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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUESTION

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Psychology1, xxiv:responding to another type of ray energy. The question of the monadic ray brings in still anotherPsychology1, 4:quality, coloring and nature of the ray in question. The ray in manifestation will affect potentlyPsychology1, 6:detached and separate from the body nature; they question whether it is an integrated energetic sumPsychology1, 8:which must work in unison with it, the entire question of man's free will, of his eternal destinyPsychology1, 26:- the second, third, fifth, and seventh. The question arises here: How does it happen that we findPsychology1, 36:I have formulated and answered for the reader. Question 1 What is the Soul? Can we define it? WhatPsychology1, 59:all. Let us endeavor now to answer the second question, remembering as we proceed, that it is notPsychology1, 59:One - II. Certain Questions and their Answers Question 2 What are the Origin, Goal, Purpose andPsychology1, 63:his power, send to the utmost bounds of light a question: Why this blind power? Why death? Why thisPsychology1, 89:Certain Questions and their Answers Our third question comes up now for consideration and is asPsychology1, 89:up now for consideration and is as follows: Question 3 Can the Fact of the Soul be proved? The soulPsychology1, 109:to consider now, and they are as follows: Question 4 Of what Value is it to know about the SevenPsychology1, 109:what Value is it to know about the Seven Rays? Question 5. What is the significance of thePsychology1, 110:consciousness, awareness, and light? [110] Question four is of importance on account of its vitalPsychology1, 117:An interesting point might here be noted and a question answered. In A Treatise on White Magic IPsychology1, 117:lies outside our present discussion), and the question was asked: Who trains these Observers andPsychology1, 129:One - II. Certain Questions and their Answers Question 5 What is the Meaning of the followingPsychology1, 129:Energy of Light? We shall now consider our last question, and I shall indicate to you, in generalPsychology1, 135:process is tied up with the question of the three qualities of the soul, sentiency, consciousnessPsychology1, 158:the energy, the quality and the kingdom in question; through them the differentiated forms comePsychology1, 182:this be? you ask. I give a simple reply to your question, and yet one so scientific and so profoundPsychology1, 183:will have shifted further back. There will be no question in anyone's mind that the discarding ofPsychology1, 205:and great caution he sees every side [205] of a question equally clearly. This sometimes paralysesPsychology1, 220:still right and proper. This brings up the whole question of vegetarianism, and I shall deal withPsychology1, 231:reply. I shall make answer by asking another question: What indication has the would-be server thatPsychology1, 237:with a measure of facility. A very apposite question might here be asked: What determines the rayPsychology1, 256:karma of the animal kingdom working out. The question must be viewed from a larger scale than hasPsychology1, 273:or of morality or of partisanship. The whole question is wider and bigger than any religious viewPsychology1, 283:nebulously what these hidden ideals may be. The question at issue is not primarily a religious one,Psychology1, 297:a gap in our thought which requires filling. The question now arises which is capable ofPsychology1, 302:itself, and their recognition is simply a question of time, for evolution will force thePsychology1, 367:the needed international understanding. The question emerges in your mind as to whether such aPsychology1, 367:said and prove me unreliable? Let me answer this question by pointing out that those of us whoPsychology2, 13:situations which have brought the whole question of initiation into disrepute. Many people arePsychology2, 20:not be understood. To bring more light upon this question of the triple expansion of consciousnessPsychology2, 61:and the Christ, we will regard this whole question from another point of view. The developing ofPsychology2, 124:to do three things: Show in my answers to each question that service is not a sentiment or anPsychology2, 184:and the possible barriers to success, the question will arise and rightly so: What makes itPsychology2, 217:but the seven systems of which ours is one. This question of light, bound up as it is with thePsychology2, 256:no need for us to enter upon that abstruse question in this Treatise. Ours is rather the task toPsychology2, 272:focus is transferred to the Soul. It is all a question of where lies the center of attention. ThePsychology2, 285:seven types of energy which condition him. The question arises as to when man can become aware inPsychology2, 303:and of his point of attainment there is no question. The abstruseness and the difficulty of all ofPsychology2, 326:investigations. We are not here dealing with the question of why this is so, or of how it may havePsychology2, 356:he must reflect upon and use this formula. The question might here be interjected: What should nowPsychology2, 363:or consciousness aspect, qualified by the ray in question. The relation of the human family to thePsychology2, 402:conditions, and of human equipment, are prone to question and at times to despair. Life is soPsychology2, 499:This does not seem wise, does it? The question now arises as to the source of dreams. Again, as inPsychology2, 532:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics The next question which might most correctly emerge in thePsychology2, 544:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics The question is often asked: Why is there frequently so [545]Psychology2, 572:and the thought form with the reality. The question could here properly be asked: How can thePsychology2, 663:and of mystical aspiration and must bring the question, as a concrete demonstrated factor, beforePsychology2, 666:and the Custodians of the Plan as they are. They question the authority of individuals in the NewPsychology2, 710:of beauty, and modern psychology must answer the question: What is it that [711] differentiatesPsychology2, 711:some of the reasons brought forth today, but the question really remains unanswered, and will soPsychology2, 730:Servers can be noted and can be developed. The question may be raised whether we are omitting toPsychology2, 735:gathering of the Great Ones not so long ago, the question was asked: "What can we do? for thisPsychology2, 741:sustained effort, in 1942 there would be no question but that success had crowned your efforts. TheRays, 272:of these three races. One thing complicates this question for you, but it is in reality quiteRays, 289:consciousness of the initiated disciple. It is a question of timing and of movement in space; itRays, 344:words from the Archives of the Masters, given in question and answer form. The questions areRays, 388:This is no reflection upon humanity. It is a question of divine timing and expediency, andRays, 438:or of Qualified Appearance. It is largely a question of emphases. A Master has synthesized withinRays, 466:It is - in this world cycle - pre-eminently a question of fusion and expressing (in full wakingRays, 496:but for a cycle only. It is pre-eminently a question of speed and of organizing for speed. ThisRays, 717:I am indicating the [717] answer to the question: Why did the planetary Logos create this world andRays, 741:the spiritual angle at this present time. This question highlights a theme which is exceedinglyRays, 741:than are the mental effects. The great question with which the Hierarchy is today faced is: WillReappearance, 52:art - both modern and ancient - leave no room to question man's divinity. Here then are theReappearance, 57:the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy The question now arises: In what way can we be ofReappearance, 108:which He will this time give? Such is the question which His disciples are now asking. TheReappearance, 116:Christian with horror; yet if one asks him the question which the disciples asked Christ about theReappearance, 142:good" and rise to prominence in the church. The question arises whether Christ would be at home inReappearance, 160:all that has been here written is accepted, the question necessarily arises: What should be done toReappearance, 163:of general frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must weReappearance, 163:of the Christ People are prone to ask the question as to why the Christ does not come - in the pompReappearance, 164:expressed. Therefore, another answer to the question posited is that Christ and the spiritualReappearance, 175:human relations. It is, therefore, essentially a question of right education and correct trainingReappearance, 177:the point of approaching in mass formation this question of money, can permanently rechannel it.Reappearance, 178:money into channels which appeal to them. The question is often asked: Why do the Unity School ofSoul, 11:counterpart of this behavior? It seems a queer question to ask and one that at first blush would beSoul, 11:adrenals, and the rest? If we pursue this question to its logical end, we shall doubtless learn toSoul, 40:of the endocrine system we come naturally to the question: What, then, are the ductless glands, oneSoul, 52:another? And as for the second and broader question, is a mere mechanism the be-all and end-all ofSoul, 59:more later. In harmonizing the two schools, the question naturally arises, does Western ScienceSoul, 59:accepts the universal medium of ether without question. In the last paragraph of his Principia, heSoul, 60:properties which can be investigated, is a question which in one form or another has often beenSoul, 70:calls the "deeper Being," He says: "The next question is whether and how it is possible to developSoul, 73:and never succeeded in an adequate answer to the question as to how the mind goes out of itself toSoul, 82:word signifies no more than 'the self,' and the question then arises what we regard as our self.Soul, 101:on it speech also is based, while the further question on what the heart is based is angrilySoul, 128:which in turn acts upon the dense physical. The question which appeals most strongly to the WesternSoul, 129:originally created by the particular man in question. The same is equally, and if anything, moreSoul, 154:extract from a recent publication puts the question of the soul in another way, and perhaps, willSoul, 155:[155] The philosophers have often debated the question of the priority of will or intellect in man.Telepathysupervening upon such diverse conditions, the question arises at once: What provides the commonTelepathybetween the minds involved? The answer to this question is of paramount importance and necessitatesTelepathy, 54:insuperably difficult to others, apparently!) a question of the acceptance, first of all, of itsTelepathy, 55:environment. It is, in the last analysis, just a question as to what "impresses" you at any given
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