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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Bethlehem, 34:of a new cycle of spiritual unfoldment for the race, as well as for the individual. Finally, weBethlehem, 36:each definite initiation leaving the [36] race with an expanded understanding. Today mankind isBethlehem, 36:this, Christianity has prepared numbers of the race. The new interpretation and the next revelationBethlehem, 36:sensed and awaited by the thinkers of the race, and they constantly isolate the presentBethlehem, 36:the present opportunity. The expectancy in the race is assuming vital proportions. Bethlehem, 37:the Word has sounded out which has enabled the race to see and recognize its next step. The ChristBethlehem, 37:forth in its glory, through the medium of the race. The height of material achievement has perhapsBethlehem, 39:Convergent in the faculties of man. When all the race is perfected alike As man, that is; allBethlehem, 40:way for others. The illuminati have ever led the race forward; the knowers, mystics and saints haveBethlehem, 45:in the footsteps of the Savior, serving the race, sounding the needed note, and helping others toBethlehem, 46:the present, history has been preparatory. The race is only today, for the first time ready to takeBethlehem, 48:is only a part of the general Plan for the race, and the paths of discipleship and of initiationBethlehem, 49:unfoldment of the individual is true [49] of the race; and all these stages must be worked out inBethlehem, 49:same emerging divine Plan appears. Though the race in its infancy was governed by instinct, as timeBethlehem, 50:to the birth, both in the individual and in the race, and thus can the kingdom of God on earth beBethlehem, 52:of the far East trod and taught. For our race the sound is AUM, which has degenerated in ourBethlehem, 52:do not know, for it will not be heard until the race is ready. But there is a common Word of PowerBethlehem, 52:which will be given into the custody of our race if we measure up to our opportunity and, throughBethlehem, 52:him into a renewed spiritual activity. As the race grows in sensitivity, as the aspirants of theBethlehem, 53:the Star, so shall that birth towards which the race is hastening be likewise ushered in by aBethlehem, 54:help in the redemption of the world. For the race, too, there is the crisis, the initiation and theBethlehem, 54:He saw and proclaimed the next step for the race. The events immediately ahead are sensed, to beBethlehem, 57:of possibility," interpreting God's Plan to the race in terms suited to each age and temperament;Bethlehem, 58:if evolution means anything at all and if the race as a whole has developed and unfolded itsBethlehem, 67:comes the later stage in the history of the race and of the individual, when we find Coma BereniceBethlehem, 73:we suffer as human beings, and the further the race progresses and the more the mind develops, theBethlehem, 73:equally apparent that today humanity, as a race, stands before the infant Jesus, in the House ofBethlehem, 90:earlier incarnations of God, and appeared as the race reached the point in its development where aBethlehem, 91:steps out from the rank and file of the race, and thinks through into being some great and dynamicBethlehem, 91:behind all these idealistic experiments of the race lies this great ideal, [92] divinely inspiredBethlehem, 97:this time. Perhaps this means that many in the race today are going down to Jordan, to enter itsBethlehem, 97:interesting analogy to what is happening to the race today, from the [98] astrological standpoint.Bethlehem, 98:- The Baptism in Jordan In the evolution of the race the sentient feeling nature is [99] firstBethlehem, 99:mental nature, just as in the evolution of the race (and of a child, likewise) the feeling,Bethlehem, 101:Christ, and went about His country, serving the race and speaking those words which have molded forBethlehem, 115:if we regard Christ as the flower of the human race, because the divine spirit had full control andBethlehem, 117:administer dogmas to the "little ones" of the race is great. Truth must also be given in a widerBethlehem, 119:all their material; the [119] wish life of the race has been wrongly oriented and human desire hasBethlehem, 131:embrace; His country next; and next all human race; Wide and more wide, th' o'erflowings of theBethlehem, 142:for all time, He determined the goal of our race. There is a still higher synthesis, and thisBethlehem, 144:and emphasizing the restrictions which the race as a whole must set upon its actions. Careful studyBethlehem, 145:the future achievement and the goal of the human race. That the future holds reaches ofBethlehem, 149:[149] its forms varying according to the period, race and point of development of the seer. We knowBethlehem, 152:deepens as he studies the history of the race and the religious inheritance of the ages, and aboveBethlehem, 152:is present both in the individual and in the race, unseen and unrevealed, but slowly and surelyBethlehem, 154:the friends of Christ are to be found in every race (Christian or otherwise), in every clime and inBethlehem, 158:wonder and its finality. We have not yet, as a race, passed through the new birth; the JordanBethlehem, 168:world, the pattern world of the thinkers of the race. Then their fate is determined, and eventuallyBethlehem, 169:world ideals by the consecrated thinkers of the race, and applied in the spirit in which ChristBethlehem, 178:greatest and earliest benefactor of the human race, was