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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITIES

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Astrology, 8:character radiation and express some quality or qualities. You thereby, and in some measure, affectAstrology, 11:condition his outer expression, activities, and qualities, so do the varying forces of the universeAstrology, 11:the outer expression, the activities and qualities of every form found within the cosmic periphery.Astrology, 12:take into adequate consideration the emanating qualities and forces which are the contribution ofAstrology, 17:and the present point of unfoldment of the soul qualities, of the present available equipment, ofAstrology, 41:is to give to another Hierarchy [41] certain qualities which are lacking. This Hierarchy isAstrology, 54:that the higher response to the realities and qualities revealed and made possible by the impact ofAstrology, 60:opposite; we will study, therefore, the great qualities provided by a constellation and itsAstrology, 91:then in the highest possible manner the qualities of his soul ray as, in the first case, heAstrology, 95:of the dynamic nature of God which has in it the qualities of fostering and nourishing heat andAstrology, 109:planetary ruler where the soul is concerned. The Qualities of the sign and of the man who has comeAstrology, 123:the emotional - are the obvious and visible qualities of the man. A good deal of symbolismAstrology, 126:the work of Jupiter is to develop these two qualities and bring them into synthetic interplay.Astrology, 126:of the Mutable Cross, as they work out the qualities released by the planets active in Pisces,Astrology, 135:polar opposites) there comes a deepening of all qualities and the superficialities disappear untilAstrology, 140:They have "determined" his nature and fixed his qualities and, therefore, remain persistent andAstrology, 145:astrology deals with the characteristics and qualities of the personality and of the form aspects,Astrology, 169:A study of the characteristics and qualities of the man who is born in the sign Capricorn willAstrology, 172:her history, characteristics [172] and spiritual qualities - will reveal much anent the influencesAstrology, 174:Liberation I could continue to summarize the qualities and characteristics of these three and theirAstrology, 222:of the physical indications, of the emotional qualities, of the type of mind and the nature of theAstrology, 244:and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are [245] brought to theAstrology, 250:they are in reality the synthesis of all past qualities and achievements and any clear presentationAstrology, 250:it might be said that his characteristics and qualities in this sign are: Balance of the OppositesAstrology, 251:for there is always the final balancing of the qualities with which he is equipped. The rulers ofAstrology, 283:for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctualAstrology, 327:as groups and not individuals, through their ray qualities, and it was for this purpose that I gaveAstrology, 336:astrologers must also think more in terms of qualities and of characteristics, as is the trend ofAstrology, 356:of the pain and sorrow which are distinguishing qualities of our planetary life lies hid a secretAstrology, 380:In this sign we have consequently the following qualities or aspects in juxtaposition: [381] DesireAstrology, 396:among other things a close analysis of the qualities of the four energies which play through eachAstrology, 403:attraction and have noted the differing divine qualities which this play of energies evokes inAstrology, 414:In every triplicity, there are three major qualities manifesting or three basic energies seekingAstrology, 414:- of these energies and their expressing qualities as they function within himself. This he doesAstrology, 426:centers. All these appearances, expressions of qualities and material evidences of life are theAstrology, 511:Soul expression. Mannerisms, etc - Ray types and qualities. Second House: Finances. MonetaryAstrology, 529:units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities of nations will be studied, the centersAtom, 38:recognizing ever more clearly that atoms possess qualities, and it would be interesting if one wereAtom, 41:desire for life." If you take these different qualities of the atom - energy, intelligence, abilityAtom, 68:Then in the vegetable kingdom these two qualities appear, but a third is also found, which we mightAtom, 69:the animal forms show not only all the above qualities, but to them is added instinct, or thatAtom, 69:we come to the human being, who shows all these qualities in a far greater degree, for the fourthAtom, 82:To be united in some wondrous whole, Imperfect qualities throughout creation, Suggesting some oneAtom, 98:composed of atoms, and demonstrating the three qualities of God, that of intelligence, ofAtom, 98:utilizing a form and demonstrating the different qualities we have enumerated; and then we saidAtom, 98:manifesting through a form, and showing specific qualities whilst working out a specified aim; andAtom, 125:attainment by the indwelling entity of certain qualities. The true nature of the central life, beAtom, 144:were evolved by means of these atoms, their qualities, or psychic nature, and we saw how in theAutobiography, 119:however, of knowing full well the wonderful qualities of the Jew, his contribution to westernAutobiography, 119:live this way and may still react to hereditary qualities. The complaint is made that the momentAutobiography, 206:at her