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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Healing, 235:the Masters has called "a tubercularly oriented race." Death by drowning and death by obscureHealing, 238:increase greatly as we enter into the new root-race, particularly during the interim wherein theHealing, 249:epidemics have a serious effect upon the human race after the war cycle is over and after theHealing, 249:which are the result of the past history of the race rather than with giving you a specific andHealing, 251:world. The psychological condition of a race or of a nation, as we have seen, produces a tendencyHealing, 251:the scientific nourishment of the youth of the race. National physical [252] ills vary according toHealing, 252:of the people; the diseases of an agricultural race will differ widely from those of a highlyHealing, 252:widely from those of a highly industrialized race; the physical predispositions of a sailor varyHealing, 263:of the Law of Cause and Effect is the Jewish race. All nations prove this Law, but I choose toHealing, 263:yet Christ was a Jew and it was the Hebrew race which produced Him. Let this never be forgotten.Healing, 264:conflict. Christ came as a member of the Jewish race and they renounced Him. Today the law isHealing, 264:not one small and unimportant fraction of the race. Factually and symbolically, they long for unityHealing, 265:to you for your consideration. If the Jewish race would recall, therefore, their high symbolicHealing, 265:have never yet faced candidly and honestly (as a race) the problem of why the many nations, fromHealing, 266:endeavor to ascertain what it is in them, as a race, which has initiated their ancient and direHealing, 266:since the very night of time. That within the race there are and have been great, good, just andHealing, 266:the good of an individual nation or people or race. The Jewish problem will not be solved [267] byHealing, 267:It will come by the relinquishment of pride of race and of the concept of selectivity; it will comeHealing, 291:This should be borne in mind. The Aryan race is now, however, so developed mentally and on a largeHealing, 291:good, the holy and the saintly servers of the race carry - in this world cycle - such a heavy loadHealing, 294:place; they colored the seven points within each race. (The seven planetary centers, transmittingHealing, 294:A.A.B.) The seven perfections hovered o'er each race, over each man within each race and over eachHealing, 294:o'er each race, over each man within each race and over each point within each man. And thus theHealing, 311:There would be little or no arthritis if the race ate with correctness and understood the properHealing, 323:have resulted in the production of a healthier race than in the East, in a very definiteHealing, 340:the idea in symbol: It is almost as if the race, after habituating itself to live on the earth, hadHealing, 340:humanity now lives, will exact its toll from the race until the human mechanism has adjusted itselfHealing, 342:add, however, for your encouragement. As the race, as a whole, becomes governed by the solar Lord,Healing, 352:point in the evolutionary unfoldment of the race is the need, when so asked, to aid in the bringingHealing, 353:That, however, takes much time, and whilst the race is on its way to the newer modes of living,Healing, 363:emerging fact, the growing sensitivity of the race to the subtler angles of life, and the vastHealing, 381:up a very heavy karma which (fortunately for the race of men!) is being rapidly worked off at thisHealing, 395:or the art of dying, the entire attitude of the race of men will undergo beneficent change. ThisHealing, 396:between them which the medium intercepts. The race is progressing, developing and becomingHealing, 414:his etheric physical body by a majority of the race, the dropping of the dense body will beHealing, 422:as it will be when the intelligence of the race suffices, then evolution will proceed withHealing, 440:will take place and a revelation be given the race which will turn hope into certainty and beliefHealing, 441:will be deeply so for the intelligent of the race, and little by little for all. - Page 499. It isHealing, 444:through the presence of this fear, the [444] race has fought its way to its present point ofHealing, 463:medicine, and which will be revealed as the race of men reaches an increasing sensitivity. I wouldHealing, 467:which is quite apparent to the onlookers. As the race of men progresses and develops, this tripleHealing, 478:to humanity or a liability, which has served the race or been an ineffectual member of it, stillHealing, 487:period of human history (in the seventh root-race), it will become non-existent. Today this is notHealing, 518:time - responsive to and suited to the period, race and the environing conditions wherein theHealing, 537:results which will only be possible when the race has reached a far higher standard of perfectionHealing, 557:about. Great enlightenment will reach the race of man. It is for this that we must prepare - notHealing, 557:of the expansion of the consciousness of the race that this new and esoteric study will bringHealing, 560:becomes apparent. When the consciousness of the race shifts on to the mental plane - and this isHealing, 563:and at any time in the life history of the race or of individual man. It is stated here and is onlyHealing, 564:by initiates working in the fourth root-race, the Atlantean. Curiously enough also, when