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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Psychology2, 606:and scientifically controlled because its purpose, its place in racial unfoldment and itsPsychology2, 606:technique should take its place. A life purpose, a recognized plan and a correctly directedPsychology2, 630:and habits of thought which have served their purpose in bringing the race to its [631] presentPsychology2, 631:and thus bring about conformity to the life purpose of the idea, the methods employed and thePsychology2, 633:the hands of those who seek to use them for any purpose whatsoever. They can be reached most easilyPsychology2, 656:generalization, carrying with it no practical purpose or plan. It is a statement of the ideals of aPsychology2, 656:of the Plan, as They express the mind and purpose of God, and the intelligent public. TheyPsychology2, 659:not lost effort. They have a definite place and purpose. Second, they will demonstrate thePsychology2, 678:attitudes and governments, when the underlying purpose of world events is grasped and when the hopePsychology2, 703:that in it there lies a large measure of selfish purpose - inevitable and some day to bePsychology2, 713:carefully and simply, to express the immediate purpose of the hierarchical effort, as the CouncilPsychology2, 728:developed. Group integrity, loyalties and purpose must be preserved, but the cooperation of thePsychology2, 729:of such groups, but where there is sincerity of purpose (and there is much) where there is aPsychology2, 733:will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purpose into the fabric of the individual andRays, 4:display of coordinated cooperation with the purpose of manifestation. Human lives demonstrate theRays, 5:owing to its undivided nature. A study of the purpose of the solar plexus, and the part it plays asRays, 7:and the theory as to man's constitution and purpose is somewhat understood. As meditation isRays, 16:is concerned, is profoundly affected by the will-purpose of the Lord of the World and by theRays, 27:the following analogies: Head - Monad - Atma - Purpose Heart - Soul - Buddhi - Pure reason Base ofRays, 27:manas or lower mind and is thus the agent of the purpose of the Monad, working through theRays, 28:motive of creation. Motive, however, presupposes purpose leading to action, and hence in theRays, 28:and soul) becomes spiritually obsolete because purpose has reached a point of fulfilment and theRays, 28:and the activity set in motion is such that purpose cannot be arrested or stopped. The discipleRays, 30:in the full consciousness of the monadic purpose or clear directed will. These are points which theRays, 31:consequently into the reflection of the world of purpose, found in the three worlds. When thatRays, 31:the individual will and the egoic will into the purpose of the Monad which is the purposeRays, 31:will into the purpose of the Monad which is the purpose undeviating and unalterable - of the One inRays, 33:to identify [33] the group with the will or purpose of the Monad. The progress of the group is,Rays, 33:of self-will, sacrificial will and Shamballic purpose, and only Love (self-love, group love, andRays, 33:of the would-be initiate: It should be one of purpose, governed by pure reason and working out inRays, 34:disappeared in the blazing light of the divine Purpose - a purpose which cannot be frustrated evenRays, 34:in the blazing light of the divine Purpose - a purpose which cannot be frustrated even if at timesRays, 36:none of them can possibly be deviated from their purpose (note that word with its first ray orRays, 36:I could say would only hinder and frustrate my purpose. Finally, these Formulas or Rules areRays, 41:It consists of pure identification with divine purpose. This is made possible because the self-willRays, 47:in manifestation, and working with planned purpose. The realization then grows that intelligenceRays, 47:implemented by will, which is active intelligent purpose, lovingly applied. The difficulty of thisRays, 50:the will-to-good. Plan and quality give place to purpose and method. Plans are fallible andRays, 50:and tentative and serve a temporary need. Purpose, as expressed by the initiate is permanent,Rays, 56:points of tension (qualified by intention and purpose) supersede all previous efforts and the willRays, 57:plan in the initial stages of contact, and purpose in the final stages. Bear in mind that theRays, 57:animated by desire or aspiration, by plan or purpose, and functioning in its place under theRays, 57:intelligent will and the mind, between plan and purpose. In so doing he acquires the capacity toRays, 58:year) that they are part of the instrument whose purpose is to fulfil the plan. Thus the greatRays, 59:beauty of the Whole and the goodness of the Purpose and the wisdom of the Plan? Do you realize moreRays, 60:he was irrevocably committed to hierarchical purpose. He has heard the Voice from Shamballa just asRays, 61:ever widening sphere wherein he can serve with purpose and forward the Plan, once he has succeededRays, 63:of that plan, identification with the underlying purpose, and the ability - through the medium ofRays, 64:of the [64] Plan in conformity with the Purpose. This is the creative work of thought-form buildingRays, 64:myself) may go forward according to divine purpose through the