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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Discipleship1, 45:could become a magnetized center of force, of purpose and of spiritual light - the degree of thisDiscipleship1, 52:itself to you? These questions have a twofold purpose. They will, if you answer them truthfully andDiscipleship1, 54:is as difficult for me to explain the underlying purpose of this group work to you as it would beDiscipleship1, 61:follows next a careful consideration of group purpose and technique. This technique will beDiscipleship1, 63:or unconsciously, and without skill or purpose or - if there is a purpose - it is usually aDiscipleship1, 63:and without skill or purpose or - if there is a purpose - it is usually a personality purpose. ItDiscipleship1, 63:there is a purpose - it is usually a personality purpose. It is through telepathy that ideas haveDiscipleship1, 73:the knowledge given can be turned to practical purpose in world service. And, my brothers, it isDiscipleship1, 75:for an intensification of your group love, purpose and service so that the inner, subjectiveDiscipleship1, 81:lead all disciples to live lives full of wise purpose and planned spiritual objectives and, at theDiscipleship1, 86:has become crystallized, which has served its purpose and become old and useless; he is ready toDiscipleship1, 86:of intentional living or of "life with a purpose." It leads to a mode of living which is built uponDiscipleship1, 91:life and direction to this form. It embodies purpose. Thereby a rapport or line of energy isDiscipleship1, 91:forms - embodying spiritual ideas and divine purpose - that the Masters work and hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 91:purpose - that the Masters work and hierarchical purpose takes shape. Therefore, my disciples, itDiscipleship1, 91:increasingly great and the utmost of work and of purpose is desired. The goal of initiation is heldDiscipleship1, 91:told you by others, even by me, serves no vital purpose, except to enhance or corroborate anDiscipleship1, 99:which will lead you to understand the nature, purpose and methods of educating accepted disciplesDiscipleship1, 108:breathing exercise... I wish you to explain the purpose and the intent of this exercise and noteDiscipleship1, 112:side of life. I have proved your sincerity of purpose and for many years you have diligently setDiscipleship1, 115:enter upon the next cycle of activity with set purpose, clear vision and unswerving attention toDiscipleship1, 118:is - in its time and place - of as real value, purpose and usefulness as the mind. It serves toDiscipleship1, 128:it, not because I doubt your sincerity of purpose and of your life intent, for I do not, nor do IDiscipleship1, 129:obedience to prove to you that there is a purpose and a planned understanding behind my proposedDiscipleship1, 132:a chimera and a waste of time, having no real purpose and serving no useful end. If the groups ofDiscipleship1, 136:the inner attitude is at one with the main purpose and ideals but the outer expression, theDiscipleship1, 160:embody it. This is being or realization. The purpose becomes your purpose and your will is,Discipleship1, 160:being or realization. The purpose becomes your purpose and your will is, therefore, the will of theDiscipleship1, 160:must meditate. Realization of the nature, the purpose and the quality of the Plan to which it isDiscipleship1, 160:and the quality of the Plan to which it is your purpose to contribute. This conditions the formDiscipleship1, 162:of preserving the original purity of idea and of purpose becomes onerous. [163] Be prepared forDiscipleship1, 164:to the group whom you recognize by similarity of purpose, of method and of attitude. This, myDiscipleship1, 168:At the same time (thus indicating soul purpose), it took a fourth ray mental nature (with its loveDiscipleship1, 173:to you a more expansive view of the underlying purpose of the planetary, educational movement. InDiscipleship1, 242:and to unfold your spiritual natures with such purpose that you can contribute much to the work ofDiscipleship1, 243:fanatical devotee will must be superseded by the purpose, ordered and steadfast, of your first rayDiscipleship1, 243:must change into the steadfast, powerful, calm purpose of the soul, working through the disciple.Discipleship1, 243:high desire and aspiration into that of settled purpose and an undeviating attachment to reality.Discipleship1, 244:work than a manifestation of the divine purpose of your soul. In your efforts, for instance, toDiscipleship1, 256:possible and also keep fluid in intent, in purpose, and in activity. As time goes on, you willDiscipleship1, 265:is intended to embody a statement of your life purpose. It is as follows: "I know the Law andDiscipleship1, 265:meditation each day can be made to serve such a purpose also and the two requirements for rightDiscipleship1, 275:be awakened by the soul to increased coordinated purpose. The following rays must, therefore, beDiscipleship1, 277:my brother, there can be equality in love and purpose (from the basic and the essential point ofDiscipleship1, 298:misconception as to the true significance of my purpose. It is so difficult for a person who hasDiscipleship1, 306:in your consciousness the fact of the group, the purpose of group service at this time, and theDiscipleship1, 307:need for a more dynamic following of your soul purpose and a definite negating of all theDiscipleship1, 307:and contacts. They exist and have their purpose and, as you well know, all right responsibilitiesDiscipleship1, 316:ray quality of mind can serve a useful group purpose. You are in a position to build a protectingDiscipleship1, 327:the Way and that all you do is in line with soul