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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUESTIONING

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Astrology, 133:the problem is your feeling of doubt and questioning as to the truth and the verifiability of theAstrology, 134:others, and that there is little real room for questioning. This is equally true of the science ofAstrology, 546:is the spirit of agnosticism and an attitude of questioning. But the imposition of the ancientAutobiography, 9:they were, at the same time, years of miserable questioning, of disillusionment, of unhappyAutobiography, 22:to make the vision a reality is mastered. Surely questioning and a blind feeling after God mustAutobiography, 22:offset, if the cause and the purpose of the questioning, of the inarticulate longings, and of theAutobiography, 35:and in the very middle of my dilemma and questioning - one of the Masters of the Wisdom came to me.Autobiography, 59:started, I really believe, the cycle of interior questioning which later led me out of myAutobiography, 85:episodes threw my mind into the most violent questioning and helped eventually bring about aAutobiography, 86:it was that I had committed to Christ; I was questioning all the facts about which I had beenAutobiography, 123:kept telling me I was paying the penalty of my questioning doubts and that if I had held on to myAutobiography, 126:pointed out, I had arrived in America with much questioning in my mind as to the spiritual veritiesAutobiography, 138:that I learned that was beginning to satisfy my questioning mind and my disturbed heart? I had beenAutobiography, 212:cause and effect had solved the problems of my questioning mind. The Hierarchy was known to me. IBethlehem, 44:The way into the kingdom is found by questioning and answering, by seeking and finding, and by theBethlehem, 190:concept upon which we can take our stand without questioning, and also with the certainty that itBethlehem, 222:being. This brought the cry of protest and of questioning: "My God, my God! Why hast Thou forsakenBethlehem, 243:of the last enemy, whose name is Death. This questioning of belief, and this wrestling with anBethlehem, 278:the inferiority complex which rises up in questioning when such words occur as the above phrase:Discipleship1, 22:in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning. A change in this relationship betweenDiscipleship1, 27:truth, ignoring any pain or suffering or mental questioning which is incident to personalityDiscipleship1, 64:of personality intention or point of view and a questioning also as to your own sincerity orDiscipleship1, 78:for eradicating all reason for the speculative questioning of some of you as to my identity and ofDiscipleship1, 119:and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties, much questioning which wrested response from your soulDiscipleship1, 124:- B.S.D. January 1939 There has been much questioning in your mind during the past few months andDiscipleship1, 128:your own standard of spiritual living. My questioning is based upon a tendency on your part towardsDiscipleship1, 153:in the work. I would reply to this subjective questioning of yours in the following terms: DecisiveDiscipleship1, 166:be carried forward without discouragement or questioning - with due attention to the time factorDiscipleship1, 190:it does keep you yourself in a constant state of questioning and of bewilderment about theDiscipleship1, 190:the fundamentals by which humanity lives. A questioning of the unanswerable is a waste of time, myDiscipleship1, 190:developed. When developed, the futility of your questioning will be seen, for you will know theDiscipleship1, 347:terms of bewilderment, or critical intellectual questioning, it can let in destructive force. UseDiscipleship1, 350:quiet spirit which is free from criticism, undue questioning and goes forth to others in love. IDiscipleship1, 350:This fifth ray mind gives you the enquiring, questioning nature which is one of your outstandingDiscipleship1, 368:three years ago, I viewed your condition with questioning as to whether or not you had reached yourDiscipleship1, 451:to answer some of the problems of your rightly questioning mind. There is a general principle ofDiscipleship1, 518:when one's mind is bewildered by the fogs of questioning and doubt or when there is a spirit ofDiscipleship1, 564:reign as the result of a heart free from self-questioning, and not the result of the shutting of aDiscipleship1, 582:is that one has to do. [582] Your mind is ever a questioning mind. It is my duty always to throwDiscipleship1, 618:anticipated and you are full of inner distress, questioning [619] and bewilderment. This wasDiscipleship2, 84:York or in Europe. There has necessarily been questioning among senior students and in this groupDiscipleship2, 90:and of these eight, two are causing me some questioning. You might at this point appropriately askDiscipleship2, 165:be patience and a willingness to refrain from questioning; as a prayer for the strengthening ofDiscipleship2, 196:If this is done by you as directed and with no questioning as to effectiveness, you will understandDiscipleship2, 233:in the general group meditation? That is a questioning worth answering and of great encouragementDiscipleship2, 447:and purpose. You have faced many such periods of questioning in the past year, my brother, and yourDiscipleship2, 475:with a positive belief in yourself and, without questioning, choose the field of largestDiscipleship2, 518:in intention and in effort, untrammeled by questioning and devious introspection; simplicity leadsDiscipleship2, 535:will give you a love which may at first