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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSES

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Astrology, 4:is the commonly accepted attitude. Yet - for purposes of clarity and in connection with the generalAstrology, 9:whose cycle of expression and whose infinite purposes lie outside the comprehension of the mostAstrology, 14:is a list - incomplete but adequate for our purposes - of the major influences which find their wayAstrology, 17:astrologers who will be occupied with the purposes of the soul. That the rising sign indicates theAstrology, 29:and response will come, but for all astrological purposes and recognizable produced effects, theyAstrology, 49:out in the physical vehicle of all divine purposes, and, with the physical organization of aAstrology, 49:itself in the building of the divine form. For purposes of clarification [50] and ofAstrology, 53:and of expression, for all three activities and purposes must be noted. The energies of the twelveAstrology, 80:effects, are the agencies through which the purposes of God are wrought out. [81] Before proceedingAstrology, 115:and the attempt to interpret His infinite purposes in terms of our own finiteness. Let us alwaysAstrology, 148:of the human being intent upon his own purposes. It is literally the attainment of certain desiredAstrology, 165:four above mentioned, but these four are for our purposes the most important. Students can work outAstrology, 168:the life of the Kingdom of God, the life and purposes of the Hierarchy of our planet. Cancer admitsAstrology, 178:basic and directing purpose. These developing purposes may range all the way from purely animalAstrology, 195:of the first ray which is, to all intents and purposes, the energy of divine embodied will, whichAstrology, 236:maturity and a different interpretation of the purposes and intents of Libra through the medium ofAstrology, 264:physical body (the Moon, or esoteric will) for purposes of divine expression and manifestation. ItAstrology, 342:of Saturn in this sign furthers the ends and purposes of the governing energies or rays of harmonyAstrology, 343:walk free in the world of illusion for the purposes of saving and lifting their brothers, and ifAstrology, 377:the world disciples and initiates. Thus are the purposes of Deity materialized. Owing to the worldAstrology, 380:form or concrete expression to divine uses and purposes, and thus demonstrates the triumph and theAstrology, 402:Sepharial, practically and to all intents and purposes, agree in their assignment of planets toAstrology, 426:whatever you may mean by that term. For our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanatingAstrology, 430:eye, the eye which directs the will and purposes of Deity. These three are, in reality, The eye ofAstrology, 435:triangle of Leo, Pisces and Capricorn. For purposes of our immediate consideration the followingAstrology, 443:(and what is law but the working out of the purposes of these all-embracing Lives, of TheirAstrology, 477:of cosmic, systemic and planetary triangles, the purposes of God are working out. Those purposesAstrology, 477:the purposes of God are working out. Those purposes are motivated by love. It is through theseAstrology, 494:the logoic body of expression. There are other purposes but it is only after the third initiationAstrology, 495:of the mind which has been initiated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It is the sign whichAstrology, 584:in the light of the soul, and dedicated to the purposes of light and for the purpose ofAstrology, 584:are conditioned by the will to carry forward the purposes of God in love, who seek selflessly toAstrology, 584:in love, who seek selflessly to understand those purposes, and who are fearless of death. There areAstrology, 585:inability to take right action when Hitler's purposes were disclosed made possible the great inflowAstrology, 612:causes and are dealing with those transcendent purposes, incentives, urges and objectives of theAtom, 64:it to carry out his behests and fulfil his purposes, and thus carry out his plan, whether for goodAtom, 124:yet our consciousness, Who has His own plans and purposes and ideals, and Who, perhaps, also makesAtom, 147:we move and carry on our life, and work out our purposes, by attracting to ourselves the atoms ofAtom, 147:condition of the Entity Who is working out His purposes by means of it. Finally we carried forwardAtom, 150:tell you whether He is as yet cooperating in the purposes of the solar Logos; but we might be ableAtom, 150:we might be able to get some idea of the general purposes by the study of race evolution and theAutobiography, 110:forget that the proving of that is one of my purposes in writing. I am not manufacturing instancesAutobiography, 251:of World Servers,) indicated their plans and purposes, and made suggestions as to modes and methodsAutobiography, 268:world happenings. He thus carries out the purposes of the inner group with which he is affiliated.Autobiography, 293:to apply money to philanthropic and humanitarian purposes; much of it lies in the hands of theAutobiography, 297:- The Arcane School - Its Esoteric Origins and Purposes The Arcane School - Its Esoteric OriginsAutobiography, 297:The Arcane School - Its Esoteric Origins and Purposes By Foster Bailey This is an appropriate timeAutobiography, 297:an appraisal of our esoteric origins and purposes. We are an Aquarian esoteric group, which is toAutobiography, 300:- The Arcane School - Its Esoteric Origins and Purposes The Arcane School was projected by A.A.B.Bethlehem, 90:quality of God. Other aspects, qualities and purposes of the divine nature had been