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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUESTION

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Astrology, 90:of planetary influences in the twelve houses. I question whether there is any living astrologerAstrology, 103:some new state of consciousness? The crucial question, however, to be determined in every case, isAstrology, 145:the service of humanity. In connection with the question of consciousness, students would find itAstrology, 233:however, it is in Libra that the whole question comes up and will increasingly come up forAstrology, 235:and desirable direction. Of this there is no question of doubt; there is only the point in time andAstrology, 268:point I seek to make here is that it is all a question of developed reception and sensitivity. UponAstrology, 285:may be our personal opinion of him, there is no question that he has unified, produced fusion andAstrology, 369:basic revolution. Note this phrasing. The entire question of the revolving wheel with its dualAstrology, 374:are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great question is: Will this Taurian influence, increasedAstrology, 375:all their major determining activities by the question: Is my present attitude, my work orAstrology, 378:the critical situation now to be found. The question is: Will the Bull of desire or the Bull ofAstrology, 413:world crisis because it is related to the entire question of conscious response to subjectiveAstrology, 442:a word in answer to a perfectly normal question which is liable to arise in the minds of thinkingAstrology, 493:of real moment or perhaps, I should say that a question might here be asked: How does it happenAstrology, 498:prove its usefulness where the average man is in question, focused in his personality life andAstrology, 685:polarized to our seven schemes. A very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justlyAstrology, 686:to be receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack ofAtom, 16:will not be possible for us fully to answer the question, What is the truth? nor to express anyAtom, 19:when we contact the reality on every side, we question the possibility of the ideal materializing,Atom, 19:to be superhuman consciousness. The next question which will face us will be, What lies back of allAtom, 48:enlarge a little upon this, when I take up the question of form building. I only seek tonight, inAtom, 54:for us to do is to consider somewhat the question of what a form really is. If we turn to aAtom, 57:much light may be gained upon this abstruse question of the manifestation of God, the centralAtom, 60:a long time been an atheist, but had begun to question the ground of her unbelief after severalAtom, 98:to the Deity Who indwells it. Let us take up the question of consciousness itself, and study theAtom, 112:lies within, and to study for ourselves this question of meditation. I would like here to sound aAtom, 126:lines, and meet with a rapid reaction. Here the question of right or wrong does not enter in, butAtom, 151:its turn, reflects the entire solar system. This question of atomic life, if we think it out, isAutobiography, 30:words and actions each day in the light of the question: "What would Jesus have done?" I hadAutobiography, 33:religious environment has no real bearing on the question; [34] I knew nothing different than toAutobiography, 48:was always to be found in the answer to the one question: "What would Jesus do in similarAutobiography, 51:books was being translated into German and the question had arisen. They gave it up in despair forAutobiography, 55:but in due time and in answer to my perennial question, "What would Jesus have me do?" I crawledAutobiography, 57:which shows how infantile we are now." At question time at the close of a lecture - a time I alwaysAutobiography, 61:also and that we are saved by His life. But I question our human techniques very often and IAutobiography, 74:much nicer than it had ever been before. The question in my mind is: was I too terrified to bringAutobiography, 78:even in those orthodox days, I was sure it was a question of passing on to other work.Autobiography, 88:them and the soldiers was simply out of the question. The well defined caste system in GreatAutobiography, 91:since their last incarnations and it arouses a question as to evolution in my mind. Also, I do notAutobiography, 123:by God and man. Let me say here that there is no question in my mind that the Church is playing aAutobiography, 125:to do anything for me and looking back now I question if I ever let them know how serious theAutobiography, 126:written and platitudinous. They answered no question; they dealt in abstractions; they evadedAutobiography, 126:there are many such in the Bible. Then came the question in my mind: Why did God speak only toAutobiography, 151:something if it had been possible. The question might be asked how can one combat fear? Well! I canAutobiography, 168:final draft with great care. It is not just a question of taking His dictation and then submittingAutobiography, 168:it, after I have typed it out, to Him. It is a question of His careful supervision of the finalAutobiography, 176:the T.S. Mr. Rogers looked at us and asked the question, "Is there any way which you can think, byAutobiography, 183:such fools of themselves and bring the whole question of occultism into disrepute. The spiritualAutobiography, 186:not for me to say. I suppose it is largely the question of corrective education and of theAutobiography, 193:extensive and all-engrossing work ahead of us I question very