arouse questioning in your mind but which will greatlyDiscipleship2, 538:come which require understanding and which evoke questioning; he begins to study the quality of hisDiscipleship2, 564:your mind. You can [564] now cease from all questioning as to the future, can you not? And inDiscipleship2, 631:Master arrives at his goal through a process of questioning and of finding, alone and without anyDiscipleship2, 657:yourself an intense life of aspiration, of questioning and (if I might so express it) of questing.Externalisation, 185:hopeless looking into the future, bewildered questioning, suicide and murder; the smoke ofExternalisation, 230:for many years accepted my premises without much questioning but refrained from positive action orExternalisation, 234:planet anywhere today. There is no peace in the questioning hearts of those who are not activelyExternalisation, 255:heart of humanity and causing deep distress and questioning in those whose hearts are not yet soExternalisation, 286:great and satisfying reply [286] to all human questioning and human need is to be found in theExternalisation, 317:on their work in the midst of chaos, turmoil, questioning, pain, and distress. They cannot,Externalisation, 332:of helping humanity, and let them know (past all questioning) that the Hierarchy stands. Externalisation, 415:between these two extremes is a large group of questioning people; they are not part of theExternalisation, 698:and the less advanced they are the greater the questioning and the greater the emphasis upon theHealing, 233:die." Death had hitherto been accepted without questioning as the fate of all living things, butHealing, 380:consciously in the realm of causes. There is no questioning in the Hierarchy, except upon thoseHealing, 402:the human soul; they aim to answer the eternal questioning of the human heart as to Whence, Why,Healing, 412:existence will have advanced out of the realm of questioning into the realm of certainty...ThereHealing, 438:persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, a recognition of the possibility ofHealing, 708:"pool of waters" figures here and may cause much questioning as to its significance. Its elementaryHercules, 57:- Labor III - Part 1 Chastened, yet full of questioning relief, Hercules continued with his searchHercules, 95:his ready hand. But deep within his heart was questioning. [96] "What do I here?" he said. "What isHercules, 97:They greeted Hercules with joy at first, with questioning later, as they saw the manner of hisIntellect, 22:of dissatisfaction with the results. We are questioning whether our educational systems areIntellect, 127:at the same time, dissatisfied. They look with questioning into the future or face theIntellect, 161:recognized as infallibly true and arouses no questioning. All sudden solutions of apparentlyMagic, 17:such as the soul, God and immortality - without questioning. The other is that small but steadilyMagic, 110:rather than of the heart?" I would answer such a questioning as follows: It is not a question ofMagic, 162:in the Light of the Eternal; in the place of questioning expectancy he must substitute that placid,Magic, 182:and the ability to record and refrain from questioning until more is known. Then the aspirant isMagic, 324:thus into explanation as I have seen many questioning, and am anxious that the process followed mayMagic, 327:through an intermediate stage of chaos and of questioning, of rebellion and consequent apparentMeditation, 169:the whole. He must grasp it as a fact past all questioning and not just as a mental concept, and inPatanjaliare bodily disability, mental inertia, wrong questioning, carelessness, laziness, lack ofPatanjali, 62:are bodily disability, mental inertia, wrong questioning, carelessness, laziness, lack ofPatanjali, 65:yogins will be gathered. Obstacle III - Wrong Questioning This is the next stage and is alsoPatanjali, 65:Some translators call this 'doubt.' This wrong questioning is that which is based upon lowerPatanjali, 65:and in the things of the senses. There is a questioning which is right and proper. It is thatPatanjali, 73:Control of the life force. (1.34.) 3. Wrong questioning One pointed thought. (1.35.) 4.Problems, 18:accept dictatorship and propaganda without any questioning or revolt and with a deep sense ofProblems, 93:land - great and small - are full of fear and questioning; they are worn by the war, sick ofProblems, 129:of divinity. Freedom of [129] thought, the questioning of presented truths, a refusal to accept theProblems, 134:as they face the future; everyone is questioning what that future has in store and there is noPsychology1, 96:them the fact of the soul, beyond all doubt or questioning. The Mystery of the Ages is on the vergePsychology1, 182:The fact of God will be established and men's questioning in this respect will end. Such a God willPsychology1, 183:existence will have advanced out of the realm of questioning into the realm of certainty. ThePsychology1, 283:East and in the West, which has led to a general questioning, and also to the failure of the legalPsychology2, 187:in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning. This great group training experiment,Psychology2, 605:life, and whose minds are quiescent and non-questioning except in an emotional sense and for thePsychology2, 635:affairs. They are today swept by uncertainty, by questioning, by deep seated fears, and by theRays, 102:persistence and eternity, there still remains a questioning, a recognition of the possibility ofRays, 249:understanding through direct experience. Then no questioning can ever arise and sure knowledge
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