home. The same things amused us; the same qualities and ideas interested us. We had noAutobiography, 224:come into a room without his essential spiritual qualities making his presence known. [225] FrankAutobiography, 230:world civilization and was characterized by the qualities that would distinguish that civilizationAutobiography, 230:civilization during the next 2500 years. These qualities are primarily a spirit of inclusiveness, aAutobiography, 239:lesser festivals in which certain spiritual qualities necessary for the expression of discipleshipAutobiography, 269:temper and freedom from self-assertion. These qualities are regarded as basic essentials and asAutobiography, 297:as to increasingly exemplify essential spiritual qualities. The circumstance of our factualAutobiography, 301:in impregnating her School with the needed qualities and, therefore, in meeting this requirement.Bethlehem, 20:of divinity hitherto unknown. May there not be qualities and characteristics of the divine natureBethlehem, 24:are indeed primary essentials, but to these qualities must be added an intelligent understandingBethlehem, 39:To be united in some wondrous whole, Imperfect qualities throughout creation, Suggesting some oneBethlehem, 90:the outstanding quality of God. Other aspects, qualities and purposes of the divine nature had beenBethlehem, 94:"the mind," and we sum up all these inherited qualities in the word "self-conscious." There comes,Bethlehem, 95:has been, plus his own peculiar constitution and qualities, so in him can also begin to emerge andBethlehem, 95:in him can also begin to emerge and demonstrate qualities which are not human. Members of theBethlehem, 140:and many are the testimonies to its nature and qualities. Through a consideration of the self inBethlehem, 140:human, and still others are beginning to display qualities and characteristics which areBethlehem, 182:cosmic Christ He exemplified in His Person the qualities for which each sign stood. Even primitiveBethlehem, 192:form side its nature was concerned, with all the qualities manifesting - physical, psychic andBethlehem, 269:adequate facilities for the development of those qualities which are characteristic of the ChristBethlehem, 270:discipleship we work at the unfoldment of those qualities which are characteristic of the man whoBethlehem, 273:all men are brothers - these are the initial qualities which a citizen of the kingdom [274] mustBethlehem, 274:their lives on earth and demonstrating the qualities and the consciousness which is characteristicBethlehem, 282:the finer values and those distinctive qualities which are the hall mark of manifesting divinity?Bethlehem, 284:give their lives to expressing for the world the qualities of the citizens of the kingdom of Souls:Destiny, 25:is struggling to express the higher and better qualities and to free itself from the thralldom ofDestiny, 38:and earlier Sons of God presented diverse divine qualities and attributes, but in three of them aDestiny, 41:and so unable to respond to these higher divine qualities. Even the Christ Himself and otherDestiny, 53:nations or Great Powers. They share similar qualities and one of the services which Great BritainDestiny, 81:been desired. Pervasiveness and movement are two qualities with which Gemini and Taurus haveDestiny, 103:units, large and small. The soul and personality qualities of nations will be studied, the centersDestiny, 141:power will gather all into Himself. All these qualities will focus in Him, plus another quality orDiscipleship1, 8:each other and in the aggregate of their qualities should eventually provide a group capable ofDiscipleship1, 11:revelation of the desirable or the undesirable qualities. If you are depressed or irritated or hurtDiscipleship1, 16:be - I urge upon you the cultivation of these qualities. I would like to remind you also that youDiscipleship1, 46:and the basic tendencies of the massed group qualities emerge and can be studied; weaknesses canDiscipleship1, 47:I have earlier pointed out to you that the basic qualities for which we look are sensitivity,Discipleship1, 47:your environing conditions, your hurt pride and qualities of this kind. These all cause youDiscipleship1, 48:Study this. Many cherished ideas, many hard won qualities, many carefully nurtured righteousnessDiscipleship1, 50:therefore, an understanding of the types and qualities of force and their right creative weavingDiscipleship1, 58:offered which can aid in the inducing of all the qualities which are needed by you as candidatesDiscipleship1, 200:did it just pour through me? What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminatedDiscipleship1, 208:in the present life of the established habits, qualities and tendencies brought into expression inDiscipleship1, 209:you will be the first to admit that both these qualities are desirable. [210] PERSONAL MEDITATIONDiscipleship1, 234:- made a strenuous effort to develop the qualities as indicated by me. Love, you are rapidlyDiscipleship1, 254:that problem by the recognition of the ray qualities of the three bodies! Perhaps, however,Discipleship1, 257:is it not? There are certain great aligning qualities which are brought into play when the soul canDiscipleship1, 257:demonstrate more as physical vitality than as qualities in consciousness. This I think you know.Discipleship1, 258:will-to-love. There are, of course, many other qualities and tendencies but I have enumerated thoseDiscipleship1, 280:members. All true recognition calls for these qualities. Therefore, my brother, seek increasingly
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