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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITIES

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Healing, 68:has developed some of the greatest of the soul qualities - self-sacrifice, compassion and service.Healing, 94:wrong rhythms, misused forces and inherited qualities. Soul energy, expressed through rightHealing, 188:will fuse and synthesize all the above powers, qualities, achievements and goals into one perfectedHealing, 224:which today hold sway will vanish, and types and qualities and characteristics for which we have asHealing, 238:the fact of the centers, their nature and qualities, is admitted and they consequently become theHealing, 240:effects. So much emphasis has been laid upon the qualities and characteristics which man willHealing, 242:and types, as you watch the characteristics and qualities of those you know and which work out inHealing, 262:efforts to explain existing human conditions; qualities, racial characteristics, nationalHealing, 274:towards emphasis upon vitality, upon the vital qualities in food, and the giving of vitaminHealing, 296:where it originated. Developing those qualities which are the polar opposite of the effectiveHealing, 305:the medium of matter impregnated with the qualities developed in system one. What was perfection atHealing, 345:his ray quality into his brother. These ray qualities are shared by all alike, and a brother's ownHealing, 345:in all, and the love quality (above all other qualities) is the dominant characteristic of allHealing, 386:important meaning. The deliberate eliminating of qualities, lines of thought and of desires whichHealing, 391:surmise. I touched upon character and personal qualities in my opening remarks in this sectionHealing, 418:Motion is characterized, as we know, by three qualities: 1. Inertia 2. Mobility 3. Rhythm TheseHealing, 495:bodies of manifestation. Colors them with the qualities and characteristics he has already achievedHealing, 502:the man is free because disease and death are qualities inherent in form, and subject to theHealing, 506:they work at the negation of quality or of the qualities which characterize the personal self. TheyHealing, 513:base of the spine. Self-will grows as do all the qualities. [514] The soul is now in whatHealing, 524:- Chapter VII - The Fundamental Laws of Healing Qualities Required of the Healer In the laws andHealing, 524:register first of all as they not only present qualities and attitudes which are essential to theHealing, 524:of the Christ. Let us now look at the indicated qualities and attitudes. I will briefly enumerateHealing, 527:How many healers combine these three qualities and also work through love? Power to control theHealing, 527:in leash." This is one of the most difficult qualities to be developed, for the will of the healerHealing, 573:of friction or manifest themselves as divine qualities. Where friction and resultant disease areHealing, 586:forms which creates relationships and essential qualities, and though this has been affirmedHealing, 616:the Christ embodied and transmitted four qualities of this aspect to humanity, and consequently toHealing, 619:expression of these seven rays, of these seven qualities of divinity; within our planet, the EarthHealing, 619:proceeds, the recipients of the seven ray qualities from the seven sacred planets, thus providingHealing, 637:substance is also composed of all grades and qualities of matter, from the very coarsest up to theHealing, 639:the planetary life. Only the coherent, magnetic qualities persist in any form of activity and inHealing, 671:would find it of interest to see how these three qualities work out in relation to the [672] threeHealing, 673:is brought about by the development of the two qualities of detachment and discrimination. TheseHealing, 674:detachment and discrimination. These two [674] qualities, when expressed on the Way to the HigherHealing, 681:by hearing is always slow and is one of the qualities or aspects of the stage of orientation.Healing, 689:at the time of the fourth initiation, those qualities of which it was composed have been absorbedHealing, 691:is the recipient of the essential quality or qualities which form has revealed and developed, andHealing, 692:He is no longer just a shadow, but has now those qualities which make him "substantial" (in theHealing, 692:our studies: Life is now liberated, owning the qualities of conscious knowledge and the fruit ofHercules, 70:contact with the soul and to recognize its qualities. He must no longer be the visionary mystic,Hercules, 85:or Hind - Part 2 (Cancer, June 21st - July 21st) Qualities of the Sign Cancer is called the CrabHercules, 93:animal instinct is as divine as those other qualities which we regard as more strictly spiritual.Hercules, 115:the soul purpose of the disciple) these qualities or energies are displayed in many ways, forHercules, 145:accomplished his extraordinary feat. The three qualities of character that Hercules had to expressHercules, 229:and nature have been tested and tried until the qualities which characterize the form have beenInitiation, 2:that was already impregnated with particular qualities. Mrs. Besant in her book, "Avataras," (whichInitiation, 63:He takes himself in hand, cultivates the qualities that are lacking in his disposition, and seeksIntellect, 16:essential distinguishing characteristics and qualities. For thousands of years all over the planet,Intellect, 26:human, relegating man's instinctual