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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUESTIONS

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Astrology, 103:the type of horoscope which should be cast. Two questions will then arise, requiring reasonedAstrology, 103:followed by initiation in Capricorn? Subsidiary questions would, for instance be: For which deathAstrology, 110:to inevitable temporary bewilderment. One of the questions which normally arises might be expressedAstrology, 176:all disciples have to master, asks the following questions and supplies the needed answers: "WhereAstrology, 661:in The Secret Doctrine In answer to the questions: "What planets of those known to ordinaryAtom, 6:and though we do not know the answers to our questions, though we have not as yet discovered theAtom, 13:There have been many attempts to reply to these questions, and as we study them we find that theAtom, 36:possible to be dogmatic in dealing with these questions. Nevertheless, rightly or wrongly, I have aAutobiography, 12:when I was not thinking, and puzzling and asking questions and rebelling and hoping. Yet I was 35Autobiography, 48:and unexpressed, I was beginning to ask questions, though refusing to answer them, and underneathAutobiography, 83:therefore, how little by little these interior questions were thundering in my spiritual ears. Autobiography, 109:they undoubtedly guessed it though they asked no questions. My sister was married whilst I wasAutobiography, 120:III As I have studied and thought and asked questions, certain things have clarified in my mind andAutobiography, 126:a man's faith if he is intelligent enough to ask questions and is not of the type that acceptsAutobiography, 135:was in and out of their home, talking and asking questions, a great deal. My days then became veryAutobiography, 156:I was sworn in; the judge asked me one or two questions as to residence and age of the children andAutobiography, 182:spiritual aspiration I ask them the following questions, - "Do you leave your occult books lyingAutobiography, 279:in that school he eventually finds all his questions answered and his problems solved. He discoversAutobiography, 280:ask and we should answer certain important questions, such as: What is the purpose of the ArcaneAutobiography, 281:greatly facilitate all future work, disposing of questions and clearing the way for anAutobiography, 285:if the student is sincere and earnest. We ask no questions and listen to no gossip. We realize thatBethlehem, 4:why humanity at this time believes so little, or questions so unhappily what is believed, may beBethlehem, 107:in the wilderness is most controversial. Many questions have been propounded and much agony of soulBethlehem, 108:to share with Him this experience? Many such questions arise in the mind of the intelligent man,Bethlehem, 124:the higher and the lower self - and he, too, questions what he shall do. Shall he go ahead with theBethlehem, 124:intellect does not doubt in this sense; it questions and waits. [125] But it is in the Holy Place,Bethlehem, 242:provided we go on seeking answers to these questions. Bethlehem, 244:inertia, and in confused thinking. The following questions therefore come to one's mind, andBethlehem, 278:everything to the good of the whole? These are questions which are of importance to the individualDiscipleship1, XIII:relation between the initials and the disciple. Questions as to identity will not be answered atDiscipleship1, 17:of communication persist? [17] Many such questions arise and time alone will give the answer. IfDiscipleship1, 51:If you will ask yourselves the following questions and courageously and truthfully make replyDiscipleship1, 52:it when it displays itself to you? These questions have a twofold purpose. They will, if you answerDiscipleship1, 52:workers. If you will write down and answer these questions and share the replies with yourDiscipleship1, 52:am consequently proffering to you, through these questions, the opportunity to practice early inDiscipleship1, 63:the radio is the outer physical symbol. Certain questions now arise and it might be well toDiscipleship1, 64:work, in connection with telepathy, which raise questions in your mind? Is it not distrust ofDiscipleship1, 106:of the next life cycle. Ask of me, therefore, questions if you understand not the above injunctionsDiscipleship1, 106:you and this perhaps will answer some of your questions. I view the achievement of my group ofDiscipleship1, 118:with its definite and specific uses. These questions which I have imposed upon your minds are inDiscipleship1, 118:in the nature of what might be called "catch" questions. The astral body is - in its time and placeDiscipleship1, 119:must be prepared. Your papers and replies to the questions given to you deal primarily with yourDiscipleship1, 119:your spiritual equals and superiors? Reread Your questions and replies in this light and see whatDiscipleship1, 139:will release you to fuller service. If you have questions which you seek to ask me, brother of old,Discipleship1, 141:you, my co-disciple. I seek to answer the two questions you have asked me. As regards Z, theDiscipleship1, 166:first ray brevity, you have replied to certain questions which I have put to you and yet theseDiscipleship1, 196:each twenty-four hours, taking one or two of the questions in the review, reflecting deeply upon itDiscipleship1, 196:months. Then each month answer one of the six questions I here set you, one question each month.Discipleship1, 197:and in what manner? Let your replise to these questions be brief but full. Yes, I mean exactly whatDiscipleship1, 202:You will see, therefore, why I asked you the questions I did in the last instructions, and