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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Psychology2, 78:de-materialization. The soul functions with the purpose of liberation before it, and not of furtherPsychology2, 79:The application and use of energy for group purpose and in cooperation with the Plan for the whole.Psychology2, 83:Quality Source 1. Power or Will Grasping Dynamic Purpose Dynamically electrified forms. 2.Psychology2, 89:will, His desire, His incentive, His idea and purpose to appear. The creative act then took place,Psychology2, 90:Deity thus to act. We do not know His ultimate purpose or plan; and only aspects of His techniquePsychology2, 91:of the lowest aspects of the divine purpose. The wonder of the idea staggers human imagination. IfPsychology2, 93:other souls, through deliberate self-sacrificing purpose; Our service to other forms of life inPsychology2, 94:understanding of the significance of the divine purpose of God, of the Word incarnated through aPsychology2, 101:expressing itself through Will, evoking divine purpose. Love, expressing divine quality. Intellect,Psychology2, 106:to make them work with perfect unanimity of purpose and objective, of technique and method, orPsychology2, 106:and relationship, based on a realized oneness of purpose and soul love, is magnificently possible,Psychology2, 116:which may perhaps make clearer the meaning and purpose of this law, and which will be of deepPsychology2, 148:one which primarily begins to impress the divine purpose upon the consciousness of the aspirant,Psychology2, 149:being is that which reveals the will, plan or purpose of the divine life, as it expresses itself inPsychology2, 153:law of Deity Itself, the law of God's synthetic purpose. The eighteen subplanes through which manPsychology2, 171:light and life and power, of stillness which was purpose and a beauty which was space. The otherPsychology2, 173:- of other conditions, of his essential purpose in dying for other lives, and aware also of thePsychology2, 179:souls, and submerge their interests to the soul purpose of the group as a whole. Just as thePsychology2, 180:in Group Activity, and are not formed for the purpose of perfecting the individual member in anyPsychology2, 185:the great Plan and the manifestation of divine purpose. This group of Thinkers falls into sevenPsychology2, 192:will regard money as the means whereby divine purpose can be carried forward. They will handlePsychology2, 195:effect upon the energy of a Being, Whose purpose works out into manifestation through these laws,Psychology2, 199:behind them produce the working out of the [199] purpose of the Most High, and can be recognizedPsychology2, 199:can touch the idea behind these expressions of purpose. We shall not, therefore, take any timePsychology2, 204:by events. They have no sense of time or of purpose; they can seldom be trained along any mentalPsychology2, 211:than they are at present and adequate for that purpose. Psychology2, 215:in their practical technique. My present purpose is a far more difficult one, for this Treatise isPsychology2, 216:hard, even for the advanced disciple, to see the purpose of certain of these factors. That which isPsychology2, 218:of values, indicating as it does, that there is purpose and objective behind all the difficultPsychology2, 219:to catch the dim outline of that structure, that purpose and that destiny which will result fromPsychology2, 221:caused by the impulsion of the sensed and innate purpose of God. However (and this is a point oftPsychology2, 221:is likewise conditioned by a still higher life purpose. 2. The quality of the hidden vision. ThisPsychology2, 221:founded on the will to form a plan and a purpose. 3. The instinct to formulate a plan. ThisPsychology2, 224:interpretation of ideals. This triplicity of purpose merits thoughtful consideration. On the formPsychology2, 224:life side, it has led to sacrifice, one pointed purpose, progress on the path, and devotion. It isPsychology2, 225:world is swept into line with the divine Purpose. This does not become apparent to the man who isPsychology2, 225:conscious adaptation of energy to the immediate purpose and goal. It is necessarily the basic causePsychology2, 227:Will, and lead to the manifestation of divine Purpose. This is wisdom. They ordain and nurture thePsychology2, 229:set for Him in a still more distant vision. This purpose or defined will is conditioned by HisPsychology2, 229:or psyche, in just the same way as the life purpose of a human being is both limited andPsychology2, 229:if interpreted in terms of one's own life purpose, and quality. Psychology2, 230:the conscious being remains; his quality and purpose and life are united with his undying soul. ThePsychology2, 234:his eventual at-one-ment with God, in life and purpose, an inevitable, irresistible occurrence.Psychology2, 237:vision of God but to God's own vision of His purpose. Down the ages, men have sensed a vision; theyPsychology2, 237:own vision, dream and thought, have held His purpose steady throughout the aeons and have motivatedPsychology2, 238:can he begin to sense God's true objective and purpose, to catch a brief glimpse of God's OwnPsychology2, 240:upon the consequent continuity of God's plan and purpose which results when the objective isPsychology2, 241:A hint is here given as to the true and future purpose of group meditation. More on this subject isPsychology2, 241:in our modern humanity. It is no part of my purpose to indicate my understanding of God's Plan.Psychology2, 246:some day; it will determine finally the life, purpose and activity of all forms in