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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURPOSES

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Discipleship2, 465:in the handling of the deeper incentives and purposes, and of those matters which will notDiscipleship2, 468:heart center at the fifth initiation for group purposes, and the achieving of this in full wakingDiscipleship2, 517:first ray personality nature into line with the purposes of your second ray soul, and thusDiscipleship2, 519:static energy - energy held ready for creative purposes by the focused intention of the GreatDiscipleship2, 639:yourself into the time schedule of my ashramic purposes. Adjust your sense of values, which haveEducation, 18:life and consciousness. He did this for His good purposes and in conformity with His self-realizedEducation, 19:and space. The lower self or soul is, for our purposes, as much of that sumtotal as any one personEducation, 41:perception, material desire and material purposes - is receiving the training which will make aEducation, 43:culture. In [43] the last analysis, and for the purposes of our theme, civilization concerns theEducation, 84:carefully investigated and his incoherent life purposes directed along right lines; he will beEducation, 96:Thus he will more easily be initiated into the purposes and plans of the Creator. 2. The Science ofEducation, 97:lower to the higher. Identification with group purposes and plans is the natural attribute of theEducation, 112:human beings with no understanding of the life purposes, who act blindly and ignorantly, promptedExternalisation, 55:and the method of their utilization for divine purposes by man. This might be called TranscendentalExternalisation, 61:in the world is the application of money to the purposes of education. When it is turned away fromExternalisation, 93:to humanity, because the three major ends or purposes which affect you, for instance, as members ofExternalisation, 98:apparent. God's Plan is all-embracing, and His purposes are inclusive of all forms of life andExternalisation, 101:desired, but that the Plan and the purposes of the kingdom of God are not yet truly a part of yourExternalisation, 103:for the carrying forward of the desired group purposes. The need is for group thinking of aExternalisation, 146:Invocation has served to stimulate the selfish purposes of the forces of materialism. I would askExternalisation, 178:similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes, stood with the aggressor nation;Externalisation, 180:for selfish ends, can also be employed for good purposes. The death of the physical body is aExternalisation, 180:of civilization, the thwarting of the divine purposes of the human spirit, the negating of allExternalisation, 191:and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any otherExternalisation, 244:good, when nations give up their selfish purposes and aims for international good, and when thisExternalisation, 258:France was animated by somewhat selfish purposes - the security and safety of France more than withExternalisation, 266:concept. In this way great motivating, divine purposes become controlling factors in humanExternalisation, 271:be potent, simultaneous action in line with the purposes of the Rider from the secret place.Externalisation, 278:and is hence oft misused and turned to selfish purposes. The power here to be evoked out of theExternalisation, 278:pass in and out of manifestation, fulfiling the purposes of Deity and yet limited and handicappedExternalisation, 323:The Arcane School was therefore formed for two purposes: Primarily to aid the Hierarchy in its workExternalisation, 339:This is the factor of importance. The underlying purposes of God are working out, and with thisExternalisation, 345:in the light of the soul and dedicated to the purposes of light, and for the purpose ofExternalisation, 345:inability to take right action when Hitler's purposes were disclosed, made possible the greatExternalisation, 379:of the trained politician, intent on his selfish purposes, the arguments of the silver-tonguedExternalisation, 407:Will of God is focused and from which His divine purposes are directed. From it the great politicalExternalisation, 408:perfection. Those who convey to man the purposes of God through new ideological concepts are not asExternalisation, 444:from His planned purpose; just in so far as His purposes coincide with your soul purpose, moveExternalisation, 447:place where the Will of God is known and the purposes of divinity are defined and projected. ThisExternalisation, 447:and national ends instead of those international purposes which will profit all humanity, thoseExternalisation, 448:which energy can flow and certain definite purposes can be worked out. Little is understood, asExternalisation, 483:of matter to selfish ends and for separative purposes which has been responsible for the misery,Externalisation, 498:prostituted to selfish ends and purely material purposes. It is a "saving force" and has in it theExternalisation, 521:Group; they must be externalized for service purposes. The fact that this externalization isExternalisation, 560:hierarchical experience is merged into the purposes of the Council Chamber at Shamballa, butExternalisation, 582:phase, connected with Being and Life and the purposes of Shamballa. Externalisation, 586:hierarchical possibilities but adherence to the purposes of Shamballa, in action, in relationshipsExternalisation, 598:can be taken which will embody more rapidly the Purposes