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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUICKER

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Discipleship1, 341:to world conditions is more sensitive and quicker and in their subsequent clear thinking lies theDiscipleship1, 396:life and the group integration, and that the quicker they are handled and ended the better for theDiscipleship1, 427:pouring through it will always produce in you quicker reactions than in the average person.Discipleship1, 452:therefore, in this method the probability of a quicker ending of the present conflict and worldDiscipleship2, 129:that the better you do this exercise and the quicker and closer your alignment, the better will beDiscipleship2, 416:trite statement. Can you arrive at it in any quicker time? Still other formulated hints deal withExternalisation, 155:and the greater the process of terrorism, the quicker the end which is desirable and right; theyExternalisation, 308:physical plane and on the astral plane; it is quicker and more immediate in results, but theHealing, 483:By the use of fire, all forms are dissolved; the quicker the human physical vehicle is destroyed,Healing, 483:the human physical vehicle is destroyed, the quicker is its hold upon the withdrawing soul broken.Initiation, 177:of the Wisdom. In this case the process is quicker, for a man comes under instruction - should heRays, 702:Hierarchy; He made it easier for a much quicker communication to be set up between those two greatReappearance, 16:when He came before, it will be more general and quicker now, both in rejection and in acceptance.
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