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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITY

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Atom, 67:system. It is the demonstration of His psychic quality, for God is intelligent Love, and theAtom, 68:of chemistry, for instance, demonstrates the quality of intelligence; it shows symptoms ofAtom, 68:within the atomic form is demonstrating psychic quality. The atom is then built into all theAtom, 70:and always the life within the form gains in quality by means of the experience. Atom, 79:the truth that atoms themselves possess quality, show symptoms of mind or intelligence, and canAtom, 81:through the form we have the love, or attractive quality manifesting. This can also be expressed inAtom, 85:through the study of His nature, or His psychic quality. We know that God is intelligence, we knowAtom, 85:by the slow working out of the inner subjective quality of the life of God, and thus His essentialAtom, 97:we saw that in the form aspect of nature another quality of the Deity became manifest, that of loveAtom, 98:through a spheroidal form, and showing the quality of mind; but the human atom may also beAtom, 102:kingdom. In the vegetable kingdom another quality appears, that of sensation or feeling of aAtom, 120:the emphasis is being laid more and more upon quality rather than upon what has been calledAtom, 120:shall be forced to express ourselves in terms of quality or of energy. If we succeed at all inAtom, 125:of a particular kind; the development of psychic quality; the effect of the subjective life uponAtom, 138:of of ideas applied to the vibratory quality of force for the purpose of obtainingAtom, 144:how in the atom of substance the only psychic quality we could postulate about it was the qualityAtom, 144:quality we could postulate about it was the quality of intelligence. We passed on then to atomicAtom, 144:the vegetable and animal, demonstrated another quality of the Deity, that of sensation, feeling, orAtom, 144:we also found that in the animal kingdom a third quality, that of rudimentary mind, began to showAtom, 144:of form was the demonstration of another quality: love or wisdom, the whole being energized by aAtom, 157:the subjective life, and connect it with energy, quality, or force, we are liable to stumble uponAutobiography, 14:to be chameleon-like in nature and changeable in quality and often double-faced. I am none ofAutobiography, 127:and they were so tiny that their healing quality lay in their lack of understanding. The climax ofAutobiography, 212:friends and family we are linked with and the quality, character and temperament which we showAutobiography, 216:has always proven wrong. For one thing, the same quality and vibration runs through the twoAutobiography, 225:by German professors and the whole tone and quality of the place altered. Some of them were mostAutobiography, 241:in Geneva or Antwerp and find exactly the same quality in the people as in Great Britain and theAutobiography, 268:is contingent upon the measure and [268] the quality of the service rendered by the disciple to hisAutobiography, 278:them life, consciousness and form, or life, quality and appearance, and thus gains some insightAutobiography, 300:tremendously [300] significant and encouraging quality. The same thing holds true in the life ofAutobiography, 301:to carry a little of the increasing Aquarian quality. This required a new emphasis on groupBethlehem, 27:of consciousness progressively reveal to man the quality of his higher and his lower nature; it isBethlehem, 57:of a truth, so that from its dramatic quality and its repeated happening, God impresses upon theBethlehem, 90:the principle of Love, which is the outstanding quality of God. Other aspects, qualities andBethlehem, 105:emphasizes our divinity, is founded upon divine quality, and emanates from God. It is a glimpseBethlehem, 113:of the primal dualities in the realm of quality. Man's entire existence, as man, is spent swingingBethlehem, 127:highest and lowest aspects. He expressed now the quality of divinity. The divine reality which HeBethlehem, 136:love, and Form intelligently motivated. Life, quality, and appearance - these are the three majorBethlehem, 136:in the flesh. At the Transfiguration we have the quality of God revealed in its transcendentBethlehem, 137:Initiation Transfiguration Revelation Transition Quality 5th Initiation Resurrection CompletionBethlehem, 140:as a divine Individuality. His life with its quality and its purpose has set its seal upon ourBethlehem, 141:It is the coming in, with power, of the mind quality, and the capacity to think, which make thisBethlehem, 141:personality, He manifested the nature and the quality of God. The finite nature had beenBethlehem, 149:and tendencies of the mystic - his own innate quality - have also much to do with his descriptionBethlehem, 157:for all time to all people. Christ revealed the quality of the divine nature through the medium ofBethlehem, 166:Golgotha. But in these more subtle tests the quality of God Himself was revealed, and it is God'sBethlehem, 166:of God Himself was revealed, and it is God's quality and meaning which save the world - the qualityBethlehem, 166:quality and meaning which save the world - the quality of His life, which is Love and Wisdom andBethlehem, 168:constitutes the basic, fundamental character and quality of all events, no matter what the outerBethlehem, 170:begin to express in his daily living some of the quality of God which Christ so perfectly