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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Magic, 455:by a magnetic thread - the thread of his living purpose and the strength of his dominant will. ThisMagic, 455:the strength of his dominant will. This interior purpose, which has clothed itself in mental,Magic, 455:its desired function and carrying out the purpose for which it was created. The "formula" thereforeMagic, 455:Thinker; it might be defined as the dynamic purpose, the "thing" as the Thinker sees it andMagic, 456:and in these mathematical formulas lie hid the purpose, the quality and the form of the completedMagic, 460:our minds that type of energy which embodies the purpose, the will of God, the Plan, as we regardMagic, 460:soul", we have an expression which sums up the purpose, the plan, the will of those entities, who,Magic, 462:which is capable of right direction and right purpose and for the furthering of the Plan, if theMagic, 468:to thyself the orange ball of thy one-pointed purpose." Responsive to the sounded word, the livingMagic, 471:which will give us the key to its creator's purpose. Ponder on these words. Hence, we find in thisMagic, 471:words. Hence, we find in this Rule XI that the purpose of the word pronounced is to tell the livesMagic, 471:which has been made." Thus we find the idea of purpose, activity and goal. Magic, 471:put forth or to emphasize the significance of purpose in connection with such a thought-form as aMagic, 471:In some respects this subjective triplicity of purpose, activity and goal is well known and inMagic, 472:reach the objective and accomplish its sender's purpose. The necessity for clear thinking and theMagic, 473:thought-form is by thee constructed, vision its purpose, ascertain its goal, and verify the motive.Magic, 474:that wall and so release the stored-up, selfish purpose. See to thy motive, and seek to use thoseMagic, 474:words which blend thy little life with the large purpose of the will of God. The word of hate, theMagic, 475:which live their life cycle and serve their purpose, and so come, duly, to their timely andMagic, 478:which it has been constructed, and carry out the purpose for which it was created. All that hasMagic, 485:The form remains linked to him by his living purpose and therefore the karma of the results, andMagic, 491:creations, and leave them free to accomplish the purpose for which he intelligently sent themMagic, 495:disintegrates. It should be remembered that the purpose and will of the soul, the spiritualMagic, 496:entity, governed by the soul, and expressing the purpose of the soul in all the activities of dailyMagic, 497:rhythm but not to coordinated coherent purpose. It must be noted also that death is, therefore,Magic, 513:of the Universal Mind and its comprehensive purpose can only be perceived when each son of GodMagic, 513:in his interludes. These interludes, for the purpose of our discussion, fall into three categories:Magic, 518:of those words of power which will make divine purpose to be. It would not be right nor proper forMagic, 519:trained minds, but animated by purely selfish purpose, have learnt to use the lower of the two soulMagic, 523:evolution, and the definition of the underlying purpose is all that it is wise to impart at theMagic, 525:nature plays in relation to the whole, and the purpose for which that aggregate of forms which weMagic, 526:solar fire, and fire by friction, and their purpose in relation to each other is summed up for usMagic, 527:to you that when this point is grasped, the purpose for which humanity exists, the objective beforeMagic, 527:true and the beautiful can be registered, divine purpose can be recorded, and it becomes possibleMagic, 528:does this in connection with his own soul purpose if he is successful in his endeavor; the discipleMagic, 528:is learning to do this in relation to group purpose, and the initiate cooperates with the planetaryMagic, 528:and the initiate cooperates with the planetary purpose. These constitute the inner group of vitallyMagic, 530:which act under the influence of a conscious purpose, and who "limit the life that is in them" forMagic, 546:responsive to his kind and is aware also of the purpose of the kingdom to which he belongs. ThisMagic, 549:four gospels, understood the significance and purpose of the four elements - earth, water, fire andMagic, 550:embody the principles and produce the dynamic purpose, and which constitute the four levels of theMagic, 550:by the neophyte for the words energy, dynamic purpose, vitality and etheric substance mean littleMagic, 551:them, is energized by them and which fulfils the purpose of the Thinker. A thinker, then, is theMagic, 552:These forms will either be in line with Divine purpose and plan and, consequently, will further theMagic, 552:intent, characterized by separated, selfish purpose, and constitute, therefore, part of the work ofMagic, 555:past , already colored by thought and purpose. Recognition of the four grades of livesMagic, 555:focusing upon the goal and the holding of the purpose intact throughout the vicissitudes of theMagic, 556:the tiny cycle of an incarnation, to hold his purpose steady and to see that each life carries thatMagic, 556:steady and to see that each life carries that purpose forward into fuller manifestation andMagic, 556:his environing impulses? He has to recognize the purpose for which he has deemed it wise to build aMagic, 