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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUALITY

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Rays, 293:revert to the use of our original words - life, quality and appearance) is automatic and withoutRays, 295:and their intelligent perception, so will be the quality and the nature of their expression - butRays, 300:This kingdom, through its major power (a quality of synthesis, could you but realize it), isRays, 301:accepted sense of the term, but because of their quality. Simultaneously, as their numbersRays, 309:is more concerned with the destruction of quality than with forms, though the disappearance ofRays, 309:type of destruction) which destroys the innate quality and consequently the form of a civilization,Rays, 312:- those petals which are composed of the will quality of the Monad and relate the soul to theRays, 349:we call magnetic attraction (the group-building quality) he shares with the spiritual aspirant. HeRays, 357:or onto the cosmic astral plane. The note, the quality and the influence of the cosmic astral planeRays, 362:purpose of the Master not only determines the quality of the Ashram but that His own developmentRays, 362:and that this is dependent upon the type, quality and service rendered by the Master as HeRays, 367:knowledge, plans and purpose, and controls the quality of your life and directs the energy whichRays, 369:primordial and primitive man) can be seen in the quality of the Hierarchy today, which humanityRays, 369:ever indicative of success and have in them the quality of joy. Mankind will then be much freerRays, 370:whole. It is this radiation which affects by its quality the senior aspirants in the world, andRays, 372:activity of the life of God and condition the quality of each of the three divine centers. The fourRays, 372:one or other of the Paths is conditioned by the quality of His previous identifications, which areRays, 375:are apt to think that magnetism is a second ray quality. They are right in so far that all theRays, 375:it is to the second ray, and is an aspect or quality of the Law of Synthesis. It was this magneticRays, 376:center of the jewel. [376] It stirs to life the quality of love which permeates the Ashram of theRays, 377:persistence and determination. Persistence is a quality of life and related to immortality, whilstRays, 378:esoteric details connected with the life, the quality and, later, the appearance of the Ashrams ofRays, 380:Ashrams. The seven Ashrams express each the quality of their ray, one of the seven ray types. IfRays, 381:this They succeeded, but the matter aspect and quality - that of active intelligence - was soRays, 383:reason why the senior Ashram is second ray in quality. Invocation is related [384] to radiation.Rays, 387:realize. Each Ashram, as you know, expresses ray quality in its purest and most essential form.Rays, 387:the second ray - is now the dominant quality in all the Ashrams. Forget not in this connection thatRays, 387:of hierarchical activity, it was the particular quality of the ray which dominated an Ashram thatRays, 387:an Ashram that first demonstrated, and not the quality of the great major ray of which they wereRays, 387:love is beginning to manifest itself through the quality of all the rays, functioning through theirRays, 387:their respective Ashrams. The secondary ray quality will not die out or in any way be lessened, butRays, 387:die out or in any way be lessened, but each ray quality will serve to implement the expression ofRays, 387:the essential and - at this time - the primary quality of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara. AsRays, 394:will They register and what is the nature and quality of Their use of it. By recording thatRays, 394:quality of Their use of it. By recording that quality, the Council at Shamballa is able toRays, 395:to which He reacts, and step down the rate and quality of the energy of which He is the focalRays, 421:I may not here even indicate the type or quality of the intentions of the ray Lords which theRays, 426:two pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained Luminosity PATH II. PATH OF MAGNETICRays, 427:and a fivefold star mounting towards the sun Quality gained Electrical velocity PATH III. PATH OFRays, 427:by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word Quality gained Cosmic etheric vision or septenaryRays, 427:an orange Cross, with an emerald at the center Quality gained Unrevealed PATH V. THE RAY PATHRays, 427:serpent inscribed with the mantram of insulation Quality gained Cosmic stability and magneticRays, 438:who are in process of becoming, who express quality, and who fuse and blend solar fire and fire byRays, 443:is demonstrated in the emergence of that basic quality which has always been inherent in desireRays, 443:been inherent in desire itself: the imaginative quality of the soul, implementing desire andRays, 464:the consciousness thread: 2. The Son Aspect The quality of sensitivity The Love Aspect The natureRays, 469:terms of energy and forces, and not in terms of quality and desire. This marks a definite stepRays, 478:that it has gradually become the outstanding quality of mankind. In the other two races, and in theRays, 478:to creative impression was the outstanding quality of the later Atlantean consciousness and of theRays, 502:the