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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUIESCENT

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Astrology, 250:is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering his forces for aAstrology, 255:divine aspect played then upon the ocean of quiescent matter and prepared that substance (overAstrology, 444:and that where there is a static condition and a quiescent attitude, the process moves but slowly;Astrology, 453:at the base of the spine is practically entirely quiescent, except in connection with its pranicAstrology, 491:so violent that the Libran force is relatively quiescent. Ray III is expressing itself throughAstrology, 521:the planetary Life which are as yet relatively quiescent as far as any world effect is concerned.Autobiography, 3:circumstance, and when one remains [3] mentally quiescent in the face of life. That is disaster.Destiny, 4:active whilst others are steadily becoming quiescent. It is these active forces which we will nowDestiny, 96:on our planet which are as yet relatively quiescent as far as any world effect is concerned. ToDiscipleship1, 50:and glamorous nature be controlled and rendered quiescent by the life of the soul, functioningDiscipleship1, 87:the will aspect of the soul; the will is usually quiescent in its higher aspects until a man treadsDiscipleship1, 92:of the personal life? Will he stand in a static quiescent condition in which neither the higherDiscipleship1, 106:I will answer. You will find this line of more quiescent activity hard at first, for well-organizedDiscipleship1, 112:is, in your case, very little awakened. It is quiescent and revolving slowly. The pituitary bodyDiscipleship1, 112:soon bring into greater vibratory activity the quiescent ajna center. Should headache or tensionDiscipleship1, 275:which governs your physical body is unduly quiescent and should be awakened by the soul toDiscipleship1, 547:illuminating your mind, rendering positive and quiescent your astral nature, and invigorating andDiscipleship2, 63:a position of extreme tension. In a condition of quiescent waiting. It awaits: The decision whichDiscipleship2, 65:because he is, as yet, unable to achieve that "quiescent waiting" which distinguishes the higherDiscipleship2, 115:will result in the awakening of the hitherto quiescent point of force which lies behind (or ratherDiscipleship2, 118:and propelled forth consciously - to the quiescent point of dim light within the solar plexus.Discipleship2, 119:by an act of the will - linking up both with the quiescent point within the solar plexus - thatDiscipleship2, 119:and the energy in the head is driven to the quiescent center in the solar plexus. You will haveDiscipleship2, 120:to deal with them occultly. The unawakened or quiescent point of light in the solar plexus comesDiscipleship2, 120:energies are transferred into the hitherto quiescent point of light, now awakened and intensifyingDiscipleship2, 121:of the average aspirant, practically entirely quiescent and only become a realized activity as theDiscipleship2, 489:body is making no resistance but remains quiescent and negative - able to make the Great TransitionEducation, 77:directional will is often, at this age, entirely quiescent and will not become active until theExternalisation, 18:an undue strain on the brain cells for it brings quiescent cells into activity and awakens theExternalisation, 250:it sets in motion agencies and forces hitherto quiescent, and these can change the face of theExternalisation, 469:must go. It portrays a picture of a waiting, quiescent Christ, living in some vague and far awayFire, 461:rejected, and as a group they became temporarily quiescent, and will not manifest in physical formFire, 484:returns to the bosom of Father, and Mother rests quiescent." The Masters, in concert with the greatFire, 520:the [520] embodiment of centers which are now quiescent or out of manifestation, the logoicFire, 640:raised and submerged; volcanoes are active or quiescent, and thus the world is purified by fire. InFire, 743:at the close of a chain, and holds them quiescent in His aura. This covers a period of aFire, 764:the buddhic plane. Between these two stages of quiescent (though self-conscious) inertia and ofFire, 838:triangle was consummated. Yet the four are seen quiescent [839] and respond not to the heat. ThusFire, 841:of all achievement, that is, manas. They were quiescent during the Atlantean root-race but haveFire, 886:has succeeded in keeping these three organs quiescent, is superseded and the solar Angels pour inFire, 932:from a reservoir of energy which was kept in a quiescent condition until the physical condition ofGlamour, 217:will - is dynamic but at this stage quiescent and not magnetic or radiatory. Next follows a processGlamour, 251:disciple. The inner or divine eye is quiescent and relatively inactive, being only the organ ofHealing, 16:of an outside party, and should be passive, quiescent and negative. Secondly, there is theHealing, 74:energy from these sources of supply flow, are quiescent, unawakened or only functioning partiallyHealing, 169:as a whole, is still the sacral center; the most quiescent center in the body (from the angle ofHealing, 181:supports all the other centers. It is relatively quiescent at this time, for it is only roused intoHealing, 199:the Atlantean; the mind nature was then quiescent and little stimulation was conveyed throughHealing, 201:In the latter case, the entire area is in a quiescent state, spiritually speaking, and. the