556:to build a thought-form and he must hold that purpose steady and unimpaired throughout the wholeMagic, 557:Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and time is literally the lengthMagic, 557:and which is animated by the unselfish purpose and embodies some disciple's mode of helpingMagic, 557:it could, by its one-pointed fixity of purpose and its focused attention to the spiritualMagic, 557:about the manifestation of individual spiritual purpose or of group spiritual purpose. These can beMagic, 557:spiritual purpose or of group spiritual purpose. These can be summed up in three words: Power.Magic, 558:for expression upon two factors: Singleness of purpose. Lack of impediments. Students would beMagic, 558:to the purity of intent and the singleness of purpose, so will be the potency. The Master of allMagic, 558:aspirant begins to manifest somewhat soul purpose in his life on the physical plane. He isMagic, 559:now cooperative and is in touch with the divine Purpose. As all true students know, however, theMagic, 559:Hindrances and obstacles abound. Singleness of purpose may occasionally be realized in highMagic, 560:white magic and the carrying out of hierarchical purpose meets with basic hindrances in theMagic, 566:existence and send it forth to accomplish his purpose and his intent. The crucial moment in allMagic, 567:much energy and the expression of too violent a purpose. [568] That of death, through lack ofMagic, 568:of nature, as he learns the significance and the purpose of the vital body, and gains power in theMagic, 568:system. It seems to me that for our particular purpose, this line of approach would be of the mostMagic, 572:come, of the mode of their activity and of the purpose for which they must be used. This involvesMagic, 574:will, that his words would be in line with soul purpose and intent and would be governed by loveMagic, 580:the clearer the understanding of the subjective purpose, so will the right direction and the impactMagic, 580:true orientation, exact understanding of purpose and recognition of the type of force required,Magic, 614:working blindly and seemingly without [614] purpose. As far as humanity is concerned, it is theMagic, 620:of this phase of the working out of the divine Purpose, they would do well to study theirMagic, 621:and the Aquarian. A part of the underlying purpose has been expressed in words - a purpose which isMagic, 621:purpose has been expressed in words - a purpose which is recognized by many all over the world andMeditation, 5:when he steps upon the Path of Discipleship, the purpose consists in merging all these many linesMeditation, 6:a pure reflector, and the mental body serves the purpose of a sensitive plate and discriminator,Meditation, 21:one-pointed effort likewise to expand for the purpose of apprehending knowledge. When this is done,Meditation, 44:eye, the unalloyed desire, the consecrated purpose, and the ear that turns in deafness to allMeditation, 56:atoms or nuclei adequate matter for the purpose of manifestation, and that matter is itselfMeditation, 65:danger does not lurk where there is sincerity of purpose, and that certain results, such asMeditation, 67:worked out in your lifetime. Groups for the purpose of working on the emotional body, with theMeditation, 67:subjugation, and clarification. Groups for the purpose of mental development, of strengtheningMeditation, 68:the healing of the physical body. Groups whose purpose is to effect alignment, and to clear theMeditation, 72:The spleen, the third center, has a specific purpose. It has its correspondence in the third orMeditation, 72:on the mental plane it serves somewhat the same purpose, only this time through this center are theMeditation, 73:then to normal functioning, having served its purpose as a center for the emotional focusing. TheMeditation, 77:development, if he but aims at sincerity of purpose and at compassionate altruism, if he, withMeditation, 80:man is perfected, the personality has served its purpose, and the goal is reached. Hence the factMeditation, 80:centers, if we eliminate the spleen which has a purpose all its own, and the three lower organs ofMeditation, 93:virtue, but it should be the one-pointedness of purpose and of aim, and not that which develops oneMeditation, 98:through forms of meditation and intensity of purpose and of will, then the emotional becomesMeditation, 105:in the work of serving the world. It is not my purpose in these letters to take up specifically theMeditation, 106:is well recognized theoretically, and I do not purpose to enlarge on it greatly today. I but seekMeditation, 108:Dangers to be avoided in Meditation Microcosmic Purpose So it is with the Microcosm. The Ego on hisMeditation, 108:manifestation and set his ring-pass-not with the purpose in view of building into his [109] causalMeditation, 110:30, 1920 ...As you may well imagine it is not my purpose to enlarge upon the dangers incidental toMeditation, 118:he neglects his proper obligation he delays the purpose of his life, and in another incarnation heMeditation, 118:of devotees, and he has come in for the express purpose of balancing that quality with anotherMeditation, 129:and certain results are inevitable. It is not my purpose to take up with you in these letters theMeditation, 133:the aspirant, and I hint at them solely for the purpose of warning and guidance, and not to cause
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