and upon ourPsychology2, 247:truth and at the revelation of God's meaning and purpose in all that He has accomplished from agePsychology2, 251:are essential to the right unfolding of divine purpose. The Plan of God comes into being throughPsychology2, 252:reveal in the progressive unfoldment of divine purpose; and then They have the responsibility of soPsychology2, 272:Hierarchy were in any way aware of the purpose. Those who were approached registered dimly aPsychology2, 276:personality is brought into line with the divine purpose of the indwelling soul. This is not, aPsychology2, 284:of manas. The reflection of divine will and purpose. Motivation. The impulse to plan, under the LawPsychology2, 285:of the divine will. The embodiment of divine purpose. This focuses itself in the "sacrifice petalsPsychology2, 293:awake and alert. The one who knows the Plan, the purpose and the will of God. The one whosePsychology2, 313:draws to itself the form, utilizing for that purpose a mental unit and two permanent atoms, thusPsychology2, 326:and capacities. Those who are awakened to the purpose of experience, and who are consequentlyPsychology2, 337:or intrepid individual, demonstrating power and purpose in a world which he exploits for his ownPsychology2, 342:of time, become embodiments of the will and purpose of their divine Indweller. This Indweller isPsychology2, 343:effective world service; Unified, in intent and purpose, with the soul. A period wherein thePsychology2, 343:complementary to, that of the soul, making soul purpose in the three worlds possible. [344] It isPsychology2, 346:and its apprehension and appreciation of purpose and of truth. We are so apt always to think inPsychology2, 346:leading to an eventual realization. This purpose and truth, when grasped, brings into directPsychology2, 346:the controlling factor is that of divine purpose or the will of God. Then we find this purpose,Psychology2, 346:purpose or the will of God. Then we find this purpose, though free from what we call desire, isPsychology2, 347:make easily comprehensible the nature and [347] purpose of these techniques. All that it isPsychology2, 356:upon the outer rim of life, and sweeps with purpose towards the central Point." Thus speaks the OldPsychology2, 366:ray formula. Man sees and grasps the final purpose for the race and the objective ahead of thisPsychology2, 373:sensation, of appreciation by others and of life purpose. The idea of "my truth, my master, myPsychology2, 376:your eye. Work towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth.Psychology2, 394:the periphery of the Whole but the beauty and purpose of every aspect of the inner structure. JustPsychology2, 394:the general equipment and more detailed purpose of the organized whole which we call a man, so thePsychology2, 395:the brain reaction, then he will understand the purpose of these words and will view both thePsychology2, 406:intelligent understanding and a life directed by purpose and planning instead of desire. 3. ThatPsychology2, 407:of destiny, individual and racial; a sense of purpose, and of plan. It produces also the unfoldmentPsychology2, 428:psychologists comprehend more fully the creative purpose of humanity, and seek to develop thePsychology2, 429:the creative imagination and the use of directed purpose, for it is found frequently even inPsychology2, 429:to make choices (to the end that ordered purpose may emerge in their lives) will be two of thePsychology2, 429:sense of the whole - plus The sense of ordered purpose should govern our training of the childrenPsychology2, 429:subordinated by the understanding of the ordered purpose which is working out in the world. Psychology2, 430:to the whole, and of the acceptance of group purpose. This rhythm, when duly established in a lifePsychology2, 431:and environment will serve to stabilize his purpose and make him comprehend the inevitability ofPsychology2, 431:recognition of the past, an understanding of the purpose of the present, and with an eye to thePsychology2, 432:of energies (life itself, expressing will or purpose, love and intelligence) work through the sevenPsychology2, 437:continuity between the mind nature, determining purpose, and the astral nature, governing impulse.Psychology2, 439:tendency to leave people to the directing purpose and guidance of their own souls, provided thatPsychology2, 439:and superconscious - need definition, for the purpose of this treatise; they [440] are bandiedPsychology2, 455:in The nature of mental substance. The triple purpose of the mind: As a medium for expressingPsychology2, 458:of no real moment, and sometimes serves a useful purpose, for it enables the obsessing entity toPsychology2, 509:is a symbolic performance by the soul for the purpose of giving instruction, warning or command toPsychology2, 540:transference into that which is higher. A needed purpose would then be served, but - in the case wePsychology2, 555:Consciousness and life, sensitivity and directed purpose are the great energies which expressPsychology2, 569:after death is impelled (for good and sufficient purpose) to make a contact with a friend orPsychology2, 577:all energy is subordinated to purely selfish purpose. As I have before stated, the Forces of LightPsychology2, 599:the ultimate destination and the final purpose, are the recognized prerogative of the mysticalPsychology2, 603:of the whole man, and any true useful purpose to its activity. A period ensues wherein the manPsychology2, 604:and outgrown, having served its useful purpose and done a needed work. This is a detachment of the
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