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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Psychology1, 29:our manifested world) lie divine qualities and a purpose which is as far removed from thePsychology1, 36:within all forms, and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This is the simplestPsychology1, 36:appearance on Earth veils both the quality and purpose (in varying degree), so does that synthesisPsychology1, 36:we call a solar system, veil the quality and purpose of Deity. It is only when man is no longerPsychology1, 36:of the quality of God's consciousness and at the purpose which it is revealing. This he does in aPsychology1, 37:the quality of his own soul life, and the purpose for which he has "appeared." He finds that thisPsychology1, 37:the totality of the revelations of the divine purpose. This, he finds, is essentially a septenaryPsychology1, 37:qualities, that he is identified with his ray purpose - whatever it may be - and is expressing aPsychology1, 37:initiations, higher than the fifth, reveal a purpose wider and deeper than that which is workingPsychology1, 37:is working out within our solar system. The purpose of our manifested Logos is but a part of aPsychology1, 37:individual soul, and glimpses the quality and purpose of that soul. On the path of discipleship andPsychology1, 37:and of initiation, he glimpses the quality and purpose of his [38] planetary Life, and discoversPsychology1, 38:planet and is embodying an aspect of the divine purpose and energy. After the third initiation hePsychology1, 38:the third initiation he glimpses the quality and purpose of the solar system; he sees his ray lifePsychology1, 38:expressing the emerging quality and the hidden purpose of the graded Lives which inform allPsychology1, 39:and that Monad becomes, in verity, embodied purpose. The process can be expressed by a very simplePsychology1, 39:then, of the aspects of appearance-quality-purpose or life, results in an abstraction from thePsychology1, 39:appearance and quality, and then of quality and purpose. It might be noted here that the HierarchyPsychology1, 40:love in life." In those olden days no thought of purpose entered into the minds of men, for thePsychology1, 40:cosmic and individual, was sensed and known, but purpose was as yet veiled and unrevealed. ThePsychology1, 40:seen. With the coming in of the Aryan race, the purpose and the plan began to be revealed. OnlyPsychology1, 40:in directed awareness through the form, is the purpose dimly sensed. I seek in various ways toPsychology1, 42:turn is intended to be the embodiment of divine purpose or will, intelligently applied in the greatPsychology1, 42:of created forms which embody or veil the loving purpose of Deity. Each vibrating unit of energyPsychology1, 43:is energized by or vibrating to the world of purpose or of will. Therefore, as is stated in ThePsychology1, 43:towards the evolutionary accomplishment of a purpose at present inscrutable. This purpose remainsPsychology1, 43:of a purpose at present inscrutable. This purpose remains unknown only on account of thePsychology1, 43:life are known and comprehended the underlying purpose will emerge with clarity. Indications ofPsychology1, 43:be rightly grasped. The will, lying behind the purpose, cannot be understood until thePsychology1, 43:solar system, and yet remains outside. Plan and purpose concern the emanating energies of thatPsychology1, 44:ultimate perfecting of the latent and unrevealed purpose. Psychology1, 44:on the matter of space insured that the hidden purpose of Deity would inevitably and eventually bePsychology1, 44:into full play only when the time comes for the purpose to be safely revealed. Its units of energyPsychology1, 47:of form building in order to reveal divine purpose. The Knower (man) is the custodian of thatPsychology1, 48:Soul and Monad. The Monad is dynamic will or purpose, but remains unrevealed until after the thirdPsychology1, 49:qualities of Deity. When that time comes, the purpose for which all creation waits will burst uponPsychology1, 51:counting from below upwards, and its true purpose cannot emerge until the soul is awakened andPsychology1, 53:a consciousness of divine synthetic purpose (called by us the Plan), then we have that state ofPsychology1, 56:of a sentient whole, and slowly reacts to the purpose and intent [57] of that whole. He grasps thatPsychology1, 57:and intent [57] of that whole. He grasps that purpose little by little as he swings consciouslyPsychology1, 57:to a uniform participation in the synthetic purpose, but the realization of individualPsychology1, 58:there is a higher consciousness of plan and of purpose; there is a consciousness of life. It isPsychology1, 58:of this can become aware of the conscious purpose of Deity; can intelligently cooperate with thePsychology1, 59:Answers Question 2 What are the Origin, Goal, Purpose and Plan of the Soul? The seven rays are thePsychology1, 59:Whom the plan is working out. They embody divine purpose, express the qualities required for thePsychology1, 59:qualities required for the materializing of that purpose, and They create the forms and are thePsychology1, 60:They are the conscious executors of [60] divine purpose; They are the seven Breaths, animating allPsychology1, 60:are fully conscious and entirely aware of the purpose and the Plan. They are "ever in deepPsychology1, 60:are "awake and active." Their goal and Their purpose is such that it is idle for us to speculatePsychology1, 60:with matter in order to subjugate it to divine purpose, and the goal - as far as one can sense it -Psychology1, 60:in all fields of awareness. For