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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALIFIED

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Astrology, 117:Lives Who are ourselves essentially, Who are qualified by knowledge, love and will, and animated byAstrology, 253:far as humanity is concerned) the developed and qualified expression of the third aspect ofAstrology, 418:by one of the basic elements and thus qualified. These constitute a series of basic triangles withAstrology, 424:In this way that great Synthesis (which is qualified Life in appearance or manifestation) can beAstrology, 427:- Constellations Within this sumtotal of active, qualified energies, we have (working out today)Astrology, 433:the impact of energy upon energy units (all qualified and producing appearance) and with theAstrology, 459:Dynamic expression of cyclic purpose. Positive qualified outgoing ray energy. Planetary, systemic,Astrology, 460:two forces, the emanating and the receptive. A qualified, conditioning secondary energy.Astrology, 461:Triangles and the Centers A return flow of this qualified energy to its emanating source or theAstrology, 591:and creates those external conditions which are qualified and expressed in terms of life, ofAstrology, 592:all manifestation and behind all objects, all qualified expressions of divinity and which is hintedAstrology, 650:perceptive. Seven great psychological Lives, qualified by seven types of life force, areDiscipleship1, 90:followed by Deity Itself: The gathering of qualified energy within a ring-pass-not. The focusing ofDiscipleship1, 357:Being and the gift of deliberate Transmission of qualified powers must be better understood. I haveDiscipleship1, 433:mellowed and motivated by a loving spirit and qualified by that divine indifference, the acquiringDiscipleship1, 691:the Plan and are trying (with full or with qualified dedication) to help bring it about. He thenDiscipleship2, 132:we live in a veritable sea of moving forces, qualified in countless ways, conditioned by countlessDiscipleship2, 271:and cultures are externalizations - modified, qualified and adapted to racial and national needs -Discipleship2, 286:initiate, is essentially that monadic essence, qualified by "fixed determination," which isDiscipleship2, 289:with the potency of the thinking, and qualified by the theme of the thinking. You will see fromDiscipleship2, 342:with the Plan in order to have "modified, qualified and adapted it" to meet the need I see? ThisDiscipleship2, 375:the Hierarchy itself. The use of this highly qualified and most potent energy can only be employedDiscipleship2, 392:seek. Then later, the ideal, "duly modified and qualified" is presented to the world of [393] menDiscipleship2, 426:and initiates; it is therefore a joint movement, qualified by the desire and the motivation of theDiscipleship2, 562:call samadhi. This means that for a stated and qualified time, he quits his created threefold lowerEducation, 24:of energy; that these energies are tinged and qualified by distinctive divine attributes, and thatEducation, 24:turn are subdivided into forty-nine types of qualified energy, the complexity of the problemEducation, 64:plane and which are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy which is working in andEducation, 65:must first of all discover the nature of his own qualified energies (and here the nature of theEducation, 65:and having oriented himself towards the qualified life aspect, he begins to develop the subtle,Education, 65:which his form and all forms are made, and the qualified principles which are seeking expressionEducation, 65:energies which will eventually hold and use the qualified, redeemed and then principled substanceEducation, 68:light of substance being intensified and qualified by the higher light of the soul - in the case ofEducation, 112:and divine characteristic; when, however, it is qualified by emotion, it becomes separate inExternalisation, 101:seeds sown among animal-men were imbued with, or qualified by, separateness - a necessary qualityExternalisation, 334:motivated by love, harnessed to gentleness, and qualified by understanding. The problem, therefore,Externalisation, 633:find people in all countries who were disciples, qualified as such, but who needed the impact ofFire, 132:of it. This active intelligent matter was matter qualified by an earlier experience, and colored byFire, 233:essence within the form, which is occultly [233] qualified during evolution, with the essence inFire, 1088:greater vehicle, and thus vitalized by His life, qualified by His nature, and distinguished by HisFire, 1265:and by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualified themselves, or are qualifyingGlamour, 11:its presence felt, in order that the intuited qualified idea may find proper form on the physicalGlamour, 57:materialization. The form of the embodiment is qualified. Thus illusion is produced. Glamour, 65:expression. The form of the expression is also qualified. Thus the seven ways of illusion areGlamour, 257:so that the breath (as it is sent out) is qualified and conditioned by some idea. It is here thatGlamour, 263:this projection is defined as sending of energy, qualified and recognized, from the point ofHealing, 46:of the mind and the emotions, which are simply qualified energy centers. The vital body with itsHealing, 210:added to this inherent force an inflow of "qualified" energy which is expressive of theHealing, 240:permeating energy of life itself, localized and qualified, can be either life-giving or deathHealing, 275:energy or simple