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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUICK

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Astrology, 87:are found some of the dangers entailed in a too quick publication of information concerning theAstrology, 367:and the immortal self or soul. Sensitivity and quick reaction are characteristic of people bornAstrology, 436:triangle at this time. Mercury brings in that quick and intuitive mind which interprets experience,Autobiography, 112:Jesus have me do?" I was not a cross person or quick on the trigger but I expect my silence andAutobiography, 120:to him than the ethical values and that he is quick and expert in taking advantage of the Gentiles.Autobiography, 128:The work was piece work and I knew that I was quick and I hoped to earn good money and I did. IAutobiography, 226:quite a deep thinker and good psychologist, quick tempered, very artistic and devoted to herBethlehem, 154:nature. Meschach means "agile," quick moving, which is in itself a very good description of theDiscipleship1, 7:facilitate each others' efforts. I promise no quick results. I undertake to provide no spectacularDiscipleship1, 47:alive, alert, keen to recognize relationships, quick to react to need, mentally, emotionally andDiscipleship1, 49:training you to utilize the Full Moon contact. Quick response to real need. You had not regardedDiscipleship1, 85:spiritual vision is strong enough) to achieve a quick reversal of all preconceived ideals. ThisDiscipleship1, 261:open door to the astral plane. Make a short, quick alignment with the soul. Know yourself to be, inDiscipleship1, 308:integrated personality. Make this a dynamic, quick and conscious activity. Attempt then, as a soul,Discipleship1, 358:meditation. Make your meditation brief and quick. You have a habit of keeping the three "sacredDiscipleship1, 376:as the other newly chosen group members, for quick participation in the group work. [377] Discipleship1, 418:and evidence a one-pointed driving forward to a quick alignment and entering into the light. AsDiscipleship1, 425:far less than formerly, and you are now quick to see any emerging wrong tendencies, and equallyDiscipleship1, 425:see any emerging wrong tendencies, and equally quick to repudiate them. Humble love is for you theDiscipleship1, 468:distressed." Your ray combinations lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead ofDiscipleship1, 498:But it is the first ray personality, with its quick response to criticism and its dislike of outerDiscipleship1, 503:holds you in its grip, working out usually as a quick self-defense and constantly erectingDiscipleship1, 508:so now. The ancient habits of thought and the quick submerging by the old rhythms are stillDiscipleship1, 554:intended function. Your grasp of teaching is so quick and so intuitive, and your mind processes areDiscipleship1, 646:are an asset, not a hindrance. This leads to quick results on the physical plane when both types ofDiscipleship1, 771:group. Some of you, particularly those who take quick refuge in self-defense, need to learn thisDiscipleship2, 573:meditation and do it with dynamic brevity. A quick rising act of alignment. A moment of poisedDiscipleship2, 586:training. Obedience, for the disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the Plan as it emanatesDiscipleship2, 658:of energy, for the sixth ray personality is quick to respond to soul energy but the effects workEducation, 76:wherein he is sure of always meeting with a quick response to inquiry and a careful reply to allExternalisation, 131:power to determine living conditions, and its quick and sympathetic touch upon life. Its method isExternalisation, 131:Its method is not that of slow adjustment but of quick assimilation. It is in that country alsoExternalisation, 271:measures, but through correct interpretation and quick appreciation by the masses, who are apt toExternalisation, 363:save the coming revelation from too swift and quick a submergence in the fire of the GreatExternalisation, 377:diplomacy, in spite of the improbability of any quick successes, there are thousands ready to startFire, 24:Blue to the green is added and completion quick is seen. The vibration of the third is added to theFire, 169:is found some of the dangers entailed in a too quick publication of information concerning theFire, 197:obscure, but probably means to "draw with quick motion". Herein lies the whole secret of thisFire, 452:is of far more profit to the Ego than the quick results brought about by the use of sound. TheFire, 765:burning fast, and the heat suffices for their quick destruction. The lamp, set in the midst ofFire, 787:overlooked that the path of incarnation is not a quick one, but that the Ego descends very slowlyFire, 1156:development of the race, and the future [1156] quick unfoldment of etheric vision, the gain will beGlamour, 190:save the coming revelation from too swift and quick submergence in the fire of the Great Illusion.Healing, 103:By an act of the will, after making your own quick, conscious alignment, link up as a soul with theHealing, 301:this resistance. As a result you have debility, quick and bad reaction to the disease indigenous inHealing, 489:feeble manner. This process is relatively quick and is dependent upon the extent of the manasicHercules, 55:with his search. At first he dreamed of quick success, but Antaeus, the serpent, met him on thatHercules, 211:is offered as a basis for further study and quick reference. Aries, the Ram Element: Fire sign (asIntellect, 39:of memory training, and the development of a quick handling of the response apparatus which puts usIntellect, 83:not simply his lower characteristics. It is a quick process for the unfolding of the reasoningIntellect, 97:higher and more unselfish living, and sounding a quick note of warning when there is deviation fromMagic, 117:by the rank and file of mankind. In the quick recognition of their truthfulness and the attempt toMagic, 230:and a clear vision which make right choice and quick progress upon the way a steady progression. WeMagic, 342:a comprehension of the world's need, and too quick an apprehension of the many issues involved inMagic, 612:irritate the casual thinker who seeks easy and quick methods and formulas through which to work.Meditation, 112:occidental is practical, businesslike, dynamic, quick in action, a slave to organization (which isPsychology1, 264:of strength and truth divine; thus do we enter quick within the tomb and die. Thus are we raisedPsychology2, 216:on the thought here presented, but not to be quick to assume understanding. There are many ways inPsychology2, 747:from the inner side of life, and will make us quick also to recognize our brothers who are pledgedRays, 765:touched a chord within his breast, and awakened quick response. [766] Press on, O Pilgrim, towardsReappearance, 16:humanity in those earlier times. If there was a quick response to the Messenger when He cameSoul, 92:it, safeguarded the public also from a too quick comprehension of a most [93] dangerous science. ATelepathy, 29:word or thought, and not with the receiver. A quick glance toward the receiver, a momentary sendingTelepathy, 89:first and second ray people are relatively quick. Third ray people are also slow, for they are lost
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