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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITY

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Externalisation, 121:of that time was of a very different quality from that which now goes under that name. It was inExternalisation, 198:very reason, it may fail to make an appeal. The quality required by those engineering this changeExternalisation, 202:the revelation of the divine nature and quality. God is now known as Intelligence and Love. ThatExternalisation, 230:finally to transcend the petty quibbling and quality of their lower mind, with its concreteExternalisation, 232:thought and a true love of humanity? This last quality, a true love of humanity, constitutes aExternalisation, 249:the same time preserve its challenging, dynamic quality. The following sentences will suffice,Externalisation, 263:The effects produced are dependent upon the quality of the recipient aspects and the nature of theExternalisation, 263:the recipient aspects and the nature of the form quality upon which they make their impact. In theExternalisation, 264:another and unknown aspect of God's life and quality? Will it perhaps produce the embodiment ofExternalisation, 266:of a divine Idea. The note They strike and the quality They emanate reaches out and makes an impactExternalisation, 272:man of the nature of the Will of God and of the quality of Shamballa. "Equality" is that peculiarExternalisation, 278:of Deity and yet limited and handicapped by the quality of the forms upon which they make theirExternalisation, 291:of reflecting some cosmic Principle or divine quality and energy which will produce the desiredExternalisation, 297:and destiny of a race, The typical man (in quality and consciousness, not necessarily physically)Externalisation, 298:people, and introducing and transmitting racial quality - a quality to be worked out later as theExternalisation, 298:introducing and transmitting racial quality - a quality to be worked out later as the race unfolds.Externalisation, 298:is coming into manifestation. They embody the quality and the force of a particular ray. NextExternalisation, 300:towards a plan motivated by love. This divine quality Christ revealed, and thus altered all humanExternalisation, 303:this Being by this name because it expresses the quality and the objective of the force He bringsExternalisation, 303:thus step down and transmit the stimulation and quality of the force of the greater Avatar Who canExternalisation, 304:plane. He will transmit a cosmic energy whose quality is Synthesis. This will express itselfExternalisation, 304:He will fuse and blend in Himself, through the quality of His Own life, the three great energies:Externalisation, 306:1. Over-shadowing. Where there is kinship in quality, in objective and in nature, it is possibleExternalisation, 334:or because of the existence of its opposing quality - but simply through world pressure and strain.Externalisation, 334:work done hitherto has been second ray work; its quality is gentler, its technique is that ofExternalisation, 334:inevitably appear. It is the dynamic quality of the power aspect which must be guarded against, notExternalisation, 342:to an end, a great spiritual awakening (of a quality and a nature quite unpredictable now) willExternalisation, 343:through the effort to understand and express the quality of spiritual Will; it will be theExternalisation, 343:force; it is that peculiar and distinctive quality of divinity which is so different that evenExternalisation, 388:"the deep center" and are distinguished by the quality of fusion and at-one-ment, they can beExternalisation, 410:embodying in Himself a great divine principle or quality. He was the Conveyor of Enlightenment toExternalisation, 413:and as Will, may be enriched by a new idea and quality for which we have as yet no name or word andExternalisation, 447:affected. Response will be compatible with the quality and the intention of those minds. WhereExternalisation, 449:upon the first Ray of Will or Power. The quality of their work will be to express the will-to-good;Externalisation, 455:demand (in degree and in kind, according to the quality of the demand), the Hierarchy will play itsExternalisation, 479:which He supervises. He is limited by the quality and the caliber of the invocative appeal ofExternalisation, 496:nervous systems, which are of fourth root-race quality. They will be and are being defeated byExternalisation, 539:of forces, but groups of disciples whose quality is oriented towards mankind and whose potency ofExternalisation, 540:the immensity of the problem involved and the quality of the tension are abnormal. It is not easyExternalisation, 549:and the spread of that simple but tonic quality, goodwill. It is enthusiasm in the spiritual senseExternalisation, 549:as the first step in Their plans, and it is that quality which is today closest to the heart ofExternalisation, 588:relatively few people who express, as yet, its quality. When this recognition has become general,Externalisation, 592:have really attempted to demonstrate the same quality of love as He did - a love that leadsExternalisation, 621:and is called in the Eastern philosophy, the quality of tamas. It has to be transmuted into aExternalisation, 621:of tamas. It has to be transmuted into a higher quality, that of activity or (giving it itsExternalisation, 621:or (giving it its technical term) its rajasic quality, and this leads later on to the highestExternalisation, 621:quality, and this leads later on to the highest quality of rhythm or sattva. To the rhythm of lifeExternalisation, 622:not. I do, however, call you to demonstrate the quality of activity