purpose. The world of glamor which is theDiscipleship1, 336:in order that the desires, the will and the purpose of the soul - once they are made clear to you -Discipleship1, 338:unafraid, and with consciousness of spiritual purpose, kept ever at its highest point of tension.Discipleship1, 338:thoughts into your meditation? March - Spiritual Purpose. April - Consecration to the Plan. May -Discipleship1, 338:September - Self-forgetfulness. October - Soul Purpose. [339] Discipleship1, 340:gallant attitude. My aim is to let you know the purpose of your present life activity. It is notDiscipleship1, 349:germ of your meditation. This I did with a long purpose in my mind. Meditation is so oft regardedDiscipleship1, 350:give you facile expression of your personality purpose upon the physical plane. Therefore, inDiscipleship1, 354:of the hands and give further instruction on the purpose of the centers in the hands in relation toDiscipleship1, 358:self recognition, and that you love with pure purpose all those you meet. During the next sixDiscipleship1, 362:doors stand open wide, the disciple serves the purpose of the Lord of Truth. The rain drops on hisDiscipleship1, 364:Sound the O. M. again as the soul, imposing its purpose upon the mind Sound the O. M. as the soul,Discipleship1, 365:ineffective will. 1st month - My soul has purpose, power and will. These three are needed on theDiscipleship1, 365:love among the sons of men. This is its major purpose. I, therefore, will to love and tread the WayDiscipleship1, 365:love and tread the Way of Love. 3rd month - The purpose of my soul must show itself throughDiscipleship1, 365:of burning. 5th month - dedicate myself to the purpose of the plan. I have no purpose but the willDiscipleship1, 365:myself to the purpose of the plan. I have no purpose but the will of God. I seek no other way butDiscipleship1, 382:endeavoring to preserve. You are evidencing a purpose which the past two years have enabled you toDiscipleship1, 387:astral aura. This constitutes the third use or purpose of this meditation. The other two uses, IDiscipleship1, 387:accomplishment for it has been good. Your life purpose has been rightly oriented and in the nextDiscipleship1, 388:of your life so that a fuller tide of will and purpose may dynamically pour through you. You mayDiscipleship1, 407:of the members are subordinated to group purpose, and trained to be pure channels. This is a greatDiscipleship1, 407:so short a time in this group that it is not my purpose now (nor would it be wise) to change theDiscipleship1, 410:analyze the situation, or the location or the purpose or the why and the wherefore too much.Discipleship1, 415:is not accumulated but made to serve a spiritual purpose? That is your problem and a major questionDiscipleship1, 415:you take enough leisure to grasp at least the purpose of these injunctions? Can you endeavor toDiscipleship1, 418:and they come more and more into line with group purpose, in touch with myself, and in closer unionDiscipleship1, 423:which I give to my disciples are full of purpose and are planned to produce certain effects, ifDiscipleship1, 442:is an important part of your training; for this purpose your soul has brought you into incarnationDiscipleship1, 480:but this will only be possible when unity of purpose, steadiness of rhythm and purity of the unitedDiscipleship1, 484:and should continue to serve, a most useful purpose. Therefore, continue with it during this nextDiscipleship1, 484:with significance. Forget not, however, that the purpose of all training which I have given you andDiscipleship1, 499:you too large and general. It is just for that purpose that I have chosen them. Your sense of innerDiscipleship1, 499:my life. You will understand, my brother, the purpose of these particular phrases. Discipleship1, 524:and have not yet broken it. Therefore, your soul purpose has not yet been fulfiled. The differencesDiscipleship1, 526:it is not basic or fundamental, for your life purpose is undeflectable (is there such a word, myDiscipleship1, 529:to have marched out on the grass for a Druidic purpose of its own, a shapely young tree, tallerDiscipleship1, 535:given has accomplished its intended preliminary purpose. I suggest to you, therefore, theDiscipleship1, 538:about tension and intensity. It is intensity of purpose which will change you from the plodding,Discipleship1, 542:a fifth ray meditation and has for its purpose the revelation of the science of service. The fifthDiscipleship1, 545:act as seems best to you. I ask for sincerity of purpose on the part of those I teach, and aDiscipleship1, 546:established, such exercises will serve a useful purpose. I outline for you below a simpleDiscipleship1, 551:times, but little of steadfast, coordinated purpose. Now your insistence upon making the transitionDiscipleship1, 553:work with an increased intensity and purity of purpose. Give about fifteen minutes to this work.Discipleship1, 560:life and more without having discovered to what purpose is this realization or what you can do toDiscipleship1, 564:characteristics of your life. I have a definite purpose in mind as I give them to you. 1st month -Discipleship1, 566:is Sacrifice. [566] A real understanding of the purpose of these thoughts will cause basicDiscipleship1, 591:of your physical plane activities. Of your soul purpose there has never been any doubt nor of yourDiscipleship1, 591:will take all the time, interest, strength and purpose of that group of disciples which is workingDiscipleship1, 630:in its threefold aspects. Brood on the mental purpose behind all Ashrams, and on my plan for myDiscipleship1, 631:the medium of your desire-astral body. When the purpose and the desire of the group (as it
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