focusHealing, 217:of evolution take effect) is largely due to the quiescent state of practically all the centers,Healing, 487:The mental permanent atom was also practically quiescent within each human form, and there wasHealing, 523:developing, with the third latent and relatively quiescent. The Laws of Nature - the separate lawsHealing, 552:of emotional reaction and to become calm and quiescent. This quiet reaction has to be attained ifHealing, 577:and Atlantis the mind was practically entirely quiescent and not really functioning at all; it isHealing, 580:in the head, and when the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as a transmitter of soulHercules, 143:subterranean regions of the subconscious, now quiescent and now bursting forth in tumultuousIntellect, 137:and the lower or personal self is entirely quiescent and still, whilst the true spiritual EntityIntellect, 143:the gained information to the waiting quiescent brain. When the soul has learned to handle itsIntellect, 204:in human beings (who are not idiots), but it is quiescent until the right time comes and the neededIntellect, 213:avenues of sense perception are brought into a quiescent condition. The consciousness of the realIntellect, 227:are not dropping back into a negative emotional quiescent state. I have used such forms as theIntellect, 232:it is to induce the mystic to renounce his quiescent condition (which is the result of an endeavorMagic, 66:from reaching you. Endeavor therefore to remain quiescent as life unrolls, work, toil, strive,Magic, 132:the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that He seeks to impart,Magic, 169:intelligence, the lower powers must be quiescent. They can only be safely used by advancedMagic, 192:which has hitherto been only latent and quiescent. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when theMagic, 250:soul controls and the spiritual soul is perforce quiescent. Air is the symbol of the higher life inMagic, 288:wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One. Let theMagic, 516:of inspired waiting. The mechanism is entirely quiescent. The mind is held steady in the light andMagic, 591:commonly called the kundalini fire, which lies quiescent, latent and potential in the lowestMeditation, 10:Master, to disturb that equilibrium and tune the quiescent vibration to a higher note thanMeditation, 80:whilst the mental counterparts may be quiescent; others may have the mental centers awake and theMeditation, 94:the lower, the physical brain being then but the quiescent receiver of that which is transmittedMeditation, 98:purpose and of will, then the emotional becomes quiescent and receptive. [99] This negativeMeditation, 105:Proper meditations will be set to stimulate quiescent centers, to turn the inner fire to properMeditation, 121:three bodies of the personality receptive and quiescent, and open therefore to the attack of thePatanjali10. Passivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis (or upon the non-perceptionPatanjali, 21:of Union 10. Passivity (sleep) is based upon the quiescent state of the vrittis (or upon thePatanjali, 97:of the kingdom of God, he reflects back into the quiescent mental body or mind that which he hasPatanjali, 206:hither and thither but becomes controlled and quiescent and receptive to the higher impress. [207]Patanjali, 208:and limitations disappear. The seven, hitherto quiescent, stir to life. The ten portals, sealed andPatanjali, 210:above deal with, The seven centers, hitherto quiescent, The ten closed portals, the ten orifices ofPatanjali, 212:mental body and the egoic body form a coherent quiescent unit, alive, alert, positive and steady.Patanjali, 216:of any attractive force. The astral body becomes quiescent and non-assertive, unresponsive to anyPatanjali, 221:to respond to the voice of the ego and to become quiescent and receptive must precede the last fourPatanjali, 230:avenues of sense perception are brought into a quiescent condition. The consciousness of the realPatanjali, 262:A still mind, free from thought forms, A quiescent responsive brain. A downflow into the physicalPatanjali, 409:quiet the brain cells, and render them negative, quiescent and receptive. True meditation, however,Patanjali, 416:the fact that the mind, being stilled and quiescent through the practise of concentration [417] andProblems, 129:and Hindu Scriptures have kept the people in a quiescent condition from which they are slowlyPsychology1, xxiv:(with a subsequent development of the, as yet, quiescent brain cells) which must eventually producePsychology1, 4:momentum. They are dominant at one time and [4] quiescent at another, and according to thePsychology1, 348:needs to remember that three rays are occultly quiescent and four rays are in varying degrees ofPsychology1, 417:wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One. Let thePsychology2, 84:wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One. Let thePsychology2, 173:under the influence of the law. These forces are quiescent where the personality is concerned;Psychology2, 179:ones have been eliminated and rendered totally quiescent. The successful group has eventuallyPsychology2, 179:the rest, hypnotizing them into an instinctual, quiescent, static condition. This may be to thePsychology2, 294:energy of the first three rays. This energy is quiescent until an advanced stage of discipleship isPsychology2, 295:human endeavor, as it remains relatively quiescent until after the third initiation, though it
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