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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURIFICATION

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Discipleship2, 607:of the atoms of your body, to offset a too rapid purification of the cells of the physical body, toDiscipleship2, 611:The emphasis laid upon discipline, upon purification, upon hard demanding work and uponDiscipleship2, 622:the meaning of culture, education, refinement, purification? Is not that the personal work weDiscipleship2, 626:Lord Buddha. The whole story of Sublimation, of Purification, and of Transfiguration is hiddenEducation, 52:General racial development Civilization Path of Purification Training of the Intelligentsia CultureEducation, 56:of Men The Intellectuals Spiritual Man Path of Purification Path of Discipleship Path of InitiationExternalisation, 52:and more thinking men and women, we shall see a purification of the political field taking place,Externalisation, 360:that when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination,Externalisation, 690:Lodge to die a slow death; this permits the purification of human desire to such an extent thatExternalisation, 691:into an ashram, a large measure of the needed purification has been achieved. From then on, noExternalisation, 691:emphasis should be laid by the disciple on the purification of his own nature, for this wouldExternalisation, 692:to be simply the foundation for the Science of Purification or - if I may use a word made familiarExternalisation, 692:and the initiates in the coming work of world purification. The stage of withdrawing of theExternalisation, 693:The study of this Science of Applied Purification is one which is engrossing the attention of allExternalisation, 693:particularly implicated. The Science of Applied Purification is also the Science of Applied Energy,Externalisation, 693:ancient science is concerned primarily with the purification and with the redemption of matter, andExternalisation, 694:the other kingdoms in nature are concerned, the purification is applied by the Hierarchy, throughFire, 52:This blaze results in the final [52] purification of matter and its consequent adequacy; at theFire, 127:gratification, but because liberation and purification is desired in order that the higher unionFire, 653:Outer court, the place of animal sacrifice and purification. The Holy place, the place ofFire, 750:that the preliminary qualification was the purification of the heart from all sensual passions andFire, 868:and, at the same time, the steady practice of purification, the burning away of all knownFire, 960:rhythm has been set up in the bodies, and the purification of the sheaths has been rigidly pursued,Fire, 1076:and the [1076] short cut to intensive purification and stimulation is open to all who are willingGlamour, 42:Inspiration Devitalization Path of Probation Purification Occultism Force manipulation Dweller onGlamour, 42:and the aspirant upon the Path of Probation or Purification, works with the forces of life on theGlamour, 84:Path, beginning with the Path of Probation or Purification. One is always in the midst of forces.Glamour, 88:number of human beings, owing to the purging and purification to which they had been subjected.Glamour, 89:the way for millions to pass upon the Path of Purification. Is this a hard truth, my brothers?Glamour, 91:and the etheric. Fought out upon the Path of Purification. On the Astral Plane - The well-knownGlamour, 97:and the mass, as a whole, upon the Path of Purification. When there is unification of theseGlamour, 99:place, these masses will step on to the Path of Purification. This is rapidly taking place. ItGlamour, 100:will find themselves no longer on the Path of Purification but upon the Path of Discipleship. WithGlamour, 168:that when the personality has reached a point of purification, of dedication and of illumination,Glamour, 268:personal lower self to the fires of the final purification. The personal self is now very highlyHealing, 174:focused in that center would bring about a major purification, an intensive strengthening and aHealing, 230:of cremation will also aid this process of purification. Destruction by fire and the intensity ofHealing, 313:indication of trouble and is a basic way of purification and of elimination. It is an indicator andHealing, 322:into two major categories: Those which produce purification and necessitate period of returning andHealing, 324:angle of the aspirant, these methods are called purification. The science of prevention (both ofHealing, 336:of the body are unified and raised, producing purification and the "opening of all doors." Healing, 381:the increasing use of fire as a means of purification (both in relation to the soil of the planetHealing, 471:a much needed means for bringing about the [471] purification of the astral plane and for arrestingHealing, 580:dependent upon emotional [580] control and the purification of the desire nature; this producedHercules, 47:and the story of matter, as it receives purification and glorification through the laborious workHercules, 177:he was so pure. How he underwent the process of purification we are not told, but I have the ideaHercules, 184:Aquarius where, through symbolism of water and purification, we shall learn how to be the soul andHercules, 209:standing upon the probationary path, the path of purification. If suffering is the great purifier,Hercules, 222:of the race, pouring out the living water of purification. This is pre-eminently the cross of theInitiation, 