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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALIFICATIONS

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Bethlehem, 44:a sound intellectual understanding to the basic qualifications of a sound moral character andBethlehem, 259:In Himself He gave us an expression of its qualifications, and showed us the characteristics of theDiscipleship2, 138:of the consciousness of your imperfections, qualifications or capacities, your failures or yourExternalisation, 538:Members of the Hierarchy Who possess the needed qualifications and in Whom the Will aspect isFire, 153:and are characterized by the same fundamental qualifications. Later we will consider these [154]Healing, 275:from the mind or from the soul body. These "qualifications of force," indicating as they do theInitiation, 190:Only one adept here and there has the necessary qualifications, for it involves the development ofIntellect, 200:that he lacks in certain essentials the needed qualifications. Most of us are bigger and wiser, andMagic, 182:more interesting than inquiry about the needed qualifications for discipleship. Interest for theMagic, 222:It is for this reason that one of the first qualifications of discipleship is discrimination, forMagic, 541:work correctly. We will, therefore, consider the qualifications required of those who are entitledMagic, 543:take it for granted, however, that the character qualifications are not those to which our questionMagic, 546:would like to give a short résumé of some of the qualifications needed by the white magician and ofMagic, 548:the first one, spiritual attainment, five of the qualifications of the white magician. Magic, 548:the dispenser am of living water." These occult qualifications upon which I have thus lightlyMagic, 548:studies them and lives by these rules, various qualifications will emerge and will distinguish him.Magic, 551:that the white magician understand, and the qualifications which he must possess before he isMeditation, 45:An oriental type of body has one set of qualifications, and an occidental body has another set, andMeditation, 115:and if in the endeavor to attain certain qualifications and capacities he overlooks the groups toMeditation, 153:and a mystic, the forms built will combine both qualifications, and be things of rare beauty. ThisPsychology2, 71:the rules for the cultivation of the virtues and qualifications for discipleship, and also thePsychology2, 121:It is regarded as one of the necessary qualifications for discipleship and, therefore, if one is toPsychology2, 131:led to believe. I am not here speaking of the qualifications required for the treading of the PathPsychology2, 138:effort, and real advantage can be taken of the qualifications and aptitudes of the serversPsychology2, 163:Let us seek to express to ourselves in words the qualifications and name of that third or centralPsychology2, 453:the inherent weaknesses and strengths and the qualifications of the instruments of reception. ItRays, 175:of direction, and carrying with it two major qualifications or basic recognitions to the initiate:Rays, 446:the rules for the cultivation of the virtues and qualifications for discipleship, and also the
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