nailed by the hands and the feet, and withBethlehem, 179:lived an ordinary human life? Did He serve His race and return to the Source whence He came? TheBethlehem, 183:of individuality, and under its influence the race arrives at self-consciousness and men canBethlehem, 185:perpetuated in the [185] consciousness of the race the knowledge of that event; so in a planetaryBethlehem, 187:chapter, but in passing, it may be said that the race is so imbued with the thought of death thatBethlehem, 189:two great concepts which the spirit of the race needed on its great evolutionary journey away fromBethlehem, 191:on to demonstrate divinity. But now the whole race is at the point of so doing. Although today menBethlehem, 192:the whole drama of the God-Man before the race. This was His major achievement, and this we haveBethlehem, 193:to get too far from divinity; and that, as a race, we shall swing back into a state of greaterBethlehem, 196:2. The growth of the consciousness of sin in the race, due to its increasing sensitivity toBethlehem, 197:a primary place in the thought of the entire race. We have a situation wherein the law and theBethlehem, 197:the law and the Church and the educators of the race are almost entirely occupied with sin and howBethlehem, 197:It is rooted in the consciousness of the race, and only today are we slowly beginning to realize aBethlehem, 198:as embodying in Himself an eternal hope for the race, He was incorporated into the ancient systemBethlehem, 202:and the social order have imposed upon the race. To step across these boundaries, which man, fromBethlehem, 205:his fellow men. It is beginning to dawn upon the race today that the only real sin is to hurtBethlehem, 227:and also in Christ's outstanding service to the race. The kingdom is a kingdom of servers, forBethlehem, 250:activity. The idealism of the leaders of the race cannot all be hallucination. The realization ofBethlehem, 251:of our survival as influences perpetuated in the race to which we belong has also been developed,Bethlehem, 254:the tendency to fusion and synthesis. The new race, which is immortal, is coming into being, andBethlehem, 254:is coming into being, and yet it is the same race at a new and high point of achievement, The GreatBethlehem, 254:then is that Birth into the Deathless Race may be realized here and now, as it has been realizedBethlehem, 254:as spiritual strength and life pour into the race of men, for this is the resurrection. We areBethlehem, 254:be present at a moment of great crisis for the race. We are seeing the birth of a new and deathlessBethlehem, 254:We are seeing the birth of a new and deathless race - a race in which the germ of immortality willBethlehem, 254:seeing the birth of a new and deathless race - a race in which the germ of immortality will flowerBethlehem, 259:reached a unique stage in its development. The race had become intelligent, and the personality ofBethlehem, 259:in other kingdoms. We can produce, and as a race give birth to, the next kingdom in nature, whichBethlehem, 265:by one, but - under inspired disciples - as a race. Like the children of Israel under Moses, weBethlehem, 266:Apostle, asks and which we have not yet, as a race, attempted to answer. The vital need is toBethlehem, 267:recognized Christ as the great Server of the race, and have pointed to Him as the example of whatBethlehem, 270:Today the call is going forth for Servers of the race, and for men and women who will work at theBethlehem, 273:government and composed of all, regardless of race or creed, who live by the light within, who haveBethlehem, 276:is immortality. They are members of a Deathless Race, and the final enemy which they overcome isBethlehem, 278:as Christ enters into recognition by the entire race and is expressed by humanity as a whole, shallBethlehem, 278:in the vital whole? Is the welfare of the race of real moment to us? Are we willing to sacrificeBethlehem, 278:the effort to attain the perfecting of the human race and the actualization of progress of everyBethlehem, 280:[280] this transition does not indicate that the race is rapidly preparing for initiation. We areBethlehem, 280:He did something of such significance for the race that only today are we in a position to graspBethlehem, 283:of love and goodwill to all men, irrespective of race or creed or color. Destiny, 10:towards the consummation of the Plan for the race at this time. Three of these streams of energyDestiny, 13:momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude toDestiny, 13:we call the second crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages, into that whichDestiny, 24:governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race. Old ideologies still persist; subsidiaryDestiny, 27:the next three centuries - be developed in the race of men: Through the development of soul contactDestiny, 27:soul contact among the advanced members of the race. This contact will relate soul knowledge withDestiny, 28:reappearance of those ancient "informers of the race" who, in Roman times, were called "sibyls."Destiny, 29:with these two rays and their effects upon the race of men. (I am not here dealing with theirDestiny, 29:for the majority, particularly in the Aryan race, for the reason that when in process of time andDestiny, 34:recognized the symbolic mission with which their race was entrusted, and they have taken toDestiny, 34:The Jew made this mistake and, as an Oriental race, the Jews have failed to hold before the Orient
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