power of the dynamic spiritual will.Rays, 65:plan which will finally embody divine purpose. I keep emphasizing this distinction between plan andRays, 65:emphasizing this distinction between plan and purpose with deliberation [66] because it indicatesRays, 66:of right activity, right understanding and right purpose. He needs not to recollect. Work from theRays, 68:and works under the pervasive influence of the purpose; the individual initiate works with theRays, 69:bring about the eventual fruition of the divine Purpose. There is a definite distinction betweenRays, 69:Purpose. There is a definite distinction between Purpose and Will; it is subtle indeed, but quiteRays, 69:in the ancient parlance, Registrants of the Purpose and Custodians of the Will. Will is active.Rays, 69:and Custodians of the Will. Will is active. Purpose is passive, waiting for the results of theRays, 69:the Plan. The function of the Registrants of the Purpose is to keep the channel open between ourRays, 70:and is impulsed by the Registrants of the Purpose. This is as far as the two groups of CustodiansRays, 70:and are individually Registrants of the Purpose. The annual appearance of the Lord Buddha is theRays, 73:will, which is the revelation of the unfolding purpose. The first [74] is focused in the Ashram,Rays, 75:to the human consciousness of the meaning and purpose of life; this will take place in a graduallyRays, 79:of and identification with the will or purpose of Deity. The number 6 is the number of form or ofRays, 80:and the expression of developed idealism and purpose. The third aspect expresses itself throughRays, 81:that number gives the clue to the form and purpose of the life which the form veils. At the thirdRays, 81:with the divine will, and to cooperate with the purpose aspect of manifestation. He has learnt toRays, 85:kingdoms into line with the [85] evolving purpose. Under cyclic law, this destructive energy comesRays, 85:soul development and as an area wherein divine purpose is wrought out through the medium of theRays, 85:attention to the distinction existing between purpose and plan. This is the aspect, emanating fromRays, 86:of the spiritual will of the Christ to the purpose and the will of the Father appears when He said,Rays, 86:that His will was to do the will and fulfil the purpose of the Father, the Monad and the One ofRays, 87:values and intelligently developing the divine purpose. The stage is now being set for this. TheRays, 87:and disciples to ponder upon the destructive purpose of God - a purpose which is motivated by love,Rays, 87:ponder upon the destructive purpose of God - a purpose which is motivated by love, guided by aRays, 94:the "inscrutable will of God," the unrecognized purpose of the Lord of the World Who "knows His OwnRays, 97:an entity, having form, substance, soul and purpose or objective, and that none of these is betterRays, 98:life of such a nature that it furthers the group purpose, enhances the group strength, eliminatesRays, 99:and effective for the carrying out of divine purpose, focused for the disciple through the Ashram.Rays, 101:utterly adapted to the need, the plan and the purpose of the Master. None of the lesser lives (asRays, 104:apparent that the form experience has served its purpose and that the form has reached a point ofRays, 107:of the will involves identity with the larger purpose. The little will of the little lives must beRays, 107:in the larger will of the whole. Individual purpose must be identified with group purpose, which isRays, 107:Individual purpose must be identified with group purpose, which is as much of the purpose of theRays, 107:with group purpose, which is as much of the purpose of the Whole or the One Life as the little lifeRays, 108:to its end, what remains will be the divine purpose and the all-enveloping Life as it materializesRays, 108:of the will: persistent application to some purpose, seen as desirable and to which every power isRays, 108:it, proceeding stage by stage from one realized purpose to another higher one, each step removingRays, 108:of the significance of the divine will or purpose. It might be stated, in an effort to clarify theRays, 108:the plan the disciple learns the nature of the purpose, but that the purpose itself can only beRays, 108:learns the nature of the purpose, but that the purpose itself can only be grasped by one who isRays, 109:(which coordinates and makes possible the divine purpose) we shall have the gradual consolidationRays, 110:to the development of response to divine purpose. It is absolutely essential that the will-to-goodRays, 110:realization of the plan and on reaction to the purpose as sensed by those who are either initiate,Rays, 110:but are not yet able to contact the central Purpose or Life. Not yet having taken the thirdRays, 117:(as he can grasp it), except one thing. Reflect. Purpose will reveal itself; the Whole will standRays, 118:and to cooperate understandingly in the purpose of the Lord of the World. It enables him later toRays, 120:or the manifestation of the divine envisaged purpose, visualized synthetically, and motivated,Rays, 124:Secondly, the whole story of life - which is purpose, divine will, and absolute determination - andRays, 128:all forms wisely, with understanding of their purpose and with freedom from excess; he is not
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