reactions to qualities he shares in common with the animals.Intellect, 57:soul animates the form, gives it its peculiar qualities and attributes, impresses upon it itsIntellect, 66:to their happiness. They aspire and long for qualities, for circumstances and for thoseIntellect, 190:isolated unity becomes possible when the three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies ofMagic, 16:the sum total of his present characteristics and qualities. If this is true of the individual it isMagic, 29:the molecule, and the cell, their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and theMagic, 30:that complex manifestation of moods, desires, qualities, complexes, inhibitions, feelings, andMagic, 36:the initiate certain other forms as well. The qualities, vibrations, colors, and characteristics inMagic, 36:in all the kingdoms of nature are soul qualities, as are the latent powers in any form seekingMagic, 36:of God. Therefore the soul, through these qualities and characteristics, manifests as consciousMagic, 36:as conscious response to matter, for the qualities are brought into being through the interplay ofMagic, 88:second fecundation. This will give to man those qualities which will enable him to transcend humanMagic, 114:is greater. Forget not that one of the greatest qualities members of the Lodge have achieved isMagic, 161:from this angle. At this time there are three qualities predominating in the planetary form - fear,Magic, 162:rhythm of the ages is strong. [162] These three qualities have to be grasped and discounted by theMagic, 171:all that he needs in that line. These qualities delude him and lead him astray, forcing [172] himMagic, 176:whole-hearted devotion to humanity. Where these qualities are present, the Masters can begin to useMagic, 197:the form aspect, but are not yet expressing soul qualities. We have behind us a long and fruitfulMagic, 199:two aspects of physical vital energy and soul qualities make up the ninety-six aspects orMagic, 200:Another is the reverse of all these qualities. One person is centered in [202] his animal nature,Magic, 242:and by ambition, for all of us have first ray qualities. He is racked by fear - his own, familyMagic, 395:truth. Power, purpose and will are divine qualities and expressions, and show themselves with equalMagic, 395:of expression modifies and steps down the qualities and serves as a handicap. A potent personalityMagic, 396:increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities of that soul being knowledge, love andMagic, 450:the molecule and the cell, their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and theMagic, 452:that complex manifestation of moods, desires, qualities, complexes, inhibitions, feelings andMagic, 548:that they do not stand for so-called spiritual qualities, but for potent occult forces, dynamic inMagic, 583:and spiritual orientation, plus the unusual qualities of positive harmlessness and the opened eyeMagic, 626:producing a genuine manifestation of the qualities of the spiritual man and a growing freedom fromMagic, 632:of working with their kind. Their attributes and qualities bring to them those who resemble them;Magic, 635:I urge upon you to cultivate both these qualities. Do not take yourself so seriously, and you willMagic, 637:his endeavor, and given to his undertaking those qualities which he himself lacks. This is, inMeditation, 48:and because of their tendency to develop certain qualities which might handicap the server in hisMeditation, 93:have a virile common sense for one of his basic qualities, coupled with a happy sense of proportionMeditation, 227:have to do with the form. The forces or qualities which those colors conceal and hide have to doMeditation, 227:significance of the exoteric color. Build in the qualities that those colors veil. [228] Effect theMeditation, 228:force or quality. They hide or veil the abstract qualities of the Logos, which qualities areMeditation, 228:veil the abstract qualities of the Logos, which qualities are reflected in the microcosm in theMeditation, 228:Therefore, just as the seven colors hide qualities in the Logos, so these virtues demonstrate inMeditation, 234:forces, influences, or [234] coordinations of qualities, when expressed in terms of light, colorMeditation, 235:and seeks to profit by the sum of the qualities of his life. Herein comes opportunity. In theMeditation, 235:student of meditation ponders on those forces or qualities, he seeks to extract their essence, andMeditation, 239:divine; it is the one life manifesting its many qualities through diversity of form. It is thePatanjaliof the spiritual man when liberated from the qualities or gunas. 17. The consciousness of an objectPatanjali, 31:of the spiritual man when liberated from the qualities or gunas. Certain points should bePatanjali, 32:meaning of formlessness. The gunas are the three qualities of matter, the three effects producedPatanjali, 47:must eventually become the occultist: the head qualities and the heart qualities must be equallyPatanjali, 47:the occultist: the head qualities and the heart qualities must be equally developed, for both arePatanjali, 61:do. 32. The modifications of the mind-stuff (or qualities of matter) through the inherent nature ofPatanjali, 61:isolated Unity becomes possible when the three qualities of matter (the three gunas or potencies ofPatanjali, 73:of a right understanding of the principles or qualities where the truth regarding reality or God
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