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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PUTS

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Astrology, 136:of the Capricornian. The average man in Aquarius puts all his wares into the window, and often inAstrology, 136:be found. Esoterically, the developed Aquarian puts all he has into his water pot, storing it thereAstrology, 187:to mount another Cross," as the Old Commentary puts it. I can only point out that the following rayAstrology, 207:and trials are ever self-initiated; the disciple puts himself into the positive or conditioningAstrology, 250:is heard particularly but, as the Old Commentary puts it, "a gentle oscillation now proceeds. NoAstrology, 574:of the will in himself. This eventually puts him en rapport with the will aspect of Deity as itBethlehem, 120:to self-forgetfulness, and unselfishness which puts others first, a wisdom which concerns itselfBethlehem, 206:the cross - such are the rewards of the man who puts humanity first and himself second. But havingBethlehem, 215:the process. It is not a theological belief that puts us right with God, but an attitude to lifeDestiny, 36:the shoulders of matter" as the Ancient Wisdom puts it. Now, however, owing to the widespreadDiscipleship1, 58:environment with which his physical plane life puts him in daily touch. This is one of the initialDiscipleship1, 700:the "Life and the lives" (as The Secret Doctrine puts it), a sumtotal of forces and a controllingDiscipleship1, 717:must become Paul, as the Christian phraseology puts it. The babe within the womb of time emergesDiscipleship2, 28:but men who know not that the greater Light puts out their little light and draws the sparks untoDiscipleship2, 65:psychical tension affecting the Hierarchy puts an undue strain upon the emotions and the mentalDiscipleship2, 287:added life and light," as the Old Commentary puts it. This striving and reaching forth evoked hisDiscipleship2, 298:that the will is that divine aspect in man that puts him en rapport with and then controlled byDiscipleship2, 382:integrated into the very heart of humanity; this puts him in touch with the Heart of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 644:It concerns his stabilized life tendency and puts to the test all that he believes and for which heDiscipleship2, 687:of the soul. Next say: "The light of the soul puts out the dim light of the personality as the sunDiscipleship2, 687:out the dim light of the personality as the sun puts out the flame of a small fire. Soul radianceDiscipleship2, 746:service. You are becoming - as an occult phrase puts it - "grounded in your place"; that was forExternalisation, 18:life always and every day. This perforce puts an undue strain on the brain cells for it bringsFire, 4:of three aspects, or (as the Christian theology puts it) in terms of three Persons. ELECTRIC FIRE,Fire, 149:and "the spirits in prison," as the Christian puts it. His mode of action is a driving forward; theFire, 162:In doing this he fulfils the law, he puts himself in the right condition for training, fits himselfFire, 490:with the ordered progress of development, and puts all [491] the factors involved in a badFire, 675:force, which is the type of energy which puts a man in touch with extra-systemic phenomena. HenceFire, 697:of the Initiator, wielding the Rod of Power, and puts a man in touch with the center in the Body ofFire, 788:a coat of skin, as the Bible expresses it, and puts on (over his etheric body) that outer illusoryFire, 819:revealed, and through the intensity of its blaze puts out the other fires. The lunar Pitris haveFire, 993:of power. Knowledge of the laws of magic puts into the hands of the student powers which enable himFire, 1024:inverted Tetraktys." It is this knowledge which puts the magician in possession of the three typesFire, 1054:scientific accuracy, and the man consciously puts himself into line with forces which will swingFire, 1151:on the inner side, some advanced disciple puts the energy of that particular quality at theFire, 1240:the adept or perfected man undertakes when He puts His foot upon one of the seven possible paths.Glamour, 101:development of the sense of the intuition which puts into the disciple's hand an infallibleGlamour, 192:is seen, known and appropriated. This light puts out the lesser lights through the pure radiance ofHealing, 132:the other to Space and (as the Old Commentary puts it) "the sound, the final and yet initiatingHealing, 181:Heaven," there (as the Christian phraseology puts it) "to be seated beside her Son in the house ofHealing, 272:the medicine of the future but which certainly puts their patients into the category of what youHealing, 468:temporary appearance. Seven threads it outward puts, and seven rays of light pulsate along theseHealing, 555:As an ancient book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul, the two are one; point toHealing, 558:metaphysician to this subject and - though it puts our instructions on healing on a sound basis -Hercules, 74:This intrigues the average man or woman [74] and puts them at the mercy of the equally ignorantHercules, 172:goat, the crocodile and the unicorn. One myth puts the emphasis on the descent into hell to freeHercules, 184:aspect, that universal urge in each of us that puts