revealed byBethlehem, 121:ends, and the affirming of the divine nature for purposes of individual healing, seem aBethlehem, 128:the third temptation, His "conscious values or purposes" were being tried. His integrity must beDestinymany names in many different lands, but for our purposes the following seven names will be used:Destiny, 8:or a church which represents the State. For purposes of policy such powers may work behind theDestiny, 11:century and the beginning of the next see the purposes of God for the planet and for humanityDestiny, 20:energy of love is primarily concentrated (for purposes of hierarchical activity) in the New GroupDestiny, 105:with these greater nations in a federation of purposes and of interests until such time as all theDestiny, 118:considering the methods whereby the seventh ray purposes are achieved, I would like to point outDiscipleship1, 21:submitted yourselves is one undertaken for group purposes. The Hierarchy seeks to discover howDiscipleship1, 46:group work and eventually for still wider group purposes - my purposes, as your teacher and a worldDiscipleship1, 46:eventually for still wider group purposes - my purposes, as your teacher and a world worker andDiscipleship1, 66:making; you will remember that - for group purposes and for simplicity - the following three stagesDiscipleship1, 68:differentiated into varying forces for the purposes of service in one department of life orDiscipleship1, 94:contact a facile relation to the Hierarchy, its purposes and resources can be made. Secondly, theDiscipleship1, 117:should they happen to use the ray vibration for purposes of stimulating a group. My vibration,Discipleship1, 131:this must be of your own free choice and for the purposes of group integrity. Discipleship1, 134:to define clearly to yourself the objectives and purposes of the work which this group should soonDiscipleship1, 299:members and there is freedom from truly selfish purposes. Part of the great temptation of ourDiscipleship1, 314:attitude of life and that orientation to other purposes and goals which we technically call that ofDiscipleship1, 376:Will directs my thoughts and guides me in the purposes of my soul. To that Will I hold. InterludeDiscipleship1, 460:keep your meditation unchanged. One of the purposes of these meditation seed thoughts is theDiscipleship1, 595:of work which is unfolding, about the group purposes, objectives, principles and policies. This isDiscipleship1, 596:at-one-ment, or the unification of the aims and purposes which have hitherto been divergent.Discipleship1, 649:plexus, and the human reactions and the good purposes through the medium of the heart. Be ready forDiscipleship1, 683:to its requirements. They have no selfish purposes and desire nothing but only to aid the MasterDiscipleship1, 691:carrying out his wishes and working out his purposes. He is training them eventually to takeDiscipleship1, 702:of personalities, gathered together for service purposes. It is a blending of individual activityDiscipleship1, 702:the presentation to the work of those service purposes which are carried forward as seem best toDiscipleship1, 745:can be trusted to use the privilege solely for purposes of group service and never for himself orDiscipleship1, 783:The Next Three Years) indicated their plans and purposes, and made suggestions as to modes andDiscipleship2, 138:is concerned with the square which - for the purposes of our work - we will simply regard as theDiscipleship2, 142:awakens. The Ashram, as he grasps more of its purposes and becomes accustomed to assimilating itsDiscipleship2, 143:of knowable things," of the intentions, purposes and ideas which, at any given period, motivate theDiscipleship2, 155:the third initiation concern: 1. The ideas, purposes and intentions which motivate the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 173:way of expressing the idea of rendering evil purposes both inactive and ineffectual. There is noDiscipleship2, 202:of the Lord of the World," and implement his purposes as they are formulated by him on the cosmicDiscipleship2, 215:nature, upon which you might reflect. For our purposes we will divide them into seven grades, ofDiscipleship2, The fu:The New Group is invocative to the Hierarchy for purposes of impression and can be impressed by anyDiscipleship2, 223:this planet of ours for strictly redemptive purposes. The whole creation is the result of hisDiscipleship2, 224:his livingness towards the perfection which he purposes; in so doing, the great processes ofDiscipleship2, 228:MEDITATION ON ATTRACTING MONEY FOR HIERARCHICAL PURPOSES Stage I. After achieving a positive andDiscipleship2, 229:at present largely used for purely material purposes and for the satisfaction (where the individualDiscipleship2, 229:that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touch the heartsDiscipleship2, 274:a different and amazing significance, where the purposes being worked out in the Council Chamber ofDiscipleship2, 313:a symbol of that area of the as yet unrevealed purposes of God which can be immediately revealed ifDiscipleship2, 332:any cycle of initiation. These cycles (for our purposes) fall into three categories: The initiationDiscipleship2, 388:subject to seven interpretations, but for our purposes we will confine ourselves to the study ofDiscipleship2, 397:given anent these abstruse forms to serve the purposes of instruction during the coming cycle. Discipleship2, 404:consciousness which can be called (for our purposes) the Unit, Man, redeems sequentially theDiscipleship2, 429:every Master of or in an Ashram is to see the purposes of Sanat Kumara working out successfully
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