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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Invocation:the center where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purposeInvocation:Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From theStatement:can be found) then they will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth aAstrology, 5:this scientific living which it is the immediate purpose of astrology to bring about. At present,Astrology, 17:possibilities, and the spiritual goal and purpose of the immediate incarnation and of the immediateAstrology, 18:indicates the intended life or immediate soul purpose for this incarnation. It holds the secret ofAstrology, 23:begin to use them for the carrying out of soul purpose. The initiate has to be aware of theAstrology, 92:will of divinity and with the eternal plan and purpose. It becomes his plan and purpose. He knowsAstrology, 92:plan and purpose. It becomes his plan and purpose. He knows no other in a sense which is unknownAstrology, 93:are all so familiar, express the goal and the purpose of the first sign of the Cardinal Cross:Astrology, 104:becomes identified with the soul and with soul purpose. The experience of the Fixed Cross coversAstrology, 104:also will be revealed anent individual life and purpose when the fate of certain planets (when inAstrology, 106:wherein the soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, and finally enters upon thatAstrology, 115:of God's plan and the nature of His eternal purpose is for us only a subject of interestedAstrology, 115:There is a possibility that this plan and purpose may be vastly different to our surmise which isAstrology, 117:Creative Hierarchy. This is the subjective purpose, underlying the sacrifice of these divine LivesAstrology, 135:a petty and superficial nature to one of deep purpose and profound conviction. The low grade andAstrology, 139:of heart and mind, which is the subjective purpose of manifestation. This is brought about throughAstrology, 140:and the systemic expression of life and purpose, and with the resultant effects. When these effectsAstrology, 145:awakens to his own identity, concentrates his purpose, learns the lessons and uses of selfishnessAstrology, 148:choice and as a soul, conscious of intent and purpose upon the physical plane. The decanates inAstrology, 163:upon the Cardinal Cross that the significance, purpose and potencies of the Creative HierarchiesAstrology, 164:for the future. Such is the intention and purpose of karmic opportunity. From certain angles,Astrology, 169:man learns to pass with [169] equally conscious purpose through the gate of Capricorn. Five timesAstrology, 178:with the unfoldment of some basic and directing purpose. These developing purposes may range allAstrology, 184:negative lives or lacking in direction, event or purpose. This is particularly the case upon theAstrology, 184:Cross of the Heavens. You will note that my purpose in this section of our treatise is to evokeAstrology, 188:for man. Aquarius - Esoterically, indicating the purpose of all [189] material evolution and theAstrology, 189:Virgo - Hierarchically, indicating the purpose of the Cosmic Christ. Both the Earth and Saturn (oneAstrology, 195:a major "star of direction." Direction, will, purpose and plan are all connected with the solarAstrology, 195:esoterically described as "unavoidable directed purpose." Within our solar system, Vulcan and PlutoAstrology, 196:point for divine energy, carrying out God's purpose. The Pointer nearest to the Pole Star isAstrology, 196:utilized and finally consecrated to divine purpose. It is related to Polaris, the Pole Star (foundAstrology, 198:for me to indicate to you the nature and the purpose of the three divine centers - Shamballa, theAstrology, 203:convey a hint to esoteric astrologers as to the purpose of the three decanates into which each signAstrology, 210:revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of [211] incarnation; in Scorpio, it is theAstrology, 211:in Sagittarius, it is the revelation of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms inAstrology, 224:revealing, and in line also with the general purpose of the experience in Scorpio, as outlinedAstrology, 225:dislikes is transmuted into the tenacity of soul purpose. The hidden powers of the soul nature -Astrology, 238:functions and duties will be centralized for the purpose of world usefulness, and in this processAstrology, 239:into a definite relationship and, under divine purpose, produce that fusion of living energiesAstrology, 239:potent in time and space to bring that purpose to its desired consummation. This is Creation, orAstrology, 239:in which is embodied His desire, His will, His purpose and His plan. This is Manifestation, orAstrology, 240:consciousness and understanding of the larger purpose which lies behind the more exoteric intent ofAstrology, 240:a cooperator in the great creative process and purpose. He begins to create his own body ofAstrology, 241:divine plan and as a cooperator in the divine purpose, he then becomes his own initiator and isAstrology, 243:earlier Treatise on Cosmic Fire. The nature and purpose of the three rulers will emerge withAstrology, 246:motive, in group formation and with selfless purpose. [247] Through this planet, Uranus, Libra isAstrology, 247:line of force, the line of will or power and of purpose and visioned goal. Astrology, 249:developed Libran to project the inner spiritual purpose or intended will into physical