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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Glamour, 109:same time, just as today in this modern Aryan race, there are many, many millions of people whoGlamour, 109:and of consequent glamor. In the Atlantean race, the physical duality was then solved, and theGlamour, 110:this higher duality with which the man or the race is confronted. This resolution is brought aboutGlamour, 112:psychological problem lies in the fact that our race and period sees the synthesis of all theGlamour, 112:way, with the lowest layer of the human race definitely Lemurian in their consciousness, evenGlamour, 112:is rapidly growing as the mental power of the race develops, for illusion is the succumbing to theGlamour, 112:of their creation constituted the hope of the race. They embodied then the new and emerging ideasGlamour, 112:the new and emerging ideas by means of which the race was intended to progress. These forms, whenGlamour, 112:of illusion lies centuries ahead when the race will have left glamor behind, when there will be fewGlamour, 114:supposed. I speak not in terms of the Aryan race as it is generally understood today or in itsGlamour, 114:understood today or in its Nordic implications. Race Duality Problem Method Goal Lemurian PhysicalGlamour, 114:illusion and of glamor is definitely serving the race, and helping to free humanity from thisGlamour, 129:the mental processes of the individual or of the race and consequently to produce the limitation ofGlamour, 134:reality which it is the goal of the man or the race, at any particular time, to reach. The ideaGlamour, 134:particular time, to reach. The idea before the race today is the re-establishing (upon a higherGlamour, 134:spiritual relationship which characterized the race in its child state, in its primitive condition.Glamour, 134:of dire necessity - impose its rhythm upon the race and thus force the realization of true BeingGlamour, 135:as all else has passed in the history of the race and will give place, eventually, to a recognizedGlamour, 135:dominate the mind of an individual, a race or humanity in general, to the exclusion of allGlamour, 137:those who simply see the next step ahead for the race or the nation. Isaiah and Ezekiel are theGlamour, 138:gift which such people have, to give to their race and time. These are the four groups who areGlamour, 145:problem is to [145] induce the individual or the race or nation which is acting under the influenceGlamour, 147:and deeply rooted in the consciousness of the race that it is far bigger than the individual canGlamour, 147:errors and faults. The German is powerfully race conscious; so is the Jew. The German is separativeGlamour, 147:people and the preponderance of the British race are reincarnated Romans, so many Germans areGlamour, 156:incarnation of the human family, and each great race is a somewhat similar happening; the latterGlamour, 156:the Atlantean, and the Aryan races. Each race produced its own type of Dweller on the Threshold whoGlamour, 158:the close of the Piscean era and when the Aryan race has reached maturity and a relatively highGlamour, 158:development that the Dweller is met. The Aryan race is ready for discipleship. The development ofGlamour, 158:of sensitivity in the individual and in the race indicates the imminence of the recognition of theGlamour, 158:clearer than ever before in the history of the race. Man knows the difference between right andGlamour, 159:has been wisely held in leash since the human race came into being). They all have auras, if youGlamour, 160:for the first time on a large scale by the race of men and thrown into high relief by the lightGlamour, 166:modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men can gradually come into being.Glamour, 182:from a seed of truth already given to the race. He then sees a vision, hears a voice, registers aGlamour, 184:projected, and in this too lies the hope of the race. Glamour, 197:in thrall is an essential requirement for the race. The new era which will open up before mankindGlamour, 199:the technique of light in the service of the race," their work will be completed by second rayGlamour, 220:to destroy those forms of thought which hold the race in bondage and which in the case of glamorGlamour, 224:up and dispersing the glamors which hold the race in thrall and who know the need to do this inGlamour, 224:the assets and the debits of an individual or a race. The ability to [225] do this is one of theGlamour, 226:widely spread and deeply centered glamors of the race as a whole. Let them develop facility inGlamour, 255:it with very little teaching. In the Aryan race, a fusion is today taking place between the willHealing, 24:ills and diseases which have fastened upon the race, work primarily through the etheric body andHealing, 25:them to disease, as individuals. At present, the race is astrally polarized. The emotional sentientHealing, 28:diseases with long names which distinguish the race at this time; all such information you canHealing, 50:in our fifth civilization, our present Aryan race, which will, in cooperation with the fifthHealing, 59:has been generated principally in our Aryan race, and one which we are bequeathing to the animalHealing, 60:us here tabulate our conclusions: [60] Disease Race Body Kingdom Organ Syphilitic Lemurian PhysicalHealing, 60:Causes of Disease Similarly, as the race develops right emotional control we shall see the