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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALIFIES

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Discipleship1, 160:your personal will is steadily directed. This "qualifies" your life in the three worlds and youDiscipleship2, 392:formulates the Plan; the second group "modifies, qualifies and adapts" the Plan to contemporaryHealing, 622:thread, anchored in the head center, qualifies the petals of the lotus called in the orientalHealing, 674:reflect the pure reason (pure love) which qualifies the reflections of the Son of Mind, the soul onPatanjali, 147:as of the lowest, the manifestation of these qualifies only differing in degree. To the man who isPsychology1, 61:of words. The planned activity of every ray qualifies every form found within its body ofPsychology1, 142:every planet, including the Earth, and thus qualifies every form. On each planet is a small replicaPsychology1, 192:is, in the last analysis) as it builds and qualifies its phenomenal appearance? Here we can see thePsychology1, 334:manifested lives in our solar system. This ray qualifies the life of all the planets, and thePsychology2, 277:can I find an adequate word for the phrase which qualifies the radiant path. On the Way ofTelepathy, 142:without break in time, creates it, changes and qualifies it. The etheric body is subject toTelepathy, 180:not immediately apparent to you; consciousness qualifies the contact and colors the radiation. Thus
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