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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - QUITE

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Astrology, 76:in the lower center but at the same time playing quite frequently through the throat center andAstrology, 185:of the Zodiacal Constellations The case is quite different in connection with the subjective sideAstrology, 255:importance. Virgo is, from certain angles, quite the oldest of all the signs, which is a statementAstrology, 255:of all the signs, which is a statement I am quite unable to prove to you. In that first system, theAstrology, 334:These relationships, it will be found, create quite definite geometrical forms just as the crosses,Astrology, 408:subject is one of the greatest obscurity and quite incomprehensible to the average astrologer andAstrology, 579:spiritual awakening (of a quality and a nature quite unpredictable today) will arrive. The war willAtom, 126:look at this matter from another angle: it is quite possible for us to meet great people, wonderfulAtom, 135:can use his brain, his hand, or his body. It is quite a common phenomenon. Automatic writing, ouijaAutobiography, 6:great Figures, who is Alice Ann Bailey? [6] A quite unimportant woman who was forced (usuallyAutobiography, 9:many of my possible readers might think it all quite wonderful in comparison with the early yearsAutobiography, 13:is still on between Christ and me and it's quite debatable who [14] will come out on top." ThatAutobiography, 14:who has had the misfortune to get a divorce as quite without the pale. She is a doctor and was oneAutobiography, 15:remember correctly - she did this twice. She was quite young when she published three books ofAutobiography, 20:our many, many toys were kept. We were lost for quite a while and nearly suffocated, [21] for theAutobiography, 30:furious with her about something, though I have quite forgotten what it was. I went to her room; IAutobiography, 31:They were very different. Miss Godby was plain, quite ordinary in background and equipment, butAutobiography, 32:They were in their teens and were reported to be quite unmanageable. I stipulated that I was toAutobiography, 33:of pals. What I taught and how I taught it is quite forgotten. All I remember is a lot of laughterAutobiography, 36:nothing but simply listened whilst He talked quite emphatically. Having said what He had come toAutobiography, 39:rhythmic dance, very slow and dignified but quite soundless. Suddenly, the three Figures before theAutobiography, 42:humanity; He agonized to save them but seemed quite unable to save them on a large scale and had,Autobiography, 46:the most satisfactory time of my entire life. I quite liked myself and all that concerned me. I wasAutobiography, 49:earnest. Today, I can laugh and today I am quite sure that I do not have all the answers. I findAutobiography, 51:eyes of those who thought as I did, but He was quite ready to send the rest of the unregenerateAutobiography, 54:I found that these Soldiers Homes were quite unique and that Miss Elise Sandes herself was a veryAutobiography, 55:serious matter of his soul. I, therefore, was quite ready to take the meeting. I found myself oneAutobiography, 57:admitting I don't know when I don't and that is quite often. These lecturers who think it lowersAutobiography, 58:It was discovered by my superiors that I had quite a flair for saving souls and I made such a goodAutobiography, 62:my help to get the men quieted down. I became quite an expert. Then there is the affectionate drunkAutobiography, 68:Miss Schofield) supposed to be responsible for quite a number of Soldiers Homes - Quetta - Meerut -Autobiography, 69:Things that did not matter much seemed to be quite appalling, and really [70] serious things didAutobiography, 73:Soldiers Home to such an extent that they got quite seriously out of hand. The lady in charge, IAutobiography, 78:of people at these times and they usually die quite unafraid and are often very glad to go. OrAutobiography, 79:my health was never good and I suffered from quite appalling migraine headaches. These would lay meAutobiography, 79:for which (as I have earlier said) I was quite unfitted and some of them were quite tragic. I hadAutobiography, 79:said) I was quite unfitted and some of them were quite tragic. I had so little real experience ofAutobiography, 79:wasn't done in my day and my conduct was really quite outrageous from the angle of Mrs. Grundy.Autobiography, 80:with which I was faced and with which I was quite unfitted to cope. It was this constant stream ofAutobiography, 80:I am a first-class sailor and always feel quite at home on the sea. Once I spent three weeksAutobiography, 82:and, as I discovered, had listened to me quite critically and with no resultant pleasure. We wereAutobiography, 84:how abominable some of his sermons are? They are quite atrocious and show a sadistic nature. In oneAutobiography, 90:Evans was in the place and that I would be quite alone in the house. The day before I was to leaveAutobiography, 95:for the sake of the work was being regarded as quite unnecessary. I felt let down. I faced a majorAutobiography, 95:the pier where I had apparently been lying for quite a time. I blubbered out my story to Elise andAutobiography, 97:Irish Carrickmacross needle-point lace [97] when quite a young girl and it was really beautiful.Autobiography, 99:letters from Walter Evans from whom I had heard quite regularly ever since he had gone to America.Autobiography, 103:relatives, friends and servants. But I was quite oblivious of it then. I had done what I believedAutobiography, 108:housekeeping. They are entirely competent. I'm quite sure it was not an easy time for Walter EvansAutobiography, 109:on a small boat which docked