portrayedBethlehem, 199:of the "saved" life; to demonstrate to us the quality of the eternal Self which is in every man;Bethlehem, 210:of the death of Christ springs from its inner quality. It is the expression in external act of aBethlehem, 216:but at the same time there was something in the quality of Jesus which arrested his attention andBethlehem, 222:me?" Then followed three Words of a different quality altogether. In the words, "I thirst," HeBethlehem, 224:us sons of God, and it is that sonship (with its quality of divinity) which is the guarantee of ourBethlehem, 244:us into certain definite expressions in form and quality, and these, rightly or wrongly, constituteBethlehem, 267:But we accord no general service, and that quality is not yet the motivating power in the life ofBethlehem, 267:ourselves, basically and potentially, Godlike in quality. This in itself constitutes a problem, forBethlehem, 269:can so easily be done by those in whom a certain quality of telepathic rapport is developed. Nor isBethlehem, 272:consciousness is its major expression and quality. It is the next definite and clearly indicatedBethlehem, 283:is organizing slowly in the world today, its quality that of universality, and its technique thatBethlehem, 284:by the potency of our spiritual vitality and the quality of our service, stimulate all we meet soDestiny, 22:employed to materialize the ideas and by the quality of their exponents than you are by the ideasDestiny, 31:the coming Great Approach. The nature and the quality of the predominating personality rays of theDestiny, 31:those who have soul contact and can express soul quality condition and determine the currentDestiny, 53:purity now, as then, impossible. This static quality is due to her first ray personality; herDestiny, 58:true government which is the genius of the soul quality of the British. If the idealism of theDestiny, 62:arrogant pride and the religious and mystical quality of the Spanish character, they are obviouslyDestiny, 68:nations is frequently to be distinguished in the quality (if I may so call it) of their capitalDestiny, 72:which attract to themselves souls of a certain quality and keynote; there is a magnetic interplayDestiny, 72:Ages and for centuries; she mediated the Piscean quality to the civilization of the then knownDestiny, 81:personality. It is not, however, the spiritual quality of this sign which dominates British policy,Destiny, 96:with its major emphasis at this time upon the quality of inclusiveness. It is concerned with theDestiny, 103:interrelation from the energy angle and the quality of the ray forces which are seeking expression,Destiny, 103:effort will be made to discover the soul quality and the personality nature (the spiritual and theDestiny, 106:the centers - individual and planetary - and the quality (esoterically understood) of the energiesDestiny, 110:of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and of method and objectives. Let us takeDestiny, 112:as it has been called. The outstanding quality of our day and period, as a result of transmutingDestiny, 112:day and period, as a result of transmuting human quality and character in and through itsDestiny, 116:are implicated during the period. Secondly: the quality of the ray can be considered. This is inDestiny, 116:The culture is first changed, because all basic quality changes work ever from above downwards, andDestiny, 117:other kingdoms in nature, producing a different quality in the manifestation of the soul of anyDestiny, 117:soul of any kingdom (for they all differ in soul quality) and consequently changes in the formDestiny, 117:souls were predominantly sixth ray in quality, so we can look for an increasing number of seventhDestiny, 120:and to the nature of dynamic force. The quality, for instance, of the explosive and dynamic natureDestiny, 123:that significant soul characteristic and quality which we call radiation. That word effectivelyDestiny, 123:produce in the higher forms of animal life the quality and expression of domesticity, and theDestiny, 126:energy. He thinks almost entirely in terms of quality and pays little attention to the materialDestiny, 130:rays will wield these laws according to the quality of their ray impulses (I am handicapped hereDestiny, 135:effect varies according to the ray type or ray quality of the individual concerned and according toDestiny, 138:to bear in mind in so far as they reveal divine quality, spiritual intent and universal objectives.Destiny, 141:these qualities will focus in Him, plus another quality or divine principle of which the race ofDiscipleship1, 6:and led on towards illumination is of a higher quality and grade, if I may employ so inadequate aDiscipleship1, 12:You can each learn to transmit your soul ray quality to a fellow disciple, stimulating him toDiscipleship1, 23:of method, of effort and of function and its quality is friendship in its purest sense. TheDiscipleship1, 38:major objective. This group communicates the "quality of imposition," and an authority that isDiscipleship1, 40:economic relations in the future is a soul quality or energy and hence their work of relating soulDiscipleship1, 50:the process is necessarily slow. Next comes the quality of mental polarization. What exactly isDiscipleship1, 50:polarization. What exactly is this power or quality? For you (at this time) it must express itselfDiscipleship1, 51:my vibration? Do you respond more rapidly to the quality of a brother's faults than to his divine
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