68:man's progress forward if he but attends to the purification of his vehicles. The light within willInitiation, 133:that is. He is literally bathed in the fires of purification; he sees fire on all sides, pouringInitiation, 183:be regarded as a type of meditation. In the purification of motive lying back of this applicationInitiation, 198:he will have done the necessary preparatory purification of the diet. Initiation, 201:also affected, but affected along the line of purification and control. This will produce resultsIntellect, 61:of that contact work out in self-discipline, in purification, and in the life of aspiration and ofIntellect, 152:the Christian Church and is called the "Way of Purification." It entails the purifying orIntellect, 221:first given years to right meditation and to purification of the body nature. Where experience andIntellect, 222:the five rules, which are internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration,Magic, 191:is produced by character building, and by the purification of the bodies, as used by the soul inMagic, 362:ancient Scriptures express it. Hence, when by purification, conformity to rule, and an aspirationMagic, 372:clairvoyance and clairaudience depends upon the purification of the etheric vehicle. The ethericMagic, 372:of people can be great contaminators. In the purification, therefore, of this body lies the secretMagic, 480:and with right thought so that the world purification may proceed apace. Much must be burned andMagic, 587:by the practice of a disciplined life and by the purification of the thought life, the sevenMagic, 588:that this method, first of a long period of purification and later of energizing scientifically, isMagic, 588:world matter, and bringing about world purification on a large scale. This is the first stage ofMagic, 588:the past few centuries, on a wide level. This purification is going on now in all departments ofMagic, 592:achieves an increasingly high vibration through purification and discipline, the fire of the soul,Magic, 594:spasmodically to the work of discipline and of purification. But steady and prolonged undeviatingMagic, 594:self-induced conditions. When the process of purification has become a lifelong habit, when theMeditation, 3:the physical body and to subdue the emotional. Purification and subjugation describe the work to beMeditation, 9:Meditation. Future Schools of Meditation. Purification of the Vehicles. The Esoteric Life ofMeditation, 47:The life will be regulated and the scientific purification of the physical body will be one of theMeditation, 53:the building of the intuitional vehicle, and the purification of the personality. Now we willMeditation, 64:the effect of its use being very largely one of purification, stabilization and centralization.Meditation, 70:of the Word and its work of stabilization and purification, we have somewhat touched upon. We willMeditation, 130:by all wise Teachers everywhere on the Path of Purification, which must precede the Path ofMeditation, 195:purposes. Instances of such purposes are: The purification of a city. The magnetization of groundsMeditation, 314:to his [314] mind a constant reminder of the purification which is his paramount work, whilst theMeditation, 332: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles THE PURIFICATION OF THEMeditation, 332:Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles THE PURIFICATION OF THE VEHICLES November 7th, 1920 TheMeditation, 334: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles The Training of theMeditation, 337: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles The Refining of theMeditation, 340: Letters on Occult Meditation - Letter X - The Purification of the Vehicles The Refinement of thePatanjali, 61:through the removal of the hindrances and the purification of all the sheaths, the totality ofPatanjali, 112:time or emergency. 32. Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritualPatanjali, 112:of the law of rebirth. 40. Internal and external purification produces aversion for form, bothPatanjali, 112:form, both one's own and all forms. 41. Through purification comes also a quiet spirit,Patanjali, 170:or, as the Christian expresses it, the Path of Purification, 2. The stage of discipleship in twoPatanjali, 170:this dual process: Aspiration, Discipline, Purification, The practice of the means of yoga orPatanjali, 179:the practice of the eight means to yoga and the purification of the life in the three worlds, dealPatanjali, 179:the pituitary body. When these four: Practise, Purification, Discrimination, Discernment, are partPatanjali, 187:2 - The Steps to Union 32. Internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration,Patanjali, 189:mechanism, that what may be called "scientific purification" is as yet in its infancy. ContentmentPatanjali, 201:2 - The Steps to Union 40. Internal and external purification produces aversion for form, bothPatanjali, 201:the translation runs "internal and external purification produces hatred for one's own body andPatanjali, 202:that purity is a quality of spirit. [202] Purification is necessarily of various kinds and relatesPatanjali, 202:contamination and deterioration. On the Path of Purification or of Probation, this eliminativePatanjali, 202:is begun. In the occident the rules of external purification, of sanitation and of hygiene are wellPatanjali, 203:In the orient, the rules [203] of magnetic purification are better known and when the two systems
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