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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITIES

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Externalisation, 17:of all fanaticism and intolerance. These two qualities hinder the student far more than [18] canExternalisation, 60:prana or of vital etheric energy, and the three qualities which distinguish it; these are (as youExternalisation, 72:world crisis and its two subsidiary effects or qualities are: The destruction of that which isExternalisation, 98:This intuition is a blend of the two divine qualities of buddhi-manas, or intuitive spiritualExternalisation, 104:of occultism, which is that of energy. The qualities, characteristics and activity upon which youExternalisation, 119:in the human family and expressing their basic qualities and essential nature, were eternally inExternalisation, 125:use of the mind are the outstanding qualities. There was no free will in Atlantean days. There is aExternalisation, 125:which he is a part. These are all attributes and qualities of free will but not the divineExternalisation, 136:forces on every hand - these are universal qualities and no nation and no race is free of guilt orExternalisation, 138:of the Hierarchy. The inherent human [138] qualities which have led to the development of theExternalisation, 150:on earth of the soul of humanity and the qualities of the subjective and inner divine life whichExternalisation, 166:loving persistent Devotion - the two outstanding qualities of the Shamballa Lives, sustaining lifeExternalisation, 188:effeminate and weak, as emphasizing the softer qualities of human nature, and as responsible forExternalisation, 191:peculiar genius, individual trends and racial qualities will be permitted full expression. In oneExternalisation, 195:nations can be educated to appreciate the good qualities of other nations and to comprehend theExternalisation, 205:all demanded service. Men should cultivate these qualities, divorcing them from all sentimentalExternalisation, 240:attack upon the weak and the defenceless? These qualities are rampant in Germany. They are to beExternalisation, 242:an unprejudiced mind are essential, and these qualities are rare in the average student and theExternalisation, 245:slowly and ruthlessly killing out love and hope (qualities of the soul) in the conquered lands andExternalisation, 262:Forces. There are divine attributes, divine qualities and divine potencies which the mostExternalisation, 334:an increasing number of workers with first ray qualities will be drawn into the ranks of the newExternalisation, 421:the three divine aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determined by a closeExternalisation, 447:intention and a broad point of view, those qualities will be strengthened and endowed with potency;Externalisation, 447:purposes which will profit all humanity, those qualities will equally gain in strength. Externalisation, 537:time, but the new energies and their emerging qualities are adequate to the task, and willExternalisation, 554:bring out in the human being certain ennobling qualities and spiritual reactions which the stressExternalisation, 564:To represent, finally, within the Hierarchy, the qualities of all the seven Rays, through theExternalisation, 572:recognition by free people of certain spiritual qualities and effective activities which theyExternalisation, 589:one complete story of the revelation of divine qualities through the medium of humanity, butExternalisation, 621:is not simply psychological in nature. The qualities of matter or substance itself are involved.Externalisation, 658:mental discrimination and detachment - two basic qualities which must be called into activityExternalisation, 681:understanding (intelligently applied); all these qualities are not handicapped by undue emotionalExternalisation, 699:earth who have no wrong inclinations and no bad qualities in their natures. They will stand forthExternalisation, 700:be followed by an effort to express these same qualities upon your way towards the Door ofFire, 60:referred to when one speaks of the health-giving qualities of Mother Nature, and which is back ofFire, 61:health aura and has naught to do with magnetic qualities, as generally interpreted when consideringFire, 87:the basic differentiations, essential qualities or types of energy upon which all things are built;Fire, 116:plane exists in matter differentiated into seven qualities, groups, grades, or vibrations. TheseFire, 129:Motion is characterized, as we know, by three qualities: Inertia, Mobility, Rhythm. These three areFire, 157:on the Physical and Astral Planes III. The Qualities of Rotary Motion Every rotating sphere ofFire, 157:sphere of matter is characterized by the three qualities, of inertia, mobility and rhythm. 