expression.Astrology, 249:consciousness. It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reach aAstrology, 257:and the expression of the life, the quality, the purpose and the intent of the Beings Who haveAstrology, 259:brings light and life to man. In Virgo, the purpose for which form life exists begins to beAstrology, 273:Cancer - Cardinal Cross. He Who is, for Her, the purpose of existence - Virgo - Mutable Cross. HeAstrology, 288:self-conscious person is the man who is aware of purpose, of a self-directed life and of aAstrology, 289:self-conscious man not only is direction, purpose and plan present, but also a consciousness of theAstrology, 291:take place. It is here that the significance and purpose of time can be noted and intelligentlyAstrology, 294:hierarchical. It is a correct surmise that the purpose of this solar system is the unfoldment ofAstrology, 295:it in relation to the divine plan and purpose and at the same time to cultivating sensitivity toAstrology, 296:the universal mind or the divine plan or purpose. Words are inadequate to express that of which theAstrology, 301:be apparent to reveal the underlying theme and purpose of the great work. Several major trianglesAstrology, 303:into aspiration and finally into spiritual will, purpose and intent. Aquarius - is eventuallyAstrology, 315:There are two words also which convey the purpose and intent of expression upon the Cardinal Cross.Astrology, 327:through their ray qualities, and it was for this purpose that I gave in Destiny of the Nations aAstrology, 330:and the microcosm, and finally make clear the purpose of the Logos. Astrology, 330:are not present, except in so far that love and purpose underlie all manifestation. But they areAstrology, 331:effects in terms of individual man, whereas the purpose of their coordinated influence is bothAstrology, 343:the objective of the Cancer experience and the purpose for which incarnation has been taken: "IAstrology, 355:showing the power of the mind and its place and purpose in connection with both the major humanAstrology, 371:power, desire, aspiration, ambition, motive, purpose, impulse, incentive, plan - all these areAstrology, 375:in the mass of men and as will or directed purpose in the disciple or the initiate. It manifests asAstrology, 375:advanced man. This connotes adherence to soul purpose. People who are Taurians naturally and byAstrology, 376:[376] problems. The entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign, owingAstrology, 377:Owing to the world glamor, the true purpose and ideal set before our planetary forces by theAstrology, 377:the beauty of the intended group life, group purpose and group fusion. Group living tends to theAstrology, 377:subordination of the lower will to the higher purpose in group formation. Through the glamorAstrology, 393:of expression in the depths, grasping the divine purpose and so bending the will of the little selfAstrology, 398:bringing to all revelation of that underlying purpose which motivates all events and forms. AllAstrology, 398:and forms. All these aspects of basic change in purpose, interest and orientation must manifest inAstrology, 416:from the Great Bear are related to the will or purpose of the solar Logos and are to this greatAstrology, 423:of Energy - Constellations At this time, I purpose to trace certain major conditioning streams ofAstrology, 424:the expression finally of divine unchangeable Purpose. In the evolutionary effects of this relationAstrology, 427:listed as follows: Line I Line II Line III Will. Purpose Love-Wisdom Active Intelligence SpiritAstrology, 427:ajna center 5. Head center Initiate Egoic purpose Heart center Disciple Egoic love Ajna centerAstrology, 430:brought from chaos into the ordered day His purpose and His plan. The seven supreme Gods bent toAstrology, 430:His plan. The seven supreme Gods bent to this purpose and with united will ordained the Plan. TheAstrology, 431:[431] in conformity with the plan and with the purpose of their controlling Lord. They called onAstrology, 436:being in such a way that their future unity of purpose, plan and effort is assured. Mercury bringsAstrology, 439:and thus proves to be the custodian of divine purpose. The triangles of which the Hierarchy andAstrology, 445:God. The revelation of the true significance and purpose of that will as it stands behind all worldAstrology, 447:he formulates a conscious inner program or purpose under the steady pressure of the life of theAstrology, 452:We recognize them as: Shamballa - Power. Purpose - Planetary head center - Directing Will HierarchyAstrology, 456:only be referred to as the unfoldment of divine purpose on its own plane; of this humanity has, asAstrology, 459:and hindering to the emergence of divine purpose. Nevertheless, even destructive force can and doesAstrology, 459:be slowed down or speeded up according to the purpose, aspiration and orientation of the entityAstrology, 459:entity (human or national); it can express soul purpose or personality selfishness, but the urgeAstrology, 459:energy center. Dynamic expression of cyclic purpose. Positive qualified outgoing ray energy.Astrology, 467:nature, objective in evolution and basic purpose is only revealed to initiates above the fifthAstrology, 467:its transmutation into spiritual will and divine purpose. They are the originators of conflict, areAstrology, 468:new types of charts which will demonstrate soul purpose on its own plane and group relations also
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