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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITY

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Fire, 885:of the petals in the circle, according to the quality and type of force, using the petal as aFire, 889:nature of wild beasts, and the destructive quality of some of nature's processes, including certainFire, 898:of astral matter in a man's body decides the quality of the watery substance of his physical body.Fire, 937:immediately to it. According to the tone and quality of the voice, so is the nature of theFire, 954:vibration, and distinguished by a particular quality incident to a man's ray and therefore to hisFire, 956:how to build a thought form of a particular quality and tone, to energize it with his own life, andFire, 960:much light will be thrown upon the quality of the energy employed in thought-form building. In theFire, 972:of the three higher centers, according to the quality of the embodied idea, [973] and will be seenFire, 980:the things we leave unsaid and are judged by the quality of our conversation. We think of people inFire, 980:of thought-matter in which they work and the quality of energy or life which they put behind theirFire, 980:apparent when we scan the starry heavens, the quality of the Logos of our solar system is seenFire, 980:speech, and which is energized by His particular quality of love. When God speaks, the worlds areFire, 1013:deva" (as it is called), enters in, and upon the quality of its love nature, and the specific typeFire, 1013:his existence. He identifies himself then with quality, or energy, and becomes an expression of theFire, 1017:and desire are force emanations. They differ in quality and vibration, but are essentially currentsFire, 1032:of the group soul is more apprehended, and the quality of the Life who informs each of the subhumanFire, 1042:The form of the sheath is a sphere. The quality of the sheath is latent love. The matter of theFire, 1053:the nature of any specific period, and the quality of the manifesting Monads. It is the appearanceFire, 1063:Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature. Love. Matter - Objective sphere.Fire, 1080:grades are in turn subdivided according to the quality and the vibratory effect to be induced uponFire, 1081:and placed according to: Their rhythm, Their quality, Their heat, Their light, Their magneticFire, 1085:can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, and objective of thoseFire, 1086:degree know the forty-nine sounds which give the quality of the consciousness aspect of these greatFire, 1104:the sheath and the substitution of atoms of high quality. It involves also more rapid transition ofFire, 1106:of substance (ever of a better and more adequate quality) and the expulsion of that which fails toFire, 1109:time though being limited by the nature and the quality of what he brought. When the consciousnessFire, 1111:tier is peculiarly instinctive with the life and quality of the Manasaputra in manifestation. TheFire, 1111:number of the Ray concerned is known through the quality of the "light" of the concealed jewel. InFire, 1120:of Light, as to the nature of Ego concerned, the quality of his Ray, the number of his vibration,Fire, 1126:advantage. He builds also an antahkarana, but of quality and objective different to that of theFire, 1135:Aspect of Bliss, or Will, imposes on Matter the quality of Inertia - Tamas, the power ofFire, 1145:force streams, each with its peculiar quality, type and rhythm. The matter is further complicatedFire, 1146:period of their evolution, but also by the quality of great and intelligent activity, for (as mightFire, 1150:of working specifically at bringing a certain quality, or series of qualities, to a point of higherFire, 1151:its objective through the lack of a particular quality, or stream of force. When this becomesFire, 1151:disciple puts the energy of that particular quality at the disposal of the Hierarchy, and is sentFire, 1151:the energy flowing through them, by the magnetic quality of their work, by their powerful groupFire, 1152:Entity Systemic Entities Number of Impulses Quality 1. Brahma The Raja Lords 7 Activity Inertia. 2.Fire, 1165:of error. The correspondence must lie in quality and in principle expressed, but not in form.Fire, 1170:and to those who have the key reveals the quality of the egoic lotus and the place it holds in anyFire, 1172:central spark; it demonstrates the attractive quality of the central life. All colors, therefore,Fire, 1180:of the egoic cosmic lotus, or the attractive quality of cosmic love. This force is transmitted toFire, 1188:are seven in number, and that, therefore, the quality of the vehicles which form Their bodies willFire, 1189:the nature of planetary magnetism and the quality of any specific planetary soul as it is knownFire, 1189:of the higher vibrations yet which has a quality all its own. This has its correspondence in theFire, 1189:planetoids which have an energy or attractive quality all their own and which, from the systemicFire, 1190:of passion. (S. D., I, 214, 449; II, 223) This quality of Theirs necessarily attracts to Them thatFire, 1191:Energies which influence any human being: The quality of the solar system. The quality of the LogosFire, 1191:being: The quality of the solar system. The quality of the Logos of the planet as it pours throughFire, 1191:and rounds in a sevenfold differentiation. The