much whether we should have had theAutobiography, 200:factor in individual harmony. [200] This whole question of sex is today in a fluid condition. I amAutobiography, 256:second point I would make is in the form of a question. What harm does it do if some one points theAutobiography, 288:fall into two categories: [288] Those who do not question the existence of the Spiritual HierarchyAutobiography, 288:(of which Christ is the Head). Those who still question, but who accept the teaching as a workingBethlehem, 3:increasingly prevalent. To many, the whole question of the validity of the Christian religionBethlehem, 3:portrayed character of Christ there is never any question. The enemies of Christianity admit HisBethlehem, 4:divinity. From the rational point of view, the question as to the historical accuracy of His storyBethlehem, 37:world revolves. Whether we accept this fact or question it matters not, as far as the results areBethlehem, 70:and the hosts of heaven did honor to it. This question of the earth's uniqueness has often troubledBethlehem, 81:the vision of divinity, what can we do? In this question our problem is voiced. What is the nextBethlehem, 114:His universality. Dr. Bosanquet deals with this question of personality as follows: "What I amBethlehem, 121:Second Initiation - The Baptism in Jordan The question of healing, engrossing the attention of soBethlehem, 123:lonely, and weary of conflict, He is tempted to question the very roots of His being. I do notBethlehem, 123:question the very roots of His being. I do not question the fact that Christ was assailed by doubt.Bethlehem, 124:with courage, faith and aspiration, but the question was the same: Is the life of the soul aBethlehem, 125:in Man, by J. W. Graham, p. 88.) for there is no question that "at the heart of all religion andBethlehem, 140:and characteristics which are superhuman. The question might justifiably arise: when does theBethlehem, 161:that Peter at Caesarea Phillippi answered Jesus' question out of the knowledge which he hadBethlehem, 161:pp. 217, 218. This evokes in its entirety the question as to the nature of that mission whichBethlehem, 167:is, so much in tune with the objective laws in question, that his ideas become organs for theBethlehem, 168:accepted model of human conduct. "To the question, then, whether it is personalities or ideas whichBethlehem, 169:spirit. A great Japanese asks the poignant question "What is the primary aim of a religion worthyBethlehem, 177:No student of comparative religion will question the Christian parallels to earlier events. No manBethlehem, 179:it is no part of this book to enter. The only question which is of importance for us is what partBethlehem, 180:Krishna, Hercules, Apollo and the rest. The question, in fact, narrows itself down to this, HaveBethlehem, 181:a god? [181] "As I have said before, this is a question which, interesting as it is, is not reallyBethlehem, 203:prevent that dire sin, self-satisfaction. The question of evil is too large to elucidate at length,Bethlehem, 227:In the case of the Disciples it was merely a question of [228] unselfish subjection: in the case ofBethlehem, 239:must indubitably be a basis for it. The entire question of immortality is closely linked with theBethlehem, 242:the end of conscious existence. The crucial question is, therefore: Is that which we call the soulBethlehem, 244:An analysis of one's attitude to the whole question of death and immortality can frequently serveBethlehem, 245:human experience. This thought gives rise to the question: What is it, therefore, that we seek toBethlehem, 248:Initiation - The Resurrection and Ascension The question then arises as to what occurs when theBethlehem, 248:non-existent. In an attempt to meet this question millions of people have [249] accepted theBethlehem, 249:if perfection is to be ultimately achieved, the question is merely one of time and location. TheBethlehem, 260:of perfection so that we can no longer question the nature of God, yet at the same time He gave usBethlehem, 262:and these still remain our ideals. Therefore the question of importance facing humanity today is,Bethlehem, 262:on our way to still greater achievements. The question, however, arises whether we may hasten theBethlehem, 262:is the decision we have to make? What is the question that we have to answer? Christ has said thatBethlehem, 263:man. Are we divine? That is the all-important question. Bethlehem, 266:and kind. More than that is involved. It is a question of understanding and of a new and regulatedBethlehem, 266:not seen?" (I St. John, IV, 20.) This is the question which St. John, the beloved Apostle, asks andBethlehem, 273:activity as spiritual and another as not. The question of motive, purpose and group usefulness willDestiny, 40:by the processes of evolution and is not a question of ultimate achievement but simply one of time;Destiny, 41:magic, do you really understand what I mean? I question it. Have you any true idea of what isDestiny, 76:to herself more than humanity matters and the question is: Can she achieve the terrific task ofDestiny, 81:men in the immediate future lies, and again the question arises: Will the coming [82] decisions beDestiny, 94:- The Significance of Certain Cities This entire question of the planetary centers and the energyDiscipleship1, 8:with exactitude. You will analyze and question the requirements which from time to time come fromDiscipleship1, 12:Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part II PART II The question might here be asked: How can this work
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