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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUSHING

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Astrology, 471:esotericists. Another stream of energy it also pushing through and producing effects upon those inAstrology, 624:soul steadily to achieve its goal, relentlessly pushing forward, permitting itself no let-up orAutobiography, 32:a great love for detective and mystery stories. Pushing our bicycles up a very steep hill one sunnyAutobiography, 303:have joined our ranks, was stopped. The pushing forward of the program of solving the problem ofDestiny, 127:matter in their thought and teaching, thereby pushing apart religion and science. The task of theDiscipleship1, 166:effort - the united pressure of determined souls pushing through to victory in spite of real odds.Discipleship1, 380:force, galvanizing others into activity and pushing them forward in their work, offering them theirDiscipleship1, 396:the Path. His characteristic life tendency of pushing unemotionally straight ahead will save himDiscipleship2, 564:that I am not urging upon you a too intensive pushing forward, for I have due regard for yourDiscipleship2, 705:but so that the principle of growth and of pushing forward and onward may be fostered in you. WeEducation, 108:present modern upheaval. It is significant of a "pushing through" to the light, the light of theFire, 53:in which it is embedded and causes that upward pushing which brings into manifestation all that isHealing, 162:about as the result of a dual action - the pushing from below and the pull from above. The reversalHealing, 365:and intelligent, who are ambitious and pushing consciously forward, yet who meet with frustration.Hercules, 200:assertive man, tired of talking of himself and pushing himself forward, loses sight of himself inIntellect, 127:awareness [127] emerges inevitably and keeps man pushing forward, and seeking for that whichMagic, 259:remark need deter no one in these groups from pushing forward, for the recognition of a defect is aMeditation, 327:in earlier lives will be there but a brief time, pushing rapidly through the curriculum and simplyRays, 193:moving and potent directness and sincerity, pushing along "the road to Damascus," forced him toRays, 519:and which is the cause of all progress or pushing forward along the path of an expandingRays, 519:into the light. This is true of a plant pushing its way out of the darkness of earth into the lightRays, 519:from the womb of its mother, of the human being pushing himself into realms of greater knowledgeRays, 519:of Being upon our planet. This evolutionary pushing forward along the Lighted Way, out of darknessSoul, 130:might be argued that we have only succeeded in pushing the whole matter back into the realms of the
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