the purpose of this treatise students will have to accept [61] thePsychology1, 61:sensed and then to have cooperated with his ray purpose. After the third initiation he begins toPsychology1, 61:initiation he begins to sense the synthetic purpose towards which all the seven rays are working;Psychology1, 61:earth and flowers before the Throne of God." The purpose of Deity, as it is known to the Creator,Psychology1, 61:to all save the higher initiates. But the purpose of each ray Life may be sensed and defined,Psychology1, 62:Rays of Aspect We shall now express the ray purpose in the form of an ancient teaching preserved onPsychology1, 63:though much is lost thereby. [63] The First Purpose of Deity Ray I. Will or Power Behind thePsychology1, 63:solar sphere. His robe of blue veils his eternal purpose, but in the rising and the setting sun hisPsychology1, 64:six Brothers, and when They have achieved Their purpose, to shatter the forms which They havePsychology1, 64:whence the initial impulse came. The first ray purpose therefore is to produce death, and some ideaPsychology1, 64:is to produce death, and some idea of that purpose may be gleaned if we study some of the names byPsychology1, 65:own. Hate not attachment but see its plan and purpose. Quality - detachment. Through thee the lifePsychology1, 65:life in all its forms. Quality - singleness of purpose. The six qualities enumerated above expressPsychology1, 65:our attention to the standpoint of humanity. The purpose of the first ray, and its main work, is toPsychology1, 65:of a race type or of a planet. His will or purpose works out through the law of periodicity. Psychology1, 65:Certain Questions and their Answers The Second Purpose of Deity Ray II. Love-Wisdom The Word isPsychology1, 66:of the names of this ray Lord which convey his purpose are as follows: The Displayer of Glory ThePsychology1, 67:it a set of curious phrases which express its purpose. The Third Purpose of Deity Ray III. ActivePsychology1, 67:phrases which express its purpose. The Third Purpose of Deity Ray III. Active Intelligence orPsychology1, 68:as to one's individual ray, life tendencies and purpose; if the appeal the various statements makePsychology1, 68:then these communications I am making here as to Purpose, Name and Quality will be profitable andPsychology1, 70:Answers B. The Four Rays of Attribute The Fourth Purpose of Deity Ray IV. Harmony, Beauty, ArtPsychology1, 73:wherein there will be a fuller expression of ray purpose, type or quality, and therefore a truerPsychology1, 75:Certain Questions and their Answers The Fifth Purpose of Deity Ray V. Concrete Knowledge or SciencePsychology1, 75:receive their secret names, reveal their inner purpose, and all is seen as rhythm, a returning onPsychology1, 75:itself. The great scroll can now be read. God's purpose and His plans are fixed, and man can readPsychology1, 75:form. The plan takes form. The plan is form. Its purpose is the revelation of the mind of God. ThePsychology1, 75:things new - must stand revealed. This is the purpose back of all the acts of this great Lord ofPsychology1, 79:memory with occult detail which serves no useful purpose only strains the brain cells and feeds thePsychology1, 79:Certain Questions and their Answers The Sixth Purpose of Deity Ray VI. Devotion or Idealism ThisPsychology1, 79:known of the rays. The mantram which defines its purpose is unlike the others and might bePsychology1, 80:war, through work, through pain and toil, the purpose is achieved. Thus saith the symbol. It willPsychology1, 80:Thus saith the symbol. It will be noted how this purpose, when applied by man to himself, works hisPsychology1, 80:mantram. you will find the clue to the sixth ray purpose as it appears in the human kingdom, and aPsychology1, 80:ideas will reveal a little of the larger purpose. The soul is and should be pitiless to its formPsychology1, 83:Certain Questions and their Answers The Seventh Purpose of Deity Ray VII. Ceremonial Order or MagicPsychology1, 87:- power to think. See all parts enter into the purpose. Build towards beauty, brother Lord. MakePsychology1, 95:group consciousness will permit them to see the purpose underlying the working of the law. Let usPsychology1, 122:will come into favor. Behind all this lies a purpose profound. The physical plane, in its densestPsychology1, 125:will be discovered by the scientists, and its purpose will eventually be acknowledged. With thatPsychology1, 133:the revelation of God's will and His beneficent purpose. By means of the Eye of God light shinesPsychology1, 142:and every planet conforms to the intent and purpose of the whole. Six: Humanity, with which thisPsychology1, 142:the medium of forms, are simply the mental purpose and life direction of the ray Lords, WhosePsychology1, 142:and life direction of the ray Lords, Whose purpose is immutable, Whose vision is perfect, and WhosePsychology1, 150:Active organized impulse towards a definite purpose. I have worded these impulses as above in orderPsychology1, 151:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and I do not purpose enlarging upon it here. I would point out,Psychology1, 151:Builders embodies the energy, will, love and purpose of the Lord of the solar system, as that LordPsychology1, 151:embodies an aspect of the energy, will, love and purpose of the "One About Whom Naught May BePsychology1, 155:to respond to the energy and to the spiritual purpose of the Life of his own planet. At the firstPsychology1, 158:They are the expression of the creative purpose, and the synthesis of life, quality and appearance.
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