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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSE

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Rays, 276:- a response made possible by the synthesis of purpose and of spiritual relationship which existsRays, 277:of brotherhood which conditions divine purpose and which leads to the spiritual planning that willRays, 279:is no longer required; it has served its ancient purpose, and that which has been deemed eternalRays, 280:for the initiate are the two points of living purpose to which we give the names of spirit-matterRays, 283:is therefore the highest expression of divine purpose upon the cosmic physical plane, even whilstRays, 284:worlds of creative salvaging Achieving ashramic purpose and consequent group activity ManifestingRays, 289:world, but to the intention or [289] the Purpose which motivated the creative Sound; I am dealingRays, 289:now possible for the significance of the divine purpose to emerge more clearly in the consciousnessRays, 290:[290] The significance, the intention, the purpose of it all, and the extent of the divine Idea asRays, 290:- the energy of life itself, imbued with purpose and actuated by intention. For the first time, theRays, 295:should be able to make to the ashramic creative purpose. What, as a neophyte, he "touched" becauseRays, 296:a fresh expression of the dynamic, ever-moving purpose. They are not occupied with form, but withRays, 306:those who are attempting to prevent divine purpose from materializing as the Plan - for which theRays, 306:it. When steps are taken to implement divine purpose, the resultant effect may be the destroying ofRays, 307:to pure will, as spiritually comprehended. The Purpose of God (to use a familiar phrase) is thatRays, 307:phrase) is that which implements the Plan. This purpose is the motivating life behind all thatRays, 308:at times, when these have served their purpose, he definitely and deliberately destroys. TheRays, 309:result in the three worlds in line with the purpose of God. It might be said (accurately to aRays, 309:in the three worlds, and this under divine purpose and intent. This destruction is not outwardly soRays, 309:by the Hierarchy in conformity with the divine Purpose. There is an overlapping between theRays, 311:will of the planetary Logos and His essential Purpose. If the initiate is on the second ray, andRays, 311:expressing through the Monad, implements the purpose of Shamballa and is one of the majorRays, 312:certain essential realities connected with the purpose of Shamballa and with his ability to reactRays, 315:of the monad and to "feel after" and embody the Purpose which lies behind the Plan, as a result ofRays, 315:to the Plan brings revelation of the hidden Purpose, and this is a phrasing of the great objectiveRays, 316:the will nature of the monad in carrying out the Purpose of Shamballa, but that (through his fusedRays, 317:in full expression; the initiate is animated by Purpose, but faces still greater evolutionaryRays, 331:of the Blue Lodge. I mention here the Masonic purpose because it is closely related to theRays, 332:to you at present - the nature of religion, the purpose of science and the goal of education. TheseRays, 338:of Shamballa - the phase or aspect of the divine purpose with which he must himself be occupied inRays, 340:Base of spine 1st ray Atmic plane Emergence Will Purpose Initiation 6. Decision Throat center 3rdRays, 341:with soul powers, soul relationships, and soul purpose. The moment a man realizes this, even in aRays, 349:via the "sacrifice petals" of the will and purpose aspect of the soul. To this type of energy theRays, 349:rightly motivated - the revelation of the divine purpose, as the soul records it in terms of theRays, 349:though not yet in terms of the Monad. To this purpose and [350] to the loving Will of God (to use aRays, 350:they remained of "fixed and selfish material purpose" and a planned distortion of the divine willRays, 360:(veiling a third) of destruction and of purpose; He is becoming active on the second plane of ourRays, 362:not prone to remember that the life progress and purpose of the Master not only determines theRays, 366:"door of initiation" presents obstacles whose purpose is to block entrance and to draw out theRays, 367:[367] All the qualities, the love and the purpose of a supreme Entity, referred to in The NewRays, 367:the World is the sole repository of the will and purpose of the One of Whom He is an expression;Rays, 367:conditions your perception, knowledge, plans and purpose, and controls the quality of your life andRays, 368:is the custodian). This Plan implements the Purpose, and later, when the New Group of World ServersRays, 370:"unfettered enlightenment"; this impresses the purpose or the will of the Lord of the World uponRays, 370:the Plan and set it in motion, so that the Purpose gradually materializes on earth. Because theRays, 370:compulsion of time, They can see the impressed Purpose as a [371] more complete whole than canRays, 371:deal. The seven Paths are all concerned with purpose, just as the seven Ashrams are all concernedRays, 373:the Ashrams, the Will is developed so that the Purpose may eventually be understood. He relates theRays, 375:of the element of the will and of an expressing purpose. In explanation it might be said that theRays, 376:great Ashram. The Plan is the expression