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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUARTERS

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Autobiography, 54:two ladies in each home and we had our own quarters there. There was frequently a large dormitoryAutobiography, 57:there in front of them but when I got back to my quarters that night I untied the ribbon and thereAutobiography, 83:I was standing one day on the verandah of our quarters in Mumballa, looking out on the road inAutobiography, 108:We then moved from the seminary to other living quarters. We took a small apartment where, for theAutobiography, 148:was never the least nervous and the search of my quarters was a precaution on the man's part andAutobiography, 203:consisted of one large room over the maid's quarters downstairs. There were windows on three sidesAutobiography, 216:Today we occupy the 31st floor also but our quarters are much too [217] cramped and we shall haveDiscipleship1, 221:changes, much misunderstanding in certain quarters and a deeply sensed loneliness. If you willDiscipleship2, 61:The expansion now contemplated in the highest quarters will greatly alter the potency of theDiscipleship2, 667:theme for your meditation work during the four quarters of the coming year. If you will, writeExternalisation, 334:of the work and to carry it to the four quarters of the earth, then certain difficulties inevitablyFire, 106:form in the children of the congested quarters of any great city, and in the vitiated anemicFire, 1183:of Divine Justice," sending out to the four quarters of the circle the four Maharajahs, theirInitiation, 16:one-half atomic matter, at the third three-quarters atomic matter, and so on to the completion.Meditation, 101:- as that great cycle comes around in different quarters of the earth - the fire devas, the fire
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