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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Discipleship2, 228:Let Purpose guide the little wills of men - The Purpose which the Masters know and serve." ConsiderDiscipleship2, 232:they can at the same time attain a unity of purpose, based upon a genuine desire for the trueDiscipleship2, 233:meditation, is called by us the Plan. The basic purpose of Sanat Kumara is revealed from cycle toDiscipleship2, 233:adapting its various concepts and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan,Discipleship2, 234:men swung accurately into line with evolutionary purpose. Discipleship2, 250:the group together can arrive at the second purpose of the formula, which is called "the discoveryDiscipleship2, 251:when duality is being overcome, and what of the "purpose for which the worlds were made" - theDiscipleship2, 258:[258] changed, and in that changing the plan or purpose of Deity takes on an entirely freshDiscipleship2, 258:the intuition is ever the revelation of the purpose of Shamballa and the working out, both from theDiscipleship2, 258:the trinity of manifestation into the duality of purpose. I cannot word this in any other way butDiscipleship2, 260:so that the Plan for humanity and the divine Purpose in relation to the planet become increasinglyDiscipleship2, 261:an increasing emphasis will be laid upon the purpose of the Controlling Deity or basic Life orDiscipleship2, 268:It is concerned with the revelation of divine Purpose, and is therefore related to Shamballa.Discipleship2, 269:hundred years have gone by since then, and the purpose of these changes in discipline and trainingDiscipleship2, 271:it is related to the spiritual condition and purpose of the Monad whose goal is not expansion ofDiscipleship2, 271:of the establishment of right human relations. Purpose can only be revealed and understood whenDiscipleship2, 272:and related to the carrying forward of divine purpose. You can appreciate, consequently, howDiscipleship2, 275:to Light," leading to vision and illumined purpose; the second formula gives the higherDiscipleship2, 281:point where he comes under the influence of the purpose of Sanat Kumara. Then the will of the LordDiscipleship2, 281:expressive of the range of thought, planning and purpose which is that of a planetary or solarDiscipleship2, 282:the task is drawn from his comprehension of the purpose of the planetary Logos and this expansiveDiscipleship2, 282:being. The aspirant is endeavoring to grasp the purpose of the world of meaning and to apply theDiscipleship2, 282:of meaning, cause and being to implement the purpose of Sanat Kumara. These differences are notDiscipleship2, 286:which is identified with the Will or Purpose of the planetary Logos. It is the highest divineDiscipleship2, 290:as the soul upon the physical plane, and will, purpose and love begin to control. These twoDiscipleship2, 291:the Monad becomes the revealer of the purpose of God, of the will of the planetary Logos and of theDiscipleship2, 292:powers of the Monad. These are related to divine purpose and to the world in which Sanat KumaraDiscipleship2, 294:disciples and initiates, are able to glimpse the purpose of the spiritual eye and its functioningDiscipleship2, 295:the light; the Ashrams exist primarily for that purpose. But the [296] mentally focused humanity ofDiscipleship2, 296:forms, and later of a definite and clear purpose for humanity as well as modes and methods ofDiscipleship2, 297:power and gives him initiate insight into purpose and its unfolding plan. It is a faculty which youDiscipleship2, 298:en rapport with and then controlled by divine purpose, intelligently understood in time and spaceDiscipleship2, 302:of the microcosm and the macrocosm, as to divine Purpose and the spiritual Plan, as to occultDiscipleship2, 306:scheme in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when considering the grasp by Shamballa of theDiscipleship2, 307:the work of the Hierarchy in bringing this Purpose as fully as possible into expression. In ourDiscipleship2, 307:considered the effect of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan upon Humanity, and this becauseDiscipleship2, 310:Logos is closely related to intention and purpose, and is the cause of the Plan. It is, however,Discipleship2, 315:his hidden, secret lighted Will. "When the purpose of the Lords of Karma can find no more to do,Discipleship2, 326:satisfactorily launched and much of the original purpose justified. For the next seven thousandDiscipleship2, 345:first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose. Shamballa. Formula VI... Concerns Death.Discipleship2, 347:creative work, carried on in accordance with the Purpose of Shamballa and not in accordance withDiscipleship2, 347:the recognition by the Master of divine Purpose; it is also shown how that purpose is revealed inDiscipleship2, 347:of divine Purpose; it is also shown how that purpose is revealed in five stages, requiring inDiscipleship2, 348:recognition by the initiate of the potency of Purpose, as it is expressed in creation, plus aDiscipleship2, 348:of the three possible recognitions anent divine Purpose. The others have nothing to do withDiscipleship2, 348:word this fourth point of revelation as follows: Purpose itself is but an energy, released withinDiscipleship2, 350:mode of implementing the divine Will, plus the Purpose which is perceived by the Heads of theDiscipleship2, 351:areas of the divine perception, clothing divine purpose, are steadily being revealed. Revelation isDiscipleship2, 352:energy will be increasingly unimpeded, and Purpose, Plan and their Precipitation upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 352:principle - and far more en rapport with the Purpose, which is the dynamic focus of all planetaryDiscipleship2, 