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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUIESCENCE

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Astrology, 425:condition or "aliveness" of the centers or their quiescence. This is true of a man galvanized intoDiscipleship2, 134:this period in a state of waiting and attentive quiescence. The disciple has - as oft I have toldDiscipleship2, 450:you crisis after crisis; it involved periods of quiescence and of enforced activity; it alsoDiscipleship2, 730:the force of masterhood is released, bringing quiescence and acquiescence, it is difficult toDiscipleship2, 730:to predict the happenings possible." Your quiescence, demonstrated upon the physical plane, largelyExternalisation, 537:an important point to recognize. The temporary quiescence of the love principle, as the HierarchyFire, 157:the result of lack of activity and the relative quiescence of the fires of matter. These fires,Fire, 227:not. There is Spirit-substance but in a state of quiescence, of utter neutrality, of negativity,Fire, 227:interact upon each other; activity supersedes quiescence; positivity replaces negativity; movementFire, 733:of any unit involved, a pralaya is a period of quiescence, of cessation from a particular type ofFire, 743:might briefly enumerate the following periods of quiescence: Between Two Globes in a Chain. ThisFire, 747:thus attained, and likewise the curious state of quiescence which is achieved by Those Who haveFire, 764:mind of the student the idea of interludes of quiescence dependent upon the intervening periods ofFire, 771:fire at the center of the lotus, sinks back into quiescence, and becomes an abstraction as far asFire, 843:of certain types of activity, producing a quiescence in certain of His centers, and an increasedFire, 960:of alignment. Accurate alignment entails, Mental quiescence, or stable vibration, EmotionalFire, 1078:as in all else, there will be periods of quiescence, and periods of intensified activity. This willFire, 1164:passed out of activity, and is in a condition of quiescence and non-activity. This latter scheme isHealing, 189:of interplay or of separativeness, of quiescence or of activity, for in these dualities are to beHealing, 217:diseases can also be traced to the same quiescence. As the emotional nature is developed and theHealing, 657:the healer during this process is one of intense quiescence. Having made his contact, he simplyIntellect, 99:from the mind, which is held in a state of quiescence. Illumination. This is the result of theIntellect, 130:been an intense activity, and no condition of quiescence, of negativity, or of passive receptivity.Intellect, 231:the meditation work. The call for too great a quiescence of the untrained personality, and theMagic, 62:Are they passing through a period of temporary quiescence, preparatory to greater impulse andMagic, 527:responsive cells, can be suitably impressed when quiescence has been achieved, and can become theMagic, 527:represent those who have achieved peace and quiescence, and can be impressed; aspirants andPatanjali, 103:to the eye of the average man a condition of quiescence is achieved which is the sublimation of thePatanjali, 109:He has the chitta or mind stuff in a state of quiescence, The sutratma or thread is functioningPatanjali, 226:man on his own plane) and then of complete quiescence or stillness. This latter condition ofPatanjali, 227:literally the three in one and the one in three, Quiescence, or the attitude of positivePatanjali, 228:-," the idea being that once the condition of quiescence [229] has been reached, and the fourthProblems, 101:the middle Ages, then after a period of relative quiescence again the displaced Jews were on thePsychology1, 318:centers, and the lower centers fading away into quiescence, until the time comes when all of theRays, 201:to other localities in space, holding it in quiescence on the withdrawn breath until a later cycleSoul, 129:The second is: As a man's centers, so is he. The quiescence or the activity of certain focal points
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