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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITY

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Fire, 180:are centers of force of some particular kind or quality. This is a fact generally recognized, butFire, 192:the buddhic plane, hearing (now of the synthetic quality called telepathy) demonstrates as completeFire, 194:appears best. Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, and enables him to find that which appealsFire, 194:to find that which appeals to him as of the same quality or essence as himself. In all theseFire, 197:the aspirant succeeds in touching matter of a quality rarer than is his usual custom. He contactsFire, 215:vibratory rhythm, [215] heterogeneity and quality and their inherent rotary action. This Law ofFire, 235:to spiraling ascension, and developing: The quality of love-wisdom, through the utilization of formFire, 239:factors: Existence itself. Time and space. The quality of desire or necessity. The acquisitiveFire, 240:Questions 2. Its Nature and Duality In terms of quality what have we? Active intelligence at oneFire, 240:cosmic Identity, or the relatively perfected quality worked out by Him in a previous cosmicFire, 241:product of His earlier incarnation, a further quality, which is inherent and potential, that ofFire, 243:Son or Sun. Evolution itself. The development of quality. Time and space. The questions we are nowFire, 244:and subjectively He is love-wisdom. This latter quality is in process of development through theFire, 257:Vibratory capacity. Responsive coloring or quality. Numerical factors involved in cosmicFire, 257:build into His cosmic causal body, a paralleling quality of love-wisdom. Third. Ability toFire, 263:This energy will be of a peculiar color and quality, according to the plane involved. The sevenFire, 268:(the bringing forth from latency of the inherent quality of love by the intelligent application ofFire, 274:is invariably of a cyclic nature. The same quality in tone will be called forth by the Self as itFire, 282:which is the Law of forms. It has to do with quality, as force has to do with vibration. Seventh.Fire, 283:in another. The astral vibration deals with the quality, with the attractive measure. It is theFire, 283:produced by the union of the key measure and the quality of tone. Seven centers of force which holdFire, 294:to perfect vibration some one principle or quality through which the subjective life may expressFire, 294:working at the same thing; the goal is synthetic quality and not primarily the perfection of theFire, 313:Logos, for instance) we speak of in terms of quality, and call will, wisdom, activity. Therefore,Fire, 318:seek to emphasize that INTELLIGENCE is the main quality of the Logos; that it shows as will, asFire, 322:of one certain color according to the quality of the etheric display, and its source. Repulsion toFire, 322:vibratory rate and polarity. Their attractive quality at the end of evolution will cease owing toFire, 329:nature, and demonstrates in work, activity, and quality, and not in literal identity of form. AsFire, 338:In the first ease, the distinctive quality of manas is discrimination which enables the Spirit toFire, 339:the buddhic principle has for its distinctive quality love, and demonstrates as wisdom workingFire, 348:the earlier three but has its own distinctive quality. 28 The period of the individualization of aFire, 354:or extraneously? What is the coloring or basic quality of this cosmic Entity? Is the coloring ofFire, 354:told, blind and stultify. In summing up, this quality of manas may be somewhat apprehended if theFire, 358:Initiation. It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of our center, andFire, 359:employed. When men, for instance, know The quality of the force flowing through their particularFire, 372:demonstrate as the embodiment of that perfected quality, or logoic aspect, for which He primarilyFire, 375:for diversity in manifestation, in forms and in quality. A correspondence might here also beFire, 394:and veils those Entities Whose outstanding quality and characteristic it is. To the life of thatFire, 397:They are types of energy. They are the dynamic quality or characteristic of a planetary Logos. TheyFire, 405:being, and is thus impelled by the attractive quality of its opposite pole, intelligent substance,Fire, 418:All students recognize the discriminative quality of manas and its selective capacity; allFire, 437:to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates, both adding, and atFire, 438:side is equally noticeable, and the warmth or quality of a Ray not only affects the psyche of aFire, 439:forming the sumtotal, and always will energy and quality progress in parallel lines. As the rayFire, 442:lines: First. The type of force, or the logoic quality, with its function and aim. Second. Its workFire, 442:connected with any particular plane is its quality and coloring. By the united action and work ofFire, 443:in manifestation. His peculiar coloring or quality, His main psychological aspect, demonstratingFire, 455:with mentality and not being of a purely astral quality, will be even more dangerous than inFire, 476:especially the Christian, recognizes the psychic quality of this transmutative power, andFire, 484:stage, which concerns primarily the essential quality of the