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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUEEN

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Astrology, 253:accounts of the ancient [253] Amazons, whose queen Hercules defeated, wresting from her what heAutobiography, 24:old, having been built in the time of Queen Anne by Sir William Temple. He it was who introducedAutobiography, 24:with only one great wreath upon it, sent by Queen Victoria. The life of my sister and myself atBethlehem, 59:may be seen pictures and statues of Mary, the "Queen of Heaven," standing on the crescent moon, herBethlehem, 61:was our Immaculate Lady, Star of the Sea, Queen of Heaven, Mother of God. We see her, in pictures,Hercules, 35:Aries. First, there is Cassiopeia, the Enthroned Queen, the symbol always of matter. It is mostHercules, 36:from the very beginning, the hitherto enthroned queen. The second constellation is Cetus, the SeaHercules, 36:in the ocean of existence, and the enthroned queen, spoke to Hercules of the magnitude of hisHercules, From n:they heard. Upon those shores dwelt the great queen, who reigned o'er all the women of the thenHercules, From n:was found. Only the women, gathered round their queen. Within the temple of the moon they dailyHercules, 113:they awaited word from Hippolyte, their queen, who stood upon the steps of the high altar, wearingHercules, 113:altar, wearing the girdle given her by Venus, queen of love. This girdle was a symbol, a symbol ofHercules, 113:to seize the sacred girdle of the fighting queen. Forth to the son of God who was likewise a son ofHercules, 113:a son of man went Hippolyte, the warrior queen. He fought and struggled with her and listened notHercules, 113:he required. And as he stood beside the dying queen, aghast at that which he had done, he heard hisHercules, 116:dead." And in the labor in Virgo,he slayed the queen of the Amazons, though she offered him, theHercules, 118:The word went out only to the country where the queen of the Amazons ruled her woman's world, allHercules, 121:in Virgo, when he did not understand that the queen of the Amazons was to be redeemed by unity, notHercules, 227:labor, and seizes the girdle of Hippolyte, the Queen of the Amazons. It is interesting to note that
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