and to refuse to hide behindExternalisation, 628:I would say, my brothers, that the most needed quality is courage; it takes courage to put asideExternalisation, 633:the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, who had a quality of non-separateness, definitely present orExternalisation, 655:and death, health and disease, according to the quality of the substance or material form uponExternalisation, 656:in council the method, the extent and the quality of the distribution of the energy involved; TheyExternalisation, 661:their "magnetic appeal will be the outstanding quality of their divine approach." The directingExternalisation, 666:Right Motive. The time has come when the quality of ashramic work is recognized, first of all, asExternalisation, 679:humanity has, of its own free will, developed a quality analogous to that of the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 680:this is, of course, diversified by the ray quality of the aspirants and disciples and byExternalisation, 681:in all ashrams to the needs of humanity, to the quality of the program for their development whichExternalisation, 681:With this as a foundational and conditioning quality, the work can proceed as required. You willExternalisation, 691:expression; instead, it lifts the entire quality of the personality life or the group life on theFire, VII:have otherwise contacted, and often of a quality she could not possibly express. This experienceFire, VII:us a second much-needed safeguard against that quality of the concrete mind which constantly tendsFire, 15:It circulated. A million fires rose up. The quality of matter densified, but form was not. The SonsFire, 41:(Tabulation I) Fire Ray Aspect Expression Law Quality 1. Internal Primordial Intelligent ActivityFire, 50:even for the Ego fully to sense and express the quality of spirit. Hence the utter impossibilityFire, 59:it more occultly, substance showing forth, the quality of the cosmic Lord Whose energy it is. LightFire, 60:term "animal magnetism." It is the distinctive quality of the atmosphere of a planet, or itsFire, 73:and Divine Love-Wisdom are but essential quality demonstrating through the agency of some oneFire, 73:of some one factor. The Primordial Ray is the quality of motion, demonstrating through matter. [74]Fire, 74:through matter. [74] The Ray of Mind is the quality of intelligent organization, demonstratingFire, 74:motion and matter. The Ray of Love-Wisdom is the quality of basic motive that utilizes theFire, 78:and constructive, and (through their essential quality) as producing conditions that further theFire, 87:plane. Planetary Man, and essential emotional quality. The Logos, the grand Heavenly Man, and theFire, 88:himself (in objective manifestation, essential quality, and comprehensive development) knowsFire, 88:a recognition that the correspondence lies in quality and method more than in detailed adherence toFire, 91:planet, which constitutes its basic coloring or quality, and is produced by a repetition within theFire, 92:solar prana, plus the individual and distinctive quality of the particular planet concerned. ThisFire, 92:radiations of men differ according to the quality of their physical bodies. So it is with a planet.Fire, 100:prana as earlier received, plus the peculiar quality that any single individual may convey to itFire, 100:The essence escapes, plus individual quality. Here again can be seen the correspondence to theFire, 101:web. This cosmic prana becomes colored by solar quality and reaches the furthest confines of theFire, 101:solar prana becomes colored by the planetary quality and is absorbed by all evolutions found withinFire, 102:so that it is solar prana, plus planetary quality. Each planet the embodiment of some one rayFire, 102:the embodiment of some one ray aspect, and its quality marked predominantly on all its evolution.Fire, 102:active radiatory heat, varies in vibration and quality according to the receiving Entity. ManFire, 102:etheric vehicle, colors it with his own peculiar quality, and so transmits it to the lesser livesFire, 103:true seer will be found with a body of a gross quality. The dangers of disruption are too great,Fire, 132:Son is concluded. But the faculty or inherent quality of matter also persists, and at the end ofFire, 132:having in view the addition of another quality to the logoic content, that of love and wisdom.Fire, 141:that is the prime characteristic and basic quality of the Primordial Ray of Active Intelligence. ToFire, 142:and thus personified, is exemplifying some one quality which predominates over the others. Each,Fire, 148:figures primarily stand for Spirit, [148] for quality, for principle, and not so primarily forFire, 148:by means of experience in matter, are gaining in quality. His function is, by means of will, toFire, 149:matter, having achieved two things: First, Added quality to quality, and therefore emerging plusFire, 149:achieved two things: First, Added quality to quality, and therefore emerging plus the gainedFire, 150:space, that fire which we call solar. He is the quality of the flame, or the essential flame,Fire, 155:to produce added momentum and to give specific quality according to the source from which theFire, 157:by its own rotary movement produces the next quality. [158] 2. Mobility. The inherent fires ofFire, 158:of their greater or lesser cycle until the third quality is brought into definite recognition. 3.Fire, 160:matter. This shows the fourth dimensional quality of matter and the penetration of the fire in fourFire, 160:four revolutions, but the fourth dimensional quality of the revolution which is the goal aimed at,
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