1.Fire, 157:minds that we are simply considering the three qualities of matter itself and are not consideringFire, 197:of touch. Inertia, mobility, rhythm, are the qualities manifested by the not-self. Rhythm, balance,Fire, 207:- S. D., I, 100, 155. Some of their names and qualities. The seven planetary Logoi, or the sevenFire, 216:or the seven types of wisdom-love. The seven qualities of wisdom, which are produced by the cosmicFire, 228:produces the Sun, as the sum total of [228] the qualities of light and heat. In terms of fire, byFire, 228:of view, is a miniature sun distinguished by the qualities of heat and light. At present that lightFire, 229:Second, that the Son manifests through his qualities of light and heat, as does the solar Sun.Fire, 246:distinguished by activity, and shows forth the qualities of: Rotary motion. Discriminative power.Fire, 248:planes in the three worlds, and shows forth the qualities of: Rotary motion, or his particularFire, 251:Man on His own planes likewise shows forth the qualities of : Rotary motion, or His particularFire, 260:the evolutionary plans of the Logos. When these qualities are assuming a foremost place and whenFire, 268:fruits of evolution and gathers to itself the qualities nurtured during manifestation, - perfectFire, 339:Unity between all Selves. Group coherence. Qualities that are distinctively along the line of whatFire, 444:Seven Cosmic Entities. Seven heavenly men. Seven qualities. Seven hierarchies. Sumtotal: ElectricFire, 468:We must remember always that the devas are the qualities and attributes of matter, the activeFire, 515:matter, and characterized by the following qualities: Responsiveness. This is its inherent power toFire, 516:of each sheath gathers to itself the achieved qualities and stores them up - under the Law of KarmaFire, 574:Root-Race - The Atlantean, in which the above qualities specially demonstrated. Fire, 590:the Monads of Love, working on the abstract qualities, touch the devas of activity working onFire, 629:radiates through His physical form - His seven qualities, the aggregate of the expression of HisFire, 652:To be united in some wondrous whole, Imperfect qualities throughout creation, Suggesting some oneFire, 723:and in the synthesis of those three have added qualities and vibrations for which we have no terms,Fire, 781:no body," and has no reference whatever to moral qualities. It is a state of consciousness. TheFire, 876:embodies both types and all the dual sets of qualities, but has a character all His Own, an essenceFire, 877:are the modes of expression of the three great qualities which (from the standpoint of the Past,Fire, 880:of force, of the sources of [880] energy, of its qualities, its types and its vibrations. ItFire, 994:that the student has need of the following qualities before he undertakes the arduous task ofFire, 1075:and are no longer attracted by its drawing qualities. This is due to the coming in and consequentFire, 1077:might be added. In the potentially radioactive qualities of the four kingdoms of nature with whichFire, 1095:(in this second solar system) expressing those qualities which are characteristic of the solarFire, 1101:of the informing lives of the sheaths, the qualities of the energies influencing such lives, andFire, 1105:in its own peculiar manner, and will demonstrate qualities and motions different from its brothers.Fire, 1105:of creative force of the Heavenly Man show qualities of violent [1106] reaction on the physicalFire, 1106:to the throat center of the Heavenly Man, betray qualities of revolt which make them a puzzle toFire, 1106:express in greater or less degree these four qualities. It might be noted here that the groups areFire, 1107:be the agency for lives which express specific qualities. We are dealing specifically with theFire, 1126:types of manas may be regarded as embodying the qualities of the two kinds, white and black. TheFire, 1131:periodical vehicles" and the seven principles or qualities of force, is slowly revealed to him, andFire, 1147:The Sons of Mind are distinguished by the three qualities of matter as has been earlier broughtFire, 1147:The Sons of mobility, The Sons of inertia. These qualities are the characteristics of the threeFire, 1147:the three Persons of the Godhead; they are the qualities of consciousness - material, intelligent,Fire, 1150:at bringing a certain quality, or series of qualities, to a point of higher vibratory content, thusFire, 1189:only way to arrive at a realization of the basic qualities of these planetary Logoi is through aFire, 1189:the fact that there are not only certain logoic qualities manifesting which are not included by theFire, 1192:life which decides the type of form. That these qualities are the sumtotal of the attributes ofFire, 1192:life has succeeded in unfolding. That these qualities - as may well be surmised - fall into theFire, 1199:which is to give to another hierarchy certain qualities which are lacking. This Hierarchy isFire, 1241:his own conscious ensemble those attributes and qualities. But the pulsating dynamic vibrationFire, 1265:Only one adept here and there has the necessary qualities, for the development involves a certainGlamour, 3:therefore, brings with its appearance three qualities: Illumination. By illumination I do not meanGlamour, 5:is loved. These three words sum up the three qualities or aspects of the intuition and can beGlamour, 53:There are today so many manifesting these two qualities of the lower nature. Glamour, 82:separateness or pride, is of value. The qualities enumerated above are definitely breeders ofGlamour, 105:us, that great Life embodies perfection and the qualities which distinguish Him are those to whichGlamour, 106:when brought into conjunction with the inherited qualities and biases of the substances throughGlamour, 114:Inspiration. Atlantean The Pairs of Opposites; Qualities; Sentiency; Glamor Mental control; BhaktiGlamour, 246:in a whirlpool of forces of all types and qualities. He is composed of energies in every part ofGlamour, 267:desires, all latent characteristics and qualities, all phases of thought and of self-will, allHealing, 66:introverts. These two types produce their own qualities of disease, which demonstrate as ill health
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