gradualHealing, 61:creation, will come the emergence of the race from the evils of the social diseases. It will beHealing, 61:just as they were the first to devastate the race. Tuberculosis is disappearing. The attention ofHealing, 62:morbid tendency) is due to the fact that the race is slowly becoming androgynous in itsHealing, 68:to make its impact upon the thinkers of the race. Then, if accepted as hypothetical possibilitiesHealing, 78:of suppression and of inhibition which the race, as a whole, has developed. It is this congestionHealing, 81:five races of men, beginning with the Lemurian race, the five planes of human and superhumanHealing, 88:to the development of the mind in the Aryan race, certain difficulties may arise in the physicalHealing, 89:a mental basis. This might be the case if the race were working mentally, but it is not. It is inHealing, 90:and of sound physical conditions for the entire race. I used the word "establishing," for as theHealing, 90:fact that very few, relatively speaking of the race are mentally polarized and therefore thinking.Healing, 97:disease and trouble in the physical body. As the race learns to think clearly and definitely, andHealing, 106:this time and will even more in the future. The race learns through suffering, and only dire needHealing, 112:percentage varies with the development of the race and its evolution. Disease is therefore theHealing, 127:of deepest moment to the individual and to the race. Once the individual disciple, and humanity asHealing, 139:In between - from the stage of infancy of the race or of the man to that of the state of liberationHealing, 159:the irresponsible and amoral person. As the race of men learns the nature of responsibility weHealing, 161:of unfoldment, of both the individual and the race, the inverted heart lotus with its twelve petalsHealing, 162:715. Eventually, at the close of the next root race, you will have the full expression of love andHealing, 167:is the guarantee of the future technique of the race. One look by the illumined mind, one greatHealing, 170:during the period wherein the second great human race was developing. These lower centers are notHealing, 174:emotional energy, desire and ambition (in the race of men as a whole) are striving upwards towardsHealing, 176:to provide bodies for incoming souls. But as the race progresses, this center will be controlledHealing, 179:activity in old Lemuria, the first human race; its energy is that of the Holy Spirit,Healing, 188:divine aspects: Lemuria, Atlantis and the Aryan race. These can be linked, as seed, to the twoHealing, 190:venereal diseases and cancer. Until the race is more definitely group conscious (something as yetHealing, 199:was very little mental trouble in the last root-race, the Atlantean; the mind nature was thenHealing, 221:particularly with those which concern our Aryan race and modern humanity; these are largely astralHealing, 222:greatly enhanced, owing to the fact that in this race, the Aryan, which now dominates the planet,Healing, 222:so strikingly significant of the next major root-race, the sixth. Intermarriage between nations andHealing, 223:of life into form, thus preserving the human race, providing the bodies for the next tide of egosHealing, 223:years' time men and women will be a hybrid race whose fathers and mothers will be of everyHealing, 223:express in embryo the nature of the sixth root-race, and which will be in fact Humanity without anyHealing, 225:partly in a dense shadow which engulfs the race, and some part of which involves an area of theHealing, 227:and the highest product of that highly emotional race. They bring with them the predispositions andHealing, 228:knowledge disproves it. In the infancy of the race, a great mismating, promiscuity and series ofHealing, 228:her children have given unto her." The Lemurian race practically destroyed itself, owing to itsHealing, 228:of the physical vehicle, just as in the next race, the emotional was fostered and the major objectHealing, 228:and the major object of attention, and in our race, it is the mind which is subjected toHealing, 229:As the centuries slipped away and the Lemurian race submitted to the evil impulses of the animalHealing, 229:made its appearance; eventually the entire race was riddled with it and died out, nature taking itsHealing, 229:and the results immediate; the Teachers of the race saw to it that cause and effect were quickly toHealing, 230:they will in the long run safeguard the race and will return bodies to the soil after death freedHealing, 231:sense, because of the low intelligence of the race) were through the misuse of sex, so the majorHealing, 231:they needed, the most highly evolved of that race began to practice magic. It is not possible forHealing, 231:Who were entrusted with the guidance of the race and Who were combating rampant evil in highHealing, 232:whatsoever except among the leaders of the race; there was only rampant, ruthless, insatiableHealing, 232:White Lodge forced two issues and confronted the race with two hitherto unrealized [233] problems.Healing, 233:in paradoxes. The time had arrived when the race could be taught the lesson that death can eitherHealing, 234:prevalent in the first half of the Aryan race, in which we now find ourselves, and today they notHealing, 234:discoveries of medical science, but because the race - as it becomes more mentally polarized - will
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