humanityHealing, 576:mental type of human being. Today, in our Aryan race, a new significance is emerging, and it isHealing, 577:functioning at all; it is only in this present race that the mental nature of man is becomingHealing, 579:if purity was to be attained. It was in this race, therefore, that personal magnetism first beganHealing, 580:field of energy in the head. Today, in our Aryan race, magnetic purity is not dependent upon theHealing, 610:earlier in human history; the next great human race, following on our present one, will see a pointHealing, 663:on earth today. The sickness of humanity as a race, and as a result of aeons of wrong living, ofHercules, 9:down the ages, but never before has the human race itself been in this condition. Herein lies theHercules, 65:and to that great cycle in which the Lemurian race, the first strictly human race, came into being;Hercules, 65:the Lemurian race, the first strictly human race, came into being; where the mind aspect began toHercules, 65:of mankind became a fact in nature. The Lemurian race was the third race; and this labor thatHercules, 65:fact in nature. The Lemurian race was the third race; and this labor that Hercules symbolically,Hercules, 66:it has a peculiarly vital effect in our Aryan race. In this race the mind faculty and the intellectHercules, 66:vital effect in our Aryan race. In this race the mind faculty and the intellect have been steadilyHercules, 67:teachers will arise everywhere to help lead the race into a new state of spiritual awareness. BeingHercules, 71:from one of the great Teachers of the Race, it will be found that the Master works just as NereusHercules, 71:in them, that the overburdened Guides of the Race have no better occupation than to tell themHercules, 75:by his life and acts, he is too busy serving the race to find the time to interest people inHercules, 81:about the formation of the human family, of the race, the nation, and the family unit. Where theHercules, 109:we are, the Aquarian cycle, the aspirants of the race are in a position to begin to learn theHercules, 110:of this cave which Hercules entered. The Aryan race, to which we belong, is one of keen mentalHercules, 125:for a major test and future service to the race of men. For this, let him prepare with care." AndHercules, 132:contemplates the long onward march of the human race, with its sporadic achievements and itsHercules, 133:to his sufferings. Whoever would serve the human race must be prepared for misunderstanding,Hercules, 139:which is trodden by the flower of the race (Esoteric Astrology, p. 279). Again the mystery veils soHercules, 157:the United States standard, of the goal of this race when it is grown up, for it is within thisHercules, 157:race when it is grown up, for it is within this race that there will emerge that group ofHercules, 158:subjective world. That is the destiny of this race. It will be the achievement of all the racesHercules, 160:Christ, devotion to the elder brothers of the race, to the soul; and as we are occupied with theseHercules, 183:Perhaps for the first time in the history of our race there is a sufficient number of intelligentHercules, 205:series.) The first scriptures for the human race were written by God on the Earth and Heavens. TheHercules, 205:Such renewals of the spiritual life of the race are [207] recurrent and cyclic; they can be of anHercules, 207:they serve to lead the subjective life of the race into a new and richer phase of experience, andHercules, 209:the stage of the aspirant, and to regard the race as standing upon the probationary path, the pathHercules, 222:freeing from illusion. Aquarius Server of the race, pouring out the living water of purification.Initiation, viii:of powers to be used in the helping of the race are the reward of the man who is willing to makeInitiation, 6:and power, - two things for which the race is not yet ready. Therefore, all we can do is to studyInitiation, 6:surest guarantee to the watching Teachers of the race that we are ready for a fresh revelation. WeInitiation, 12:and suggestions of the watching Teachers of the race) he has reached a point wherein a certainInitiation, 13:and always the Hierarchy endeavors to bring the race to the point where its units will have someInitiation, 15:the recognition by the watching Teachers of the race of a definite point in evolution reached byInitiation, 23:is of a dangerous kind, and at present the race as a whole is not group conscious, and thereforeInitiation, 24:and have won out. These elder brothers of the race have one and all undergone the crucifixion ofInitiation, 25:triumph, can now be placed at the service of the race; by a purpose which is enlightened andInitiation, 25:acknowledged truths in the consciousness of the race, then may we look for a return of that cycleInitiation, 33:It exists in etheric matter, and when the race of men on earth have developed etheric vision itsInitiation, 33:of men. But in the middle of the fourth root-race, the Atlantean, an event occurred whichInitiation, 38:and women been agents for the carrying out of race purpose, for the bringing about of groupInitiation, 41:Manu, and is the Manu of the fifth root-race. He [42] is the ideal man or thinker, and sets theInitiation, 42:man or thinker, and sets the type for our Aryan race, having presided over its destinies since itsInitiation, 42:The Manu, or the prototype of the fourth root-race, works in close cooperation with him, and has
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