359:he sees them in terms of humanity's immediate purpose and becomes aware of the tiny part which heDiscipleship2, 361:or world period. These phases are: The phase of Purpose, originating in Shamballa and registered byDiscipleship2, 361:Planning. This is the formulation of the Purpose in terms of possibility, immediacy,Discipleship2, 361:Pattern (based upon the recognition of purpose, careful planning and a detailed and carefullyDiscipleship2, 365:5. Concerns the Will and is related to divine purpose. It conditions the establishing of allDiscipleship2, 365:universal. Evolutionary processes from divine Purpose into plan and then into manifestation. TheDiscipleship2, 365:from cyclic living into life itself. The Purpose of cycles. Control of timespace consciousness.Discipleship2, 366:pattern and this will be an expression of a life purpose. This summation of a disciple's life isDiscipleship2, 366:known as an expression of the divine initial purpose. The section upon formulas is perhaps the mostDiscipleship2, 370:Concerns the head center, the light of Purpose. Purpose itself is only an energy, released withinDiscipleship2, 370:Concerns the head center, the light of Purpose. Purpose itself is only an energy, released withinDiscipleship2, 370:and is in reality related to the unfolding purpose of the planetary Logos, involving the planetaryDiscipleship2, 371:from Shamballa, they are expressions of the Purpose underlying the creative evolutionary process.Discipleship2, 371:Hierarchy, under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of theDiscipleship2, 371:remember that the Plan is as much of the divine Purpose as can be brought into expression upon theDiscipleship2, 379:the evolutionary aspect of the divine purpose. In all these points of revelation the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 385:imparts a gradual unveiling of the divine Purpose, as it expresses itself through the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 385:of love (the will-to-good) which gives to the Purpose and the Plan warmth, its magnetic appeal, andDiscipleship2, 385:attribute of healing. It might be said that the Purpose of the planetary Logos, as it emanates fromDiscipleship2, 385:this little planet is essentially unique in its purpose and its techniques, and that on it andDiscipleship2, 386:God." St. Paul is there referring to planetary purpose and to the determined insistence of the SonsDiscipleship2, 386:as expressions of divinity. For this purpose and with this goal in view, they instituted the greatDiscipleship2, 386:triumphant demonstration of the realization and purpose of all past experiences; it is fulfilmentDiscipleship2, 398:that, after the fourth initiation, the light of purpose is the sole controlling factor in theDiscipleship2, 398:It is an elementary revelation of the divine Purpose which is given at the third initiation; onlyDiscipleship2, 398:the first stage of that mysterious all-embracing Purpose is at that time revealed; the remainingDiscipleship2, 398:reveal (to the Master) the all-enfolding Purpose. Earlier I told you that three words should beDiscipleship2, 400:and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, the will and the creative intention ofDiscipleship2, 401:we find it covered in the following words: "Purpose itself is only an energy, released within theDiscipleship2, 402:connected with that of the first aspect of Purpose, Power or Will; it deals with the processesDiscipleship2, 402:is occultly thrown out as no longer serving the purpose of the planetary Logos is replaced by thatDiscipleship2, 402:replaced by that which "will measure up to the purpose of the Father." It is this concept which hasDiscipleship2, 403:technique, a capacity to work with divine Purpose and with those substances (etheric in nature) andDiscipleship2, 403:so that it is utterly in line with divine Purpose. Another angle of this process, revealed by theDiscipleship2, 428:of all the seven rays (custodians of the divine purpose) promotes. We are therefore, my brothers,Discipleship2, 431:through his vehicle according to the Will or Purpose of divinity. The stage wherein the disciple isDiscipleship2, 434:bring about the precipitation of the planetary Purpose into the outer field of manifestation. YouDiscipleship2, 434:divine Plan and in accordance with the divine Purpose. The word "revelation" is one that has beenDiscipleship2, 435:Mind, then into the Heart, and lastly into the Purpose of the One in whom we live and move and haveDiscipleship2, 436:a definite revelation the "light of the divine Purpose," and this happens in such a way that theDiscipleship2, 444:with what you sincerely believed was the purpose of the moment. The time has now come when theDiscipleship2, 444:of the moment. The time has now come when the purpose of the soul, in time and space, must become aDiscipleship2, 445:the kind of will-expression and recognized life purpose with which you must learn to put yourselfDiscipleship2, 445:and arranges in accordance with divine purpose. This is not the same kind of magnetism as that ofDiscipleship2, 447:and oft bewildering inner scrutiny of motive and purpose. You have faced many such periods ofDiscipleship2, 458:and possessing identity of goal and of purpose is what the world needs today... I assign you noDiscipleship2, 461:of your life to insulate yourself (for selfless purpose) from too close a contact with those inDiscipleship2, 463:(through the intuition) with underlying soul purpose and a consequent ability to interpret andDiscipleship2, 504:importance (though it has necessarily a vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated group thoughtDiscipleship2, 511:the background as the group grows in function, purpose and usefulness but this withdrawal into the
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