in Boston. It was quite the most awful voyage I ever took - a small,Autobiography, 109:arrived at Boston in the pouring rain and I was quite desperate. I had a bad headache; myAutobiography, 113:nodded to me, assured me that Dorothy would be quite all right with her and disappeared. I did notAutobiography, 114:a few years ago. In spite of all this, he was quite impossible to live with and eventually itAutobiography, 115:that I could raise her. But I did and she is now quite the strongest of the three girls. Autobiography, 117:dollars on our grocery bill, though I was quite unaware of the fact. Word, of course, had goneAutobiography, 127:The climax of this came on a day when I was quite desperate and, leaving the children in the careAutobiography, 127:has not been built over, I told God that I was quite desperate, that I would take anything that IAutobiography, 128:plans were being laid for my release, but I was quite unaware of it. Unseen by me a door wasAutobiography, 131:clean rag for me on which to wipe my hands. I am quite sure that we get what we give in life. I hadAutobiography, 135:bread to rise, I would crawl into bed and read quite steadily until midnight. I have always beenAutobiography, 135:require very little sleep. When I was quite a young girl a doctor told me (and he knew me veryAutobiography, 144:industry, but the town remained at that time quite simple. The main streets were all lined withAutobiography, 151:the public. They are in the majority, of course, quite sincere but their emphasis is wrong. TheyAutobiography, 154:the victims of the animal kingdom and they were quite defenseless. The wild animals of the pastAutobiography, 160:straightened out somewhat. Our own income was quite seriously reduced. The salaries at Krotona wereAutobiography, 161:but surprisingly little, and I have been quite able to understand it because I started by beingAutobiography, 163:Human and Solar." I would like to make it quite clear that the work I do is in no way related toAutobiography, 168:of the final draft. I am mentioning this quite deliberately as quite a few people, when the TibetanAutobiography, 168:I am mentioning this quite deliberately as quite a few people, when the Tibetan says something withAutobiography, 168:Where there are ambiguities, and there are quite a number in His books, they are due to the factAutobiography, 168:His books, they are due to the fact that He is quite unable to be clearer, owing to the limitationsAutobiography, 177:in the pros or cons of their characters. It is quite unimportant to them whether so-and-so approvesAutobiography, 185:boys to me, - "That's all very well, and I'm quite ready to believe that the American boys are allAutobiography, 203:and extraordinarily good looking and we found it quite impossible to put them into a public school.Autobiography, 205:because it adored only me. It was a huge and quite magnificent Tom cat that we picked up as a strayAutobiography, 207:need it. Our telepathic relationship has been quite extraordinary and has continued even after herAutobiography, 207:I would discover what it was all about and I am quite frequently even today in touch with her. SheAutobiography, 210:British background. He shook his head and seemed quite bewildered, telling me that the Grand DukeAutobiography, 210:was a convinced spiritualist and we used to have quite entertaining [211] times holding littleAutobiography, 211:photograph lying on my desk. There was evidently quite a close link upon the spiritual levelAutobiography, 216:The Arcane School was, therefore, growing quite steadily but was still relatively small. We hadAutobiography, 220:VI One thing I did find was that the girls were quite able to hold their own in any set orAutobiography, 220:a parent standing on the sidelines and to know quite well it was bedtime. They were exceedinglyAutobiography, 222:the Simplon and across the Cento valley. It is quite hopeless to attempt to describe the beauty ofAutobiography, 226:right places and Dorothy is witty, sparkling, quite a deep thinker and good psychologist, quickAutobiography, 241:and the same spiritual experiences. I got quite adept at speaking through an interpreter. WhenAutobiography, 254:- some known to her personally [254] and some quite unknown - who had demonstrated a willingness toAutobiography, 297:need more critical than most of us have been quite able to comprehend. The Arcane School wasBethlehem, 24:as stated in many of the esoteric books, quite as simple as they are made out to be. To read someBethlehem, 49:Plan and of the racial response can be traced quite clearly in the development of the God idea.Bethlehem, 83:Divine Immanence in the human heart never became quite the central truth of theology till the timeBethlehem, 105:indefiniteness in it, and the initiate is never quite the same again in his consciousness. [106] InBethlehem, 120:groups thrive, and curiously enough, they do so quite sincerely and entirely convinced of theBethlehem, 121:a sound body and freedom from physical ills is quite possible, but not inevitably so. In time andBethlehem, 168:about such points of doctrine. Let us state that quite emphatically. But we do care that the loveBethlehem, 226:is outside the range of possibility. But it is quite possible that we may find the ordinaryBethlehem, 226:theological interpretation at fault. It is quite possible that Christ is far more inclusive than weBethlehem, 278:kingdom of God. He says that: "Civilization, put quite simply, consists in our giving ourselves, asDestiny, 64:are anti-evolutionary and their objective is quite impossible of achievement, for they do not startDestiny, 69:governing the egoic expression of any nation but quite often as governing the personality
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