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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Discipleship2, 517:one great expression of divine planning and purpose. It is in this connection too that yourDiscipleship2, 518:mind; simplicity is clarity of purpose and steadfastness in intention and in effort, untrammeled byDiscipleship2, 519:may break forth: Shamballa is the place of purpose. It is a purpose which cannot be understoodDiscipleship2, 519:Shamballa is the place of purpose. It is a purpose which cannot be understood until the Plan isDiscipleship2, 520:a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses itself through the medium ofDiscipleship2, 520:problem of the Will (in its various aspects), of purpose as it works out in the planet, and of willDiscipleship2, 521:in a most curious manner, and motive "substands" purpose. Therefore, your personality motives inDiscipleship2, 527:turmoil in which you found yourself. Yet I had a purpose and a reason in suggesting this theme. ItDiscipleship2, 560:to be the underlying motive and hierarchical purpose for the Arcane School. Each disciple in myDiscipleship2, 566:concerns the Plan whilst the second deals with Purpose. Again, in this same connection, you have:Discipleship2, 566:Sight - Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose. Self-will - Goodwill - Will-to-Good. [567]Discipleship2, 567:the center where the Will of God is known. Let purpose rule the little wills of men. The purposeDiscipleship2, 567:Let purpose rule the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know. The purpose which theDiscipleship2, 567:of men. The purpose which the Masters know. The purpose which the Masters serve. Let Light restoreDiscipleship2, 569:the souls of men. As steadily fulfiling its life purpose. You render recognition to the Ashram withDiscipleship2, 578:this karma, especially now, is not individual in purpose, nor is it generated in any way by theDiscipleship2, 585:service but a living process animated with purpose. I would ask you every Sunday to endeavor toDiscipleship2, 587:of disciples who possess sufficient strength of purpose, clarity of intention and dedication toDiscipleship2, 590:interpretation of that which it sees. For this purpose I would give you a meditation based on sightDiscipleship2, 595:You inspire substance with the energy and purpose and with the life necessary to render itDiscipleship2, 599:he is to others. You have wisdom, beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerity - all characteristicsDiscipleship2, 618:profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose. Another handful is still in receipt of theDiscipleship2, 620:"blind spot" in his life which it is the purpose of the soul to illumine and bring into the lightDiscipleship2, 630:and in the light of your soul, the nature and purpose of the experiences and changes to which youDiscipleship2, 654:With gladness and with hope, I recognize the purpose of the two hands I possess. I climb theDiscipleship2, 663:and you have thus established links - for what purpose, my brother? May it not be that each lifeDiscipleship2, 666:be the vision. It is the sensing of the united purpose and the spiritual intention of those whoDiscipleship2, 667:life pattern more clearly. See the underlying purpose of all happenings in the past, and endeavorDiscipleship2, 667:people or circumstance - deflect you from your purpose. Carry all forward in silence and with love.Discipleship2, 673:warranting his attention. You see now the purpose of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today,Discipleship2, 695:angle, from the quality angle, and from the purpose angle, as well as that of divineDiscipleship2, 697:Freedom from partisanship. Anticipation Life purpose, persistent ever. Friendship. The triangle:Discipleship2, 704:and is strong enough to hold you steady to the purpose and true to the objective? No one canDiscipleship2, 708:into compassion. You have a steadfastness of purpose and an unswerving adherence to duty and dharmaDiscipleship2, 714:and then you turn to something else; your basic purpose is steadfast and true and your steadinessDiscipleship2, 725:but because from free choice and identity of purpose (as far as they can realize it) they are in myDiscipleship2, 726:discouragement and I say that with definite purpose and truth. There is only room for theDiscipleship2, 730:But the fact remains that the major trend and purpose of your life has brought you into the Ashram.Discipleship2, 732:you of this life, years of usefulness and of purpose in my work. This will require the acquisitionDiscipleship2, 733:kama-manasic nature) will be - with definite purpose - physically oriented; your demonstration ofDiscipleship2, 737:must end and it will end when you see soul purpose more clearly. You might here ask: In what wayDiscipleship2, 751:Does this astonish you? Of their depth and purpose you have as yet but little understanding. YouDiscipleship2, 759:one, when there is a recognition of unity of purpose, plus a past history of close relationshipDiscipleship2, 761:are clear. Let your reflection be upon the purpose of such a contact. Realize also that theDiscipleship2, 762:required enthusiasm - by which I mean dynamic purpose - he can then be trusted to handle the powersEducation, xi:to design a solution to the problem. "The broad purpose of the Advancement of Learning (to useEducation, 2:indicate to you the trend of my thought and the purpose which I have in mind. Perhaps the easiestEducation, 13:from making critical comment where a good purpose would be served. He must depend thoroughly uponEducation, 15:and impelled by an idea (embodying God's purpose and plan), converted that idea into the desiredEducation, 19:These aspects are, as you