the subjective side of life, and along what areMagic, 114:intuition whilst secondary principles are more purely mental. The methods hence necessarily differ.Magic, 135:karma. This karma is not merely individual nor purely national, but is part of the total workingMagic, 160:of the waters" which can best be described as purely selfish, all that occurs is as follows: It isMagic, 160:of fear, of suspicion, of hatred, of vicious or purely physical desire. These being more potentMagic, 191:them. It is not easy to remember that as we live purely and rightly, we are verily and indeedMagic, 197:he has to learn to love collectively and purely, and not be actuated by personality attraction, andMagic, 197:us a long and fruitful past. We are none of us purely selfish or separative. Human society is nowMagic, 241:for the purpose of procreation. When man was purely animal, no sin was involved. When to this urgeMagic, 263:- he wields as much of the law as he can grasp. Purely physical may that devotion be, centered inMagic, 263:of that concrete form and thereby learns. Purely astral maybe the aim of the devotee - love of wifeMagic, 281:is first the group of forces which concerns purely the form side, that are the work of the outerMagic, 282:disciplined and purified. Those emanations, of a purely physical kind which are responsible forMagic, 285:is the medium of many forces and energies - some purely physical, others related to the AnimaMagic, 299:the basis of all terror, above all that which is purely psychological and not just the instinctualMagic, 310:reactions, but is not so closely allied with the purely sex expression as it is in the human being.Magic, 310:to its old function as a directing agent of the purely instinctual animal life. For the advancedMagic, 364:facts, which are (under the Law of Analogy) of purely academic interest and no more. Even those ofMagic, 372:in the etheric body. There are few, if any, purely physical diseases. Disease has its source inMagic, 423:schools, the introspective and the more purely oriental position, plus the conclusions of two newMagic, 425:are handled from within outwards. Avoid a purely mystical introspection or its opposite extreme, anMagic, 427:attention that they will have no interest in purely physical plane arrangements, nor in laying theMagic, 438:in the case of the man who is neither purely human nor purely spiritual. The ordinary horoscope isMagic, 438:case of the man who is neither purely human nor purely spiritual. The ordinary horoscope isMagic, 439:to cast three horoscopes or three charts: - one purely physical dealing with the body of nature;Magic, 515:of progress. These are so emancipated from the purely physical and are so aware of the nature ofMagic, 516:as it has been rightly oriented and held in a purely receptive attitude, it becomes the interpreterMagic, 516:points of inhalation and exhalation in the purely physical sense of [517] the term. This is theMagic, 519:and clear and trained minds, but animated by purely selfish purpose, have learnt to use the lowerMagic, 541:would be created in order to express purely selfish desire and mental matter would be swept intoMagic, 545:His aspiration is true and steady. He is living purely and unselfishly. He has mastered somewhatMagic, 570:astral world via the astral body. This will be purely kamic or desire force and will affectMagic, 597:number of superimposed eights. The word petal is purely pictorial and a center is formed on thisMeditationwith the exception of certain parts which have a purely personal application, those havingMeditation, 9:would indicate: - as long as the polarization is purely [10] physical or purely emotional, no needMeditation, 10:as the polarization is purely [10] physical or purely emotional, no need for meditation is everMeditation, 21:the line of development most apparent may be the purely intellectual. Reservation of opinion is theMeditation, 22:one of Law and not, as is so oft considered, one purely of aspiration and lofty desire. ConsiderMeditation, 24:hold the analogy hid. The desires are not so purely physical, for mind is beginning to permeate,Meditation, 74:the base of the spine is the most active in the purely rotary sense and not in aMeditation, 85:It often marks a period when a man is swayed purely by reason and his emotions do not control him.Meditation, 92:notice, the attack may come from those who deal purely with matter to the hindrance of spiritualMeditation, 142:theoretically calls God, or Nature. Between this purely selfish point of view (I use The termMeditation, 144:man - the man who regards himself from the purely isolated standpoint and who works for what isMeditation, 192:the contact can be made. The whole process is purely scientific and is based on vibration, and on aMeditation, 242:of any kind, or in some affliction which is purely the result of heredity or of congenital trouble,Patanjali, 24:of reading or of teaching, and which is not purely based upon desire, but which has its basis inPatanjali, 152:nor identifies himself with that which is purely phenomenal. He stands free and detached and usesPatanjali, 220:astral world via the astral body. This will be purely kamic or desire force and will affectPatanjali, 348:Though many commentators give to this sutra a purely physical interpretation, a much wider conceptPatanjali, 388:of desire. Meditation of the right kind is a purely mental process and into it desire enters not.Patanjali, viii:the unfoldment of the human being. In the first purely physical race, which is called the Lemurian,Problems, 13:the idealistic point of view but also from the purely selfish angle. Some day the principles ofProblems, 24:of all nations, the fact that the emphasis is so purely material indicates its relativeProblems, 67:the problem of established [67] control of the purely selfish interests which have for so longProblems, 79:New Age - seem essential to man? Shall we have a purely materialistic civilization or shall we haveProblems, 81:life will be developed for two main reasons: The purely spiritual reasons of human brotherhood, ofProblems, 155:be regarded by the skeptical and the orthodox as purely speculative. The present attitude of thePsychology1, 256:of love, fear or pain. It is intended to be a purely mental process and a unique mentalPsychology1, 256:The relation of the animals to man has been purely physical in the long past ages. Animals preyedPsychology1, 257:should be met and solved. In Atlantean days the purely physical relation was tempered by an astralPsychology1, 279:of physical plane sexual relations for purely commercial objectives, then evil is the result. ButPsychology1, 283:solution and an objective which exist as yet on purely abstract mental levels and in the world ofPsychology1, 286:with each other. When this relation is no longer purely physical but is a union of the twoPsychology1, 287:into incarnation. Where the parents are purely physical and emotional, so will be the nature of thePsychology1, 290:organism is enacted that drama whereby the purely human being merges himself in divinity. The greatPsychology1, 295:than is now the case, for it will not be so purely emotional, and it will be based also onPsychology1, 296:and devastatingly wrong when prostituted purely to enjoyment, will give place to a mutual decisionPsychology1, 322:Low grade savages are in this class, and many purely agricultural peasants who have not beenPsychology1, 323:is the stage of animal cunning. A conscious and purely selfish adapting of oneself to thePsychology1, 323:of character and personality life, so that the purely selfish interests do no real damage toPsychology1, 380:the world of material things to that of the more purely psychic, leading in time to the spiritual.Psychology2, 25:bulk of human beings are still Atlantean, still purely emotional in their reactions and in theirPsychology2, 60:in the second case, we are concerned with the purely mental apparatus, though the word "apparatus"Psychology2, 208:expressions. This, to the modern thinker, is purely speculative, and can be regarded probably
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