requiredDiscipleship1, 247:the vision of their own souls? [247] These are questions which you alone can answer and they stillDiscipleship1, 252:February 1937 MY BROTHER: Your replies to the questions which I asked were honest. It is not wise,Discipleship1, 269:the following way and ask yourself the following questions, entering the relation of the crisis inDiscipleship1, 300:You will naturally demand: "How can I do this? Questions and problems of various kinds fill myDiscipleship1, 343:science of psychology than are any of you. Your questions and your occasional papers will be ofDiscipleship1, 349:I would ask you now to take the following six questions, based upon these seed thoughts, into yourDiscipleship1, 350:with a patient? [350] You will find these questions of engrossing interest and well worth yourDiscipleship1, 377:choose - upon an extended period of service. The questions before you are: Will you serve as andDiscipleship1, 377:serve as you believe you can and should? These questions are basic and can only be answered arightDiscipleship1, 389:of light and of contact. I will put to you three questions, and in their answering, we will findDiscipleship1, 389:the way into the Presence? Answer these three questions and realize that for you the contact withDiscipleship1, 391:ask you to ponder over and answer the following questions. You have a life tendency toDiscipleship1, 391:lose sight of the synthesis of the whole. The questions are: To recognize the Presence, I mustDiscipleship1, 392:Myself, the Angel. The Presence. The first three questions can be answered or not in writingDiscipleship1, 392:on which the Sun moves northward, answer these questions in my presence and to me, your brother andDiscipleship1, 392:your position and attitude. The fourth and fifth questions please answer in writing and elucidateDiscipleship1, 406:of your real field of service. One of the first questions you would ask me if we stood face to faceDiscipleship1, 427:its appearance is only temporary. [427] Two questions I will ask you here, which I shall not answerDiscipleship1, 432:In terms of discipleship? Take each of these questions for two days at a time and give themDiscipleship1, 450:of unresolved doubts and the presence of many questions in your mind, but your attitude towardsDiscipleship1, 512:criticize him even to yourself? I commend these questions to you and to all in my group ofDiscipleship1, 555:you in doing this, permit me to formulate three questions which may be of assistance in this effortDiscipleship1, 558:usefulness. It is not my request that the three questions I put to you earlier in this instructionDiscipleship1, 571:to subject others? Your answer to both these questions will be, I know, in the affirmative, for ofDiscipleship1, 580:from a complete refraining from all tortuous questions, from stabilizing yourself for future work,Discipleship1, 582:my duty always to throw you back upon your own questions and see to it that you reply to themDiscipleship1, 582:and the wide range of incidental and related questions which it asks. I would not bring this matterDiscipleship1, 582:I assure you that I am not seeking to evade any questions which you may ask but, if I can awakenDiscipleship1, 585:And why, my brother (to continue with the questions) has this been so? Wherein lies your difficultyDiscipleship1, 588:my group. I may do so later. I have two simple questions to ask you: Why are you working in thisDiscipleship1, 588:The reasons which prompt me to ask you these two questions are as follows: For several years andDiscipleship1, 589:would like, therefore, to put to you one or two questions in the effort to enable you to clarifyDiscipleship1, 589:to what I shall say and upon your replies to the questions which I shall put to you - I will takeDiscipleship1, 589:may seem desirable. You can reply to those questions either by word of mouth (and I shall hear) orDiscipleship1, 589:of this group any longer because of you. The questions which I seek to put to you are theDiscipleship1, 589:you are the following: 1 and 2. The two previous questions in the first paragraph of thisDiscipleship1, 590:I have your attitude in relation to the above questions, I shall not again communicate with you.Discipleship1, 591:I will speak to you briefly. Your replies to the questions have been scanned by me and as I readDiscipleship1, 603:and love." Then ask yourself the following three questions: That which I have accomplished duringDiscipleship1, 604:you last July can now be stopped, but the three questions which were incorporated in the thirdDiscipleship1, 607:thoughts to me. Have you done this? Two of these questions, I will answer for you, but I will notDiscipleship1, 631:January 1937 DEAR BROTHER: Your replies to the questions which I set you entertained me. They wereDiscipleship1, 631:task helpful to you? Did the answering of those questions bring you illumination and those momentsDiscipleship1, 638:major value which [638] you can contribute? Two questions are arising in your mind. What can youDiscipleship1, 655:each day of the week with the following seven questions: Sunday... Did I work as a soul in myDiscipleship1, 682:your deep interest. The beginner is full of questions upon all sorts of subjects. The trainedDiscipleship1, 686:Six Stages of Discipleship - Part II PART II Two questions always arise the moment the stage ofDiscipleship1, 686:in thought of the Master's thought? These are questions of importance. The obedience required isDiscipleship1, 693:to give the most help at this time? These questions must all meet with a balanced, intelligent andDiscipleship1, 697:humanity. The disciple now naturally and rightly questions how thought power and spiritual instinct
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