of the Purpose or the Will of God. This ShamballicRays, 382:center where the love of God is known and the purpose of Sanat Kumara is formulated into the Plan)Rays, 391:into use; these are aspects of that undefinable purpose to which we give the simple name: the WillRays, 392:- in line, consciously realized, with divine Purpose and entailing responsiveness to Shamballa - isRays, 392:it involves an increasing revelation of the purpose and the "fixed intention" of the planetaryRays, 394:demonstration of divine intention. The basic purpose of Sanat Kumara is to bring about rightRays, 402:the Hierarchy and Humanity. This deeply esoteric purpose of the Triangles will not be understood byRays, 406:the Monad within our planetary sphere with the Purpose and the Will of the Lord of the World, andRays, 407:Themselves not only sensitivity to systemic purpose, but the ability to transmit that Purpose toRays, 407:purpose, but the ability to transmit that Purpose to the Council Chamber at Shamballa. They have -Rays, 407:will be concerned with the registration of the Purpose and expressed Will of some solar Logos. TheyRays, 411:to wield it. [411] The medium whereby the purpose of creation is finally revealed. The force whichRays, 414:embodies or is impregnated with the will and purpose [415] of That which over-shadows Sanat KumaraRays, 420:develop an understanding of the world of cosmic Purpose. It is a connection based upon the use ofRays, 421:little planet. Shamballa embodies the will or purpose of our planetary Logos. The goal which theseRays, 435:goodness, and of stem and unchangeable spiritual purpose. Is that enough of a goal for a disciple?Rays, 442:effort that he discovers the value, uses and purpose of the creative imagination. This creativeRays, 448:and with full awareness of the desired purpose, and when the aspirant is not only aware of theRays, 449:whole, and embodies in itself the will and the purpose of the expressing entity, be it man, God orRays, 455:The soul-body no longer serves any useful purpose; it is no more needed. Nothing is left but theRays, 459:Contact The Antahkarana of Bridge The Plan The Purpose The Three Layers of the Egoic Petals TheRays, 461:it summarizes in itself when fully developed the purpose of Deity, and thus becomes responsible forRays, 464:God The Will Aspect The essential Cause of Being Purpose Life purpose, motivating evolution TheRays, 464:Aspect The essential Cause of Being Purpose Life purpose, motivating evolution The note ofRays, 465:overcoming all obstacles. Cooperation with the purpose of the Hierarchy, the interpreting will ofRays, 466:Consciousness. Awareness of the unity and purpose of Life. Recognition and cooperation with theRays, 468:his will. There is a growing identification in purpose. Therefore, self-will, desire and thoseRays, 474:can pass the fiery will and the predetermined purpose of Deity. This will bring about theRays, 481:which he creates for the fulfilment of monadic purpose. He then fully expresses all the energies ofRays, 484:writing has, therefore, a definite and useful purpose. My task has been for a long time the givingRays, 487:the energy-substance needed to carry out His purpose in manifesting. This the disciple must alsoRays, 487:a state of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behind some of the meditationRays, 493:is right intention, as well as occult intention (purpose and tension combined), and the bridgeRays, 496:about tension and intensity. It is intensity of purpose which will change you from the ploddingRays, 500:spiritual in nature and interpretive of divine purpose, and whether the religious Christian speaksRays, 500:effort, according to the ray and life purpose of the soul. This may take the form of a profoundRays, 500:simultaneously a good character and a stable purpose - the aspirant or probationary disciple willRays, 507:longer needed, though it persists and serves a purpose when so required by the Monad. From the formRays, 507:the love of man and all that breathes into the purpose underlying all, and towards that purpose andRays, 507:the purpose underlying all, and towards that purpose and its earthly consummation the seventh rayRays, 508:fiat of the will, based on a clearly formulated purpose and program. You will see, therefore, thatRays, 515:of the Lodge, itself a symbol of the Will and Purpose of the Most High. The meaning of the Word ofRays, 517:with spirit, via the antahkarana. This word is "Purpose itself am I." [518] As regards the otherRays, 519:and I have felt that it might serve a useful purpose if I gave more teaching anent Invocation andRays, 520:[520] and is, in reality, the Law of the Life Purpose of the planetary Logos; it is an expressionRays, 520:with increasing consciousness of the divine purpose. Once the antahkarana is constructed and theRays, 520:taken, the initiate then cooperates with that purpose in full understanding and intention. He noRays, 535:largely upon the disciple's determination, purpose and will, his persistence and spiritualRays, 536:truly to comprehend what is the nature and purpose of the will-to-good. which conditions divineRays, 542:points of tension vary according to the divine purpose and the individual initiatory problem ofRays, 549:affiliated or even the mind of the Master. The purpose aspect of the Plan begins to impress his now
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