difference being determined by the quality of the ray life. The disciple has to preserveRays, 507:body disappears. The sum total of memory, [507] quality and acquirements is then absorbed into theRays, 508:To understand the first ray technique, the basic quality of the ray must be grasped. It is dynamic.Rays, 513:of Power as he silently utters it. It is the quality of his idea which will bring the right effect,Rays, 513:to feel and silently to send out the call of quality to quality, of meaning to meaning, of natureRays, 513:and silently to send out the call of quality to quality, of meaning to meaning, of nature toRays, 513:building of the antahkarana. It is the quality of a particular [514] type of subjective nature (theRays, 517:Always he works from the angle of that divine quality which characterizes matter; just as theRays, 517:ray disciple works always from the angle of quality and the first ray disciple from the positivityRays, 539:with it and with its unique phenomena, vibratory quality and interrelations, becomes for him aRays, 541:and is the result of a positive activity. The quality and the vibratory nature of that positiveRays, 545:without intention and is caused by the higher quality of the disciple's vibration or radiance toRays, 547:so attuned to the Ashram and to the Master's ray quality that his mind is one with that of theRays, 551:of manifestation is composed; it heightens the quality or the vibration of certain of the rayRays, 557:and human centers to the impact of their ray quality, potency and divine intention. It is thisRays, 557:of activity; each initiation reveals to him the quality and the type of stimulation to be evokedRays, 558:ray or his personality ray) he can work with the quality and the creative aspect of all the rays,Rays, 558:that all human beings must finally express the quality and livingness of one of the three Rays ofRays, 558:apparatus of contact) and evoke his essential quality. The three Rays of Aspect enable him to takeRays, 561:divine planetary center - of the livingness, the quality and the creative potency of all the rays.Rays, 562:also the ashram with which he is affiliated. The quality and potency of an ashram is definitelyRays, 565:fusions reveal to him the phenomena and quality of the two higher states of consciousness of theRays, 567:their creative aspect and as expressions of the quality of the manifested world, beginsRays, 568:three parts: [568] The type of energy and its quality in relation to the processes of theRays, 568:of ray energy we are in reality considering the quality and the will-purpose aspect of a certainRays, 568:stream of energy which - according to type and quality - plays upon all forms of manifested lifeRays, 568:is expressing itself; they intensify both the quality and the receptivity of consciousness. AtRays, 584:(with its potent purificatory energies and its quality of synthesis and universality) which willRays, 590:so peculiarly called "concrete science" is the quality or the conditioning nature of the fifth ray.Rays, 590:energy is characterized by three qualities: The quality which is the result of relationship withRays, 590:the Spiritual Triad, that of spiritual will. The quality which in this solar system is easilyRays, 590:sense, is that of the ego or soul. The quality which is basically related to the emanations orRays, 591:as its focal point upon the physical plane. The quality of this energy of concrete knowledge orRays, 617:natures of those uninfluenced by this quality will be made abundantly, usefully and constructivelyRays, 627:in municipal and national politics. The quality of the British historical retrospect has beenRays, 645:is distinguished by the highest known divine quality (there are others still higher). In the word,Rays, 646:this type of energy, and its influence [646] and quality when related to the energies and theRays, 653:form of it which he can now express carries no quality of rejection or of separation. It is a rightRays, 654:and of pain, but will be distinguished by a quality of tranquility and by an aura of calm potencyRays, 659:most distinctive characteristic. Patience is a quality of will; it is of the nature of a strictRays, 667:in themselves the ability to register the quality for which search must be made, and giving theRays, 668:eventually to an eager response to hierarchical quality and to the magnetic pull of the Ashram.Rays, 673:and the cessation of the Atlantean vibration and quality which has carried over so potently intoRays, 683:center will eventually be controlled by the quality of devotion. It is this quality whichRays, 683:by the quality of devotion. It is this quality which transforms the solar plexus center into theRays, 683:transforming agency is set in motion by the quality of devotion, and the solar plexus centerRays, 686:sensitivity, yet with a full flowering of that quality to which we give the inadequate nameRays, 689:expression of it has so pure and constructive a quality as that to which the initiate is subjectedRays, 690:field of service. This energy is of so high a quality that there is nothing of a registeringRays, 704:past effort, his point in consciousness and the quality of the vehicles through which thatRays, 709:or the control of the disciple, and the quality of their spiritual aspiration. As the disciple or
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