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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUIETLY

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Autobiography, 63:by the M.P.s to help them get a drunken soldier quietly home. They would keep out of sight but doseAutobiography, 291:demand personal recognition. They prefer to work quietly, silently and behind the scenes, dealingBethlehem, 77:the uniqueness of His mission. Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents, undergoing thatBethlehem, 151:there are in the world the illuminati, working quietly and silently behind the scenes in worldDiscipleship1, 245:Ponder on these suggestions and work simply, quietly and happily at your problem. You are facingDiscipleship1, 411:of consciousness, in love. Do this sequentially, quietly, and definitely, with no hurry. ThenDiscipleship1, 412:is the service of love and of God. Then reflect quietly and peacefully and happily upon the seedDiscipleship1, 439:(prior to doing the group meditation) to rest quietly back in your chair or bed and, closing yourDiscipleship1, 547:then pause in your meditation and realize - quietly and silently - that: You are now face to faceDiscipleship1, 576:activities, must learn to rest quietly in the light. It must learn simply to reflect, both in theDiscipleship1, 613:time and your inability to work with others, quietly and unassumingly [614] and, secondly, that noDiscipleship1, 722:of distressed humanity. He will sweetly love and quietly deal with his Own people and will sweepDiscipleship2, 478:attainment as that of the Diadem. Then reflect quietly upon the directive power of the soul:Discipleship2, 480:an accepted disciple. Seek now - definitely and quietly and with a spirit of waiting anticipation -Discipleship2, 496:related the three aspects of the personality, quietly realize three facts: That you are now face toDiscipleship2, 546:time is a visualization exercise on Light. Sit quietly and relax. Deal not with problems but duringDiscipleship2, 561:Ashram. The Master waits. He moves not forth but quietly radiates. The chela enters through theDiscipleship2, 618:which you can render and one that A.A.B. has quietly rendered for many years. Each group - throughDiscipleship2, 630:Then with these two lines of thought held quietly and clearly in your mind, seek that "pinnacle ofDiscipleship2, 720:can be better regulated. An Ashram is a place of quietly confident, regulated effort. The plan andDiscipleship2, 723:soul, with the Ashram and with me, and say very quietly and with no tension: "I stand a point ofDiscipleship2, 744:upon the physical plane. Hold these two thoughts quietly for a little time or picture themExternalisation, 208:almost any terms which will allow them to live quietly again, free from the immediate fear of bombsExternalisation, 675:A senior disciple will appear and will work quietly at the foundation work, gathering around himHercules, 181:he observed, the Alpheus and the Peneus, flowed quietly nearby. Standing on the banks of one, theInitiation, 76:but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences,Intellect, 107:To this succeeds a process of steadily and quietly learning to abstract the [108] consciousnessMagic, 416:place". Their influence is wielded silently and quietly and they lay no emphasis upon theirProblems, 153:serving as priests in every church, silently and quietly endeavoring to live as Christ would havePsychology2, 373:of form (though not from form) and to stand quietly at the center, just as the third ray disciplePsychology2, 582:the initiates and Masters use all Their powers quietly and behind the scenes and not forPsychology2, 672:every country and in every nation. Steadily and quietly, with no sense of hurry, must they do threeRays, 208:first objective of these experiments (going on quietly in various places all over the world) is to
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