well know: 1. Will or purpose. This, through education, should beEducation, 19:life is governed by conscious spiritual purpose and the life tendency is correctly oriented towardsEducation, 22:to the vision, so that he can build true to the purpose of his soul and produce upon the earth thatEducation, 22:and in the power of choice and of directed purpose. He must be brought to a truer understanding ofEducation, 22:to a truer understanding of the underlying purpose of being, and be led to work with wisdom in theEducation, 23:of innate faculty to function under directed purpose and ritual. This particular attribute ofEducation, 23:free play of the individual will, intelligence, purpose and soul technique. Educators will have toEducation, 26:whole and embodies in itself the will and the purpose of the expressing entity, be it man, God or aEducation, 34:which remains a truth yet undefined. It is my purpose to assist you towards a greater definitenessEducation, 38:the child or to omit it with decision and with purpose. Modern education has been primarilyEducation, 39:Civilization is the reaction of humanity to the purpose of any particular world period. In eachEducation, 49:be the task of the higher education, giving purpose and significance to all that has been done. IfEducation, 51:when the educators of the world grasp the purpose of the process as a whole planned unfoldment, andEducation, 54:this will give awareness of the Plan, directed purpose, and group synthesis. The first of theseEducation, 55:These will be known as: Participation - Purpose - Precipitation. Therefore, as a result of theEducation, 56:and Sacrifice Petals Participation (in the Plan) Purpose (Directed Will of all Disciples)Education, 56:are better understood and their method and purpose are grasped, we shall see an effort on the partEducation, 69:any real grasp of the emerging significance and purpose. They are simply made because the need ofEducation, 69:old system is failing to accomplish its intended purpose, because the results are patentlyEducation, 70:the nature of those bodies, their qualities and purpose, and the interrelation existing between theEducation, 71:basic character predispositions and of the soul purpose, and much will then become possible to theEducation, 71:been inherited from the past will serve real purpose. Young people will then be studied from theEducation, 84:Organization. This gives a comparatively new purpose to any curriculum imparted and yet indicatesEducation, 85:good or evil upon their period; the quality and purpose of their leadership will be considered.Education, 86:the question: What is man; what is his intrinsic purpose in the scheme of things? The livingness ofEducation, 86:livingness of the influence and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearance of spiritual,Education, 107:situations may be regarded as temporary. The purpose of the coming educational systems will be toEducation, 111:the outer events, and thus grasp somewhat of the purpose of the new education. Ponder on this lastEducation, 111:or en masse), so that you do not see clearly the purpose and the urgency of the life within theEducation, 112:let us never forget that it is the Life, its purpose and its directed intentional destiny that isEducation, 112:or too crippled for the expression of that purpose, it is from the point of view of the Hierarchy -Education, 119:ideals have been molded. They have served their purpose and done a great and needed work. It mightEducation, 132:that future world of light which it is the purpose of the natural processes of evolution to reveal.Education, 143:Antahkarana, technically speaking and for group purpose, is especially the science of [144] lightExternalisation, 7:- Section I - Introductory Remarks It is not my purpose to cover the whole ground possible [8] inExternalisation, 10:of what they themselves are doing and the purpose of their activity. Definitely and with purposeExternalisation, 10:purpose of their activity. Definitely and with purpose they lend their body temporarily to anotherExternalisation, 14:should be given as to the nature of man and the purpose and objectives of the soul; training can beExternalisation, 18:is the yoga of one-pointed intent, of directed purpose, of a constant practice of the Presence ofExternalisation, 31:by all the groups of the meaning and purpose and techniques of telepathy. (See Telepathy and theExternalisation, 31:undertaken. They are the custodians of the group purpose, and work on mental levels. The secondExternalisation, 34:its methods and techniques of work. Such is the purpose of the groups which I have formed, and ofExternalisation, 36:if I outlined a little more clearly what is the purpose of the new seed groups, in terms of the newExternalisation, 47:will only briefly indicate the triple intended purpose of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninthExternalisation, 49:the new age. Here again we touch the threefold purpose which each group has to hold before itselfExternalisation, 49:yet its deeply spiritual subjective program and purpose. This eventually produces civilization byExternalisation, 56:ray and is one with a most practical physical purpose. It is strictly magical in its technique, andExternalisation, 57:will bring about a better understanding of the purpose existing in matter or substance, and theExternalisation, 57:and the inflowing enlightened and different purpose of the soul aspect. That is why (in my earlierExternalisation, 57:is concerned with the awakening to conscious purpose of the soul in man or form, whilst science isExternalisation, 57:own life, yet slowly becomes subservient to that purpose and to soul impress. This is the thought
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