of God. Externalisation, 652:disciples in order to carry out Their beneficent purposes. Such workers under hierarchicalFire, 63:merge, and demonstrate as Soul, utilizing for purposes of manifestation the aid of the third Logos.Fire, 81:certain dicta anent the etheric body which for purposes of clarity might well be enumerated: First.Fire, 86:cord which attaches an infant to the mother for purposes of nourishment, and which is separated atFire, 104:These three different groups of functions or purposes are each of paramount interest, lead toFire, 105:solar or logoic ring-pass-not. We might now, for purposes of clarity, take up these three groupsFire, 116:the seven major planes of our solar system. For purposes of clarity, we might here tabulate underFire, 133:have been anticipated, yet some of the rules and purposes governing this withdrawal have beenFire, 174:Monad. [174] The life of the Pilgrim can be, for purposes of discussion, divided into three mainFire, 183:may be of intellectual interest, 78 but, for the purposes of microcosmic evolution it is a matterFire, 201:his identity in time and space, and for purposes of existence or being and by means of the threeFire, 202:science recognizes. That these senses for all purposes of present manifestation, have their focalFire, 203:the tremendously keen use of the senses for the purposes of discriminating between the Self and theFire, 212:to our system from that radiant sun. One of its purposes is for use in emergencies. This greatFire, 214:the embodiment of His will and the agents of His purposes. Each of the great cosmic Entities whoFire, 220:of Spirit, and to bring to fruition the purposes of the Logos in the evolutionary process. [223] Fire, 239:and incarnates in order to carry out specific purposes of His own. But this hypothesis is but theFire, 250:Who occupies it, as does a man his body, for purposes of manifestation and in order to gainFire, 281:the form wherein His conscious activities and purposes are worked out - the solar ring-pass-not.Fire, 348:used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, the fourth, and fifth majorFire, 355:chain. We have seen that, to all intents and purposes, manas is the active will of an EntityFire, 356:and by means of this objective form He works His purposes out on the physical plane, through theFire, 376:on three globes, and utilizes it for specific purposes on the final two. This is a lesser cycle toFire, 380:lies in the following [380] factors, which, for purposes of clarity, it might be well to enumerate:Fire, 383:in His planet and is its life and works out His purposes. A root-race, simply is analogous to theFire, 383:utilizing the activities of the third Logos for purposes of manifesting. Having pointed out theseFire, 395:in themselves, the sole recipients of the Mind purposes [396] of that cosmic ENTITY Who enfolds ourFire, 397:the Entity concerned formulates His plans and purposes. These plans and purposes (conceived of inFire, 397:His plans and purposes. These plans and purposes (conceived of in the abstract mind) in due courseFire, 397:from whence are initiated the impulses and purposes of the Spirit in man, - those purposes whichFire, 397:and purposes of the Spirit in man, - those purposes which eventually force him into an objectiveFire, 398:hierarchies. The other hierarchies fulfil other purposes connected with the life of the Spirit inFire, 401:point attained in the active working out of the purposes of the great Entities involved in cosmicFire, 466:and should therefore recollect that for all purposes of investigation at this time the seventh RayFire, 470:these kingdoms, and who are working out their purposes through them. We must note that we haveFire, 489:conscious units through self-initiating purposes as does a man, a Heavenly Man or a solar LogosFire, 507:is the causal sheath, answering the following purposes: It separates one unit of egoicFire, 510:of groups may be increased or lessened, but for purposes of studying the aspects of mind, the aboveFire, 516:substance into form, and attracts matter for purposes of objectivity. The astral sound produces theFire, 524:is all that is as yet contacted for commercial purposes. It must be remembered that this term isFire, 552:must respond are many in number, but for our purposes might be enumerated as mainly seven: TheFire, 591:karma. The word "Fixation" is chosen for two purposes: First, because the word implies the capacityFire, 615:intent - in order to bring about the purposes of the Heavenly Man Who is the sumtotal of planetaryFire, 633:great building devas who are working out the purposes of the Logos in his dense, physical body. LetFire, 635:forty-nine subplanes or states of activity. For purposes of active work, the devas of the systemFire, 645:to administer mineral drugs to man for medicinal purposes. It has resulted in a combination of devaFire, 665:by medium of the fourth." Therefore, for the purposes of our present study, the devas are only toFire, 680:power by which he works. For all practical purposes, and for the elucidation of the spiritualFire, 681:the medium of the permanent atoms. But for the purposes of the subjective nature of man, they areFire, 722:may be thrown upon this profound subject. For purposes of clarity and in order to elucidate aFire, 787:This work of passing on to a plane for purposes of incarnation marks a definite crisis, and isFire, 788:the two take to themselves an etheric sheath for purposes of objective work. That is the true lower
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