us en rapport with God, will have surged to theHercules, 228:he slays the Man-Eating Birds of Stymphalus and puts an end to all tendencies to use thoughtInitiation, 14:worlds. It leads through the Hall of Wisdom, and puts into a man's hands the key to allInitiation, 16:of the Initiator, wielding the Rod of Power, and puts a man in touch with the center in the Body ofInitiation, 169:at the first initiation. This secret likewise puts him in touch with certain of the Builders on theIntellect, 39:a quick handling of the response apparatus which puts us in touch with the external world, theIntellect, 58:active, high-grade human being. But, as Browning puts it: "In completed man begins anew a tendencyIntellect, 93:= "to breathe, to breathe towards," as Webster puts it. The word "spirit" comes from the same root.Intellect, 131:now even this has to go. As one mystical writer puts it: "How shall I put mind out of mind?" For asIntellect, 139:Malaval, who lived and wrote in the 17th century puts it most beautifully. He says: "This actIntellect, 157:of Wholeness. He will, as Dr. Müller-Freienfels puts it, "no longer speak of 'his' soul, but of theMagic, 59:the extent of his imprisonment and (as Patanjali puts it) "the modifications of the versatileMagic, 216:man is working and as the Old Commentary puts it: "One glance the soul doth cast upon the forms ofMagic, 223:certainty from the unreal. As the Old Commentary puts it: "Let the disciple seize hold of the tailMagic, 246:so, he focuses himself in his mental form which puts him en rapport with the Universal Mind. HeMagic, 298:The fact that birds and animals know fear puts the whole subject upon a wider footing than if itMagic, 362:how the right use of energy by the initiate puts him en rapport not only with the higher planes ofMagic, 397:becomes gloriously possible. This latter stage puts a man upon the path of discipleship, whichMagic, 546:inverted Tetraktys.' It is this knowledge which puts the magician in possession of the three typesMeditation, 10:Ego and to align the three lower bodies. 2. It puts a man into an attitude of equilibrium, neitherMeditation, 165:and aligns him with his Higher Self or Ego. It puts him in contact with his Master, and throughMeditation, 166:the mantram that calls his Master, and which puts him en rapport with the Hierarchy. Then he willMeditation, 169:is meditation, and the means whereby the student puts himself en rapport with the essential Life ofMeditation, 204:Take for instance the Law of Substance. This law puts the disciple in the position of wiselyMeditation, 259:continuous expansion [259] of consciousness that puts a man eventually en rapport with his own Ego,Meditation, 294:with the Master of the coming ceremonies. This puts each member of the group - through his ownMeditation, 325:of six weeks - wherein he assimilates and puts, into practice that - which earlier was imparted.Patanjali, 12:the soul (the Christ within, as the Christian puts it) and the soul-powers have been prevented fullPatanjali, 177:the seven stations of the cross as the Christian puts it, the seven great initiations and the sevenProblems, 38:it sets a value on mental development, when it puts a premium on analysis and criticism and whenPsychology1, 26:to approach and the sixth is passing out, which puts six of the rays in the position of havingPsychology1, 28:and of abstract mind. The Old Commentary puts it thus: "When the hour arrives wherein the light ofPsychology1, 61:plunged into a sea of love. An ancient scripture puts it thus: "When the right hand of the man ofPsychology2, 96:the flesh and the devil," as the New Testament puts it, and orient himself to the things ofPsychology2, 364:mystical realization, or that of the mystic who puts himself en rapport with divinity. The mysticPsychology2, 574:center and the worlds with which that center puts a man in touch. The two are then as one. InRays, 54:from each other; and (as the Old Commentary puts it) "the Sound, the [55] final and yet initiatingRays, 72:member of his group, and as the Old Commentary puts it, "its sound in closing informs the watchingRays, 192:of such a radiance that, as the Old Commentary puts it: "He who entered among the first toRays, 301:Christ as He is, in order (as The New Testament puts it) that "as He is, so should we be in theRays, 375:magnetic aspect. This - as the Old Commentary puts it - is "a point of focused fire, found in theRays, 457:in fohatic enterprise," as the Old Commentary puts it. It is the first cable, projected from theRays, 469:or misuse of energies and forces. This process puts the disciple in touch with divinity as aRays, 492:the pilgrim's weary feet" (as the Old Commentary puts it), the disciple must begin to react inRays, 557:momentous and revelatory nature. Each initiation puts the initiate in a position to control certainReappearance, 67:way for "the coming of His feet," as the Bible puts it (Heb., XII, 13.) Seeing life and events inSoul, 154:The following extract from a recent publication puts the question of the soul in another way, andTelepathy, 125:and he has to wait until the initiatory process puts him in a position where he can franklyTelepathy, 155:of love is floating," as the Old Commentary puts it. All that lies above that on mental levels, and
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