planetary prana but will be qualified by forces coming from the astral or theHealing, 276:the soul and the ray energy of the personality, qualified by the three minor forces or the rays ofHealing, 420:of it. This active intelligent matter was matter qualified by an earlier experience, and colored byHealing, 455:the abstraction of the thread of energy which is qualified by mentality, leaving the life streamHealing, 478:existence, and will forever remain - individual, qualified by ray type, part of the kingdom ofHealing, 619:which constitutes the form of the lotus, are qualified by one of the seven subsidiary types ofHealing, 624:to soul control, they are conditioned, [624] qualified and controlled by the astral body, and laterHealing, 628:The seven related centers, each specifically qualified and each in touch, via the etheric fibers orInitiation, 34:be filled by the members of earth's humanity who qualified. This door is called the Portal ofInitiation, 190:by dint of hard effort, certain Masters have qualified themselves, or are qualifying themselves, toMagic, 455:Built intelligently and "colored" or "qualified", so as to meet the purpose for which it wasMagic, 498:the abstraction of the thread of energy which is qualified by mentality, leaving the life streamMagic, 541:significance of these rules to those who are not qualified in themselves to work correctly. WeMagic, 551:that which produces the objective form, which is qualified by them, is energized by them and whichMagic, 552:express the idea of some creative Thinker, and qualified or characterized by the nature of hisMeditation, 48:group work a man is doing and how best be may be qualified to serve better in that group. The typeMeditation, 127:and ceremonial (such as religious ritual). Qualified persons will use these mantrams at night whenPsychology1, 19:synthesis is sevenfold, producing seven types of qualified forms which emerge on all planes and inPsychology1, 19:to man and to his psychological reactions to the qualified forms in three directions: to those inPsychology1, 20:gathered all that now appears. This aggregated, qualified material constitutes Their body ofPsychology1, 21:statement covers also the life story and the qualified appearance of any one of the seven rays.Psychology1, 21:of a solar system. Seven psychological lives, qualified by seven types of force, are appearingPsychology1, 21:colored by the quality of his basic ray. It is qualified predominantly by the ray of the particularPsychology1, 22:and in the work of expressing active life, qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenalPsychology1, 27:the undeveloped sons of God. These seven living qualified emanations from the central vortex ofPsychology1, 3+4:Life. Form awareness has to give place to the qualified radiation of the self-conscious spiritualPsychology1, 49:develops man by a system or technique which is qualified by the ray quality and is thereforePsychology1, 61:human soul is a synthesis of material energy, qualified by intelligent consciousness, plus thePsychology1, 61:plus the spiritual energy which is, in its turn, qualified by one of the seven ray types. Thus thePsychology1, 121:much light will be thrown upon the outer form, qualified by a particular force and life. There is,Psychology1, 142:the seven ray forces. The nature of his soul is qualified or determined by the ray Life whichPsychology1, 158:allocated to them. Along these three streams of qualified life-force the creative agencies of GodPsychology1, 165:is divided into seven stages, each of which is qualified by the influence of the greater rayPsychology1, 343:This appearance - as are all appearances - is qualified by some particular ray type, and isPsychology1, 343:ray quality. This is an occult platitude. These qualified lives produce a phenomenal appearance,Psychology1, 362:colored by a vision of a great Son of Love, but qualified by an excessive militancy andPsychology2, 58:the material (already conditioned and qualified), and for ages the soul wrestles with thatPsychology2, 82:remaining four minor rays, they are necessarily qualified by the characteristics of the third majorPsychology2, 322:the process of "attractive appropriation" of qualified material or substance. Through thesePsychology2, 363:about by the soul or consciousness aspect, qualified by the ray in question. The relation of thePsychology2, 386:called in theosophical books, Atma, or the first qualified differentiation of the monadic Life. TheRays, 56:initiation is undergone and points of tension (qualified by intention and purpose) supersede allRays, 94:will descend a stream of spiritual potency, qualified by the will-to-good, and this will reach theRays, 106:its point of tension in the will-to-be, which is qualified by the will-to-good and developed (fromRays, 275:body of the planet which [275] are deliberately qualified by goodwill. The two phases of the workRays, 275:regarded as one. The triangles of light must be qualified by or become the agents of goodwill, andRays, 280:Logos, may become increasingly colored or qualified by the energy of universality. You can see fromRays, 374:all their natural qualities (the qualified substance of their three bodies) are solidified; thusRays, 375:a law from the divine angle is the motivating, qualified agent of the divine will, as understood inRays, 438:and Existence are not the same as Becoming or of Qualified Appearance. It is largely a question ofRays, 455:more needed. Nothing is left but the sutratma, qualified by consciousness - a consciousness which
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