quality of our earth's complementary planet. TheFire, 1191:quality of our earth's complementary planet. The quality of the attraction of our earth's polarFire, 1191:influences must be studied to find out the quality of a man's Ray, and this in the above indicatedFire, 1192:factors must be borne in mind: That it is the quality of the indwelling life which decides the typeFire, 1193:disciple, as has been and will be the case. The quality of the form occupied or used, and theFire, 1194:the nature of the form is dependent upon the quality of the incarnating Life, he will have also toFire, 1194:for the Lives in those groups are of a quality diverse to each other and the forms through whichFire, 1195:and it is the nature of these lives and the quality of their vibration which under this great LawFire, 1195:of force or energy of a specialized kind. The quality of a [1196] Ray is dependent upon the qualityFire, 1196:quality of a [1196] Ray is dependent upon the quality of the hierarchy of Beings who use it as aFire, 1198:realize the nature of group consciousness, the quality of the seven Heavenly Men, but not beingFire, 1232:illumination, and the essence of that Life whose quality is known to him already by its vibratoryFire, 1234:the faculty of mind and employs the rational quality. The lesser devas and all the subhumanFire, 1235:these electrons are largely responsible for the quality of any particular atom, just as the soul ofFire, 1236:an inner subjective idea which is possessed of quality and attributes and a form through which itFire, 1241:form is a subjective Life which is known by its quality, its color, and its attributes; he hasFire, 1245:by their "luminosity," and it is this basic quality which lies behind the injunction given by allFire, 1247:two pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained - Luminosity. Fire, 1247:which through the force of its own innate quality produces the attractive energy which bringsFire, 1248:ray, pass to this line of endeavor. The inherent quality in the type of the Monad settles the lineFire, 1253:and a fivefold star mounting towards the sun. Quality gained - Electrical velocity. Fire, 1257:round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme. The quality gained is cosmic etheric vision, theFire, 1258:by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word. Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenaryFire, 1260:to add more to this beyond pointing out that the quality gained by the adept who treads this pathFire, 1260:permitted, therefore, to state what its specific quality may be, as it would convey too muchFire, 1261:an orange Cross, with an emerald at the center. Quality - unrevealed. Fire, 1264:save that for which he is responsible. The quality which the adept develops as he treads this PathFire, 1264:inscribed with the mantram of insulation. Quality - Cosmic stability and magnetic equilibrium. Glamour, 4:easy for those who have much of the first ray quality in them. The problem is to withdraw in theGlamour, 8:its significance has in it more of an emotional quality and might be expressed as the type ofGlamour, 8:of the force or energy upon you and of the quality of the vibration it may arouse in you perhaps inGlamour, 8:symbolism is to enable the student to sense its quality and to contact that vibrant something whichGlamour, 10:mind with little effort, endeavor to sense its quality, to contact its vibration and to note itsGlamour, 10:of what you have found to be, for you, the basic quality of the symbol and then (as in meditationGlamour, 11:in the astral or emotional body of [11] its quality, the reaction of a sensitive response to theGlamour, 11:its true unified intent. Identification with the quality and purpose of the symbol as it isGlamour, 11:magnetization of the symbol with the needed quality through which the idea can make its presenceGlamour, 11:analysis of your sensitivity and response to the quality of the symbol. Let me recapitulate for aGlamour, 12:and all forms are symbols of an inner quality and life. The study of symbols conceptually carriesGlamour, 12:the mind of form and concept, of expression and quality, of sign and meaning is vital to the growthGlamour, 26:We found that: Illusion is primarily of a mental quality and was characteristic of the attitude ofGlamour, 26:always. Maya is vital in character and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of theGlamour, 28:these groups, I can at the same time gauge the quality of the group itself as a whole. The amountGlamour, 30:sharply indicated thought-forms of a particular quality and note and tone, around which are groupedGlamour, 30:who respond to these forms, and to their note, quality and tone. Similarities are then seen toGlamour, 33:is illusion. It has little in it of the mental quality and is the major factor controlling theGlamour, 35:from glamor or from illusion? Do I know which quality or characteristic in my nature facilitates myGlamour, 42:consciousness, they form in time part of his quality equipment. He is in reality integrating andGlamour, 56:man has reached has also its effect, plus the quality of the [57] integration existing between theGlamour, 57:mind, with the sensed idea, is not stable. The quality of the development of the mental body of theGlamour, 79:is, however, astral in nature and sensuous in quality and is not of the soul at all. Aspirants
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