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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PURSUING

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Astrology, 520:spaces of vegetation. The Shamballa force, thus pursuing its work of destruction, is an aspect ofAstrology, 664:She now is doomed for long ages to be ever pursuing the Earth, to be attracted by and to attractAtom, 35:central sun can be recognized, with the planets pursuing their orbital paths around it. It would beAtom, 78:a central sun, and that around this central sun, pursuing their definite orbits, might be seen theBethlehem, 249:seeks its pristine sphere of pure rationality by pursuing the philosophic life, by thinking theDiscipleship2, 235:with care for the helping of the needy and pursuing all avenues of thinking to make that planExternalisation, 178:on the side of the neutral powers, frantically pursuing ineffective peace programs, policies ofFire, 129:we call death or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing the textbook style in this treatise, we willFire, 284:place. So on down the scale, we find the lesser pursuing its round ever within the greater.Fire, 421:comes in the concept of intelligent purpose, pursuing a fixed and settled plan, and working out aFire, 422:All is ordered activity of the units (each [422] pursuing his own self-centered purpose andFire, 818:produces three major vibrations of great force pursuing a circular activity around the center; theFire, 1045:in incarnation, through the medium of the Sun, pursuing its own inherent cycle, yet spiraling inFire, 1057:of Mind The solar atom must be considered as pursuing analogous lines of activity and asHealing, 417:we call death or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing the text book style in this treatise, we willHercules, 43:to Crete and searched all over the island, pursuing the bull from place to place until at last heMagic, 35:together, demonstrating characteristics, pursuing its own instinctual life and working as a wholeMeditation, 188:heedlessly called and held by mantric charm from pursuing their necessary vocations. Under thesePatanjali, 362:forms are good and right in themselves and are pursuing their own evolutionary path, but theirPsychology2, 260:effect of their living in the world and there pursuing their life objectives. They thus condition
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