atom, and the escape of this essence,Fire, 499:Under the law this will work out as demonstrated quality, and ordered intelligent purpose in everyFire, 500:the Planes I. On the Physical Plane: Here this quality demonstrates as: The selective power of theFire, 508:and the transmuters of that experience into quality. This is the direct result of the work of theFire, 511:The monads of love are the dominating quality. (I choose this word 'quality' specifically.) Fourth.Fire, 511:are the dominating quality. (I choose this word 'quality' specifically.) Fourth. The center in theFire, 512:force and energy of the system and its life quality will be that which we call (having perforce toFire, 521:varying degrees, only Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating from differentFire, 530:Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere.Fire, 552:are His physical manifestation, and His quality, psychic nature, aroma, emanation or magnetism, asFire, 553:the action upon our solar Logos of the emotional quality of other cosmic entities, and concerns theFire, 561:comes gradually to the fore, and the quality, or the psyche of the thought-form, becomes apparent.Fire, 562:that only in the study of the development of the quality of the thought-form will its inherentFire, 562:its keynote, the nature of the inner life, the quality of its vibration and the nature of its goal.Fire, follow:clear. The Building Entities (Tabulation IV) Quality Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. AtmaFire, follow:are "forms of thought"; all have body, vitality, quality and purpose, and all are [566] sent out byFire, 567:usually formulate thoughts? What is the psychic quality of my thought-forms? With what specificFire, 577:are needed to give a general idea of the basic quality of this law. This law is one of the mostFire, 577:subplane. It is the basis of the attractive quality that sets in motion the molecules and drawsFire, 579:accompaniment of heat, is their distinguishing quality, much as in System I, but in the secondFire, 593:every line. This law demonstrates the static quality of love, static temporarily, but necessarilyFire, 603:his nature as his life progresses; his psychic quality unfolds as the years slip away, and when heFire, 603:out of incarnation he is spoken of in terms of quality, good or bad, selfish or unselfish; theFire, 629:Spirits - sevenfold will. Seven Rays - sevenfold quality or psyche. Seven Deva Lords - sevenfoldFire, 632:with the devas; both manifest will, psychic quality and intelligent activity as they pursue theirFire, 656:and form, resembles other bodies, yet in its quality and personal distinctive features is unique,Fire, 656:key, and able to demonstrate His own unique quality. This is produced through the peculiar type ofFire, 674:which is that concerning their color or quality. This color or quality is dependent upon theFire, 674:concerning their color or quality. This color or quality is dependent upon the psychic nature ofFire, 675:orders can form deductions from it as to the quality of the exalted Life manifesting through aFire, 693:can be regarded as the force, the energy or the quality which emanates from the logoic mental unitFire, 696:the full development of the fifth principle or quality, the completed cycle of the Ego upon theFire, 703:substance, give to it in this way a certain quality or coloring, and increase thereby its vibratoryFire, 717:on the mental plane and thus, through their own quality and nature, endow human units on theFire, 721:primordial substance will demonstrate a second quality. In the next system "non-attachment throughFire, 727:and then with the transference of the life and quality of this remaining one on to the third Ray.Fire, 736:stored in the astral permanent atom. A developed quality of strength, or purpose in action, whichFire, 745:utilizes it. [745] The impartation of color or quality, which moulds that which has been prepared.Fire, 762:and the lunar bodies, but which has an added quality of "I-ness" or of self-consciousness, enablingFire, 766:which produces rebirth. Sensation, being a quality in matter or substance, the Self in theFire, 799:the will-to-be reacting on substance (whose main quality is desire or responsiveness to sensation)Fire, 799:by the same basic principles: The influence and quality of the organ or unit in which it finds aFire, 800:that principle which imposes upon the atom the quality of activity in form, which governs theFire, 800:atom to its group life, and which enables the quality of its life to be demonstrated. In the humanFire, 800:through the agency of substance and its inherent quality, sensation. In these thoughts, we have butFire, 800:own inherent nature or vibration, which was the quality of matter itself before it was aggregatedFire, 803:"Fire by friction" is substance with the quality of heat as its predominant characteristic; it isFire, 810:a fragment is thus partaker of the instincts and quality of that soul, as it manifests through theFire, 831:form them and give to them their coherence and quality are gathered back by the solar Pitris of theFire, 868:of the means of spiritual growth, that fiery quality of the will which enkindles and illumines,Fire, 882:and peculiar type of energy, and of the quality of his own Ray Lord, Comprehension of the different
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