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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Initiation, 42:He is the second Manu that the fourth root-race has had, having taken the place of the earlier ManuInitiation, 42:He has remained to foster the development of the race type, and to bring about its finalInitiation, 42:remains no representative of the third root-race upon the globe at this time. Vaivasvata Manu hasInitiation, 42:later be concerned with the coming sixth root-race. The plans are prepared for ages ahead, centersInitiation, 43:for to him is [43] given the work of setting the race type, of segregating the groups out of whichInitiation, 45:during the second subrace of the Atlantean root-race. He had achieved adeptship on the moon-chain,Initiation, 45:incarnation in the middle of the Atlantean root-race. Karmic affiliation with him was one of theInitiation, 46:and in those of the Manu of the fourth root-race. The World Teacher holds office in connection withInitiation, 54:hold office as the Manu of the sixth root-race. He dwells, as does his Brother, the Master K. H.,Initiation, 54:vacates it for higher work, and the sixth root-race comes into being. The houses in which they bothInitiation, 55:alive the thought-forms of the Guides of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity. TheInitiation, 55:and of awakening in the consciousness of the race the perception of the great fundamental fact ofInitiation, 59:in hand the definite guidance of the Anglo-Saxon race, and he works upon the plans for its futureInitiation, 61:This being the fifth subrace of the fifth root-race, the pressure of the work on the five rays ofInitiation, 66:that work being known only to the Guides of the race. They are tested for aptitude in communityInitiation, 70:will tend to the greater assisting of the race. [71] Initiation, 74:a load or lift a burden, remembering that as the race progresses, the love element between theInitiation, 75:and the attainment of the goal. A SERVER of the race stands forth. He is a server because he has noInitiation, 77:out of the Master's will and the serving of the race, that which eventuates has in it the seeds ofInitiation, 78:another, and becomes a helper and server of his race. Two more characteristics of this stage mightInitiation, 87:use the psychic faculties for the helping of the race. Not only can he use these faculties, but heInitiation, 90:with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos. He is in charge,Initiation, 91:upon the progress he makes in the service of his race and in the development of those powers of theInitiation, 94:by the Hierarchy during the Atlantean root-race at the latter end of the fourth subrace, and willInitiation, 120:somewhat his share in the service of the race; he sees the plan as a whole where he himself isInitiation, 129:them to increased activity and service for the race. [130] The great Rod of Power of the LogosInitiation, 131:power, will draw into a coherent whole some race, nation, or large organization. Every nation hasInitiation, 132:In all lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through theirInitiation, 147:life in the world of men and his service for the race will proclaim it. This involves an oath as toInitiation, 147:through initiation for the service of the race and the furthering of the plans of the PlanetaryInitiation, 177:loving cooperation of the Knowers of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom. In this case the processInitiation, 181:place during the Lemurian, or the third root race, and the human family in this cycle definitelyInitiation, 185:for their treading. As time progresses and the race reaches a higher point of development, we shallInitiation, 185:be fruitless effort for the teachers of the race to instruct us on the characteristics needed forInitiation, 185:to the law as understood, and by service to the race. When we have attained liberation, then theseInitiation, 202:plane, and to unite with them in service for the race. This recognition will be based upon: UnityInitiation, 205:will be normally and wisely used, and thus race purposes furthered. Initiates and Masters, in manyInitiation, 215:Plato. Atlantis was the home of the Fourth Root Race, whom we now call the Atlanteans. AntahkaranaInitiation, 220:Atlantis. It was the home of the third root race. Logos The deity manifested through every nationInitiation, 220:during the middle of the Lemurian, or third root race. Initiation, 221:Ruler, primal progenitor and chief of the human race. It comes from the Sanskrit root "man" - toInitiation, 224:of activity of the central life force. Root Race One of the seven races of man which evolve upon aInitiation, 224:cycle is called a world period. The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modernInitiation, 224:the Chinese and Japanese belonging to the fourth race. Intellect, 3:assume that out of it will emerge that which the race needs in its onward march. That meditation isIntellect, 4:The next developments which will carry the race forward along the path of its unfoldingIntellect, 4:page 7. Herein lies the glory and hope of the race and the outstanding triumph of science. We areIntellect, 4:We are now one people. The heritage of any race lies open to another; the best thought of theIntellect, 5:to hope for a better physical future of the race by the aid of a sound mental hygiene. After theIntellect, 10:progress of evolution has produced a wonderful race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatusIntellect, 16:they commune with the elder brothers of the race who work in other dimensions and who demonstrateIntellect, 17:a balance is being struck by means of which the race [18] as a whole will be able to demonstrateIntellect, 30:of Education The success of the future of the race is bound up with the success of thoseIntellect, 31:Mystics, and the standard-setting Figures of the race live and move and have their being? ThusIntellect, 33:each person, for each generation, country and race. That education is intended to prepare us forIntellect, 35:unfoldment? Or are they the flower of the human race, who added to their equipment and training aIntellect, 35:prerogative of the mystics and knowers of the race. These knowers have testified to a wider worldIntellect, 36:tens of thousands of the best minds of the race. They say to us in the words of Walt Whitman: "IIntellect, 40:that the way out may be found for the new race in the New Age. First: In the eastern system, it isIntellect, 42:the physical welfare of the individual and the race is neglected and overlooked. The masses areIntellect, 58:nature and energized by the vital energy. As the race progresses, another "body," the mind body,Intellect, 60:been tremendously hastened. The mentality of the race is steadily mounting the ladder ofIntellect, 79:possible. These we call the Knowers of the race. Through all methods employed runs the goldenIntellect, 92:have testified and to which the Knowers of the race bear continuous witness. If our will is strongIntellect, 132:of truth - are colored by the symbolism of their race and age, and by the [133] quality of feelingIntellect, 133:Deity may be brought about at will. The race now has the necessary mental equipment and can add toIntellect, 150:a great portion of the spiritual wisdom of the race. They are, as it were, among the illuminati ofIntellect, 172:and they are not the psychopathics of the race, but reputable and substantial workers in theIntellect, 180:and that it is increasingly influencing the race, is now universally recognized. Whither do we goIntellect, 180:only utilized by the pioneering spirits of our race. Among these few who stand out as the eminentIntellect, 183:will be found true that "there will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, newIntellect, 183:and matter, about life and Spirit. Through that race and through the humanity of the future thereIntellect, 209:old truth. We belong, in the West, to a younger race. In the old, old East, the few adventurousIntellect, 210:Light to which the great Individuals of the race have borne witness. The secluded point to which aIntellect, 210:and a more powerful meditation, but the race has progressed and grown in mental power and strengthIntellect, 219:These postures are the remains of a day when the race was being trained psychologically andIntellect, 239:stupid than those chosen by the leaders of the race to participate in their endeavors. Just to loveIntellect, 240:of the world and the intellectuals of the race must, in their turn, reveal to the world theIntellect, 244:It does not occur to him that the Guides of the race are too busy with group activities and withIntellect, 244:work, to spend any time with the children of the race. The latter may be left, with completeIntellect, 246:the closest cooperation with the Guides of the race, but that the method of cooperation is not theIntellect, 247:his way. The Teachers and Masters of the race work through [248] souls. This cannot be too oftenIntellect, 251:carry the impress of Divine Wisdom and lead the race on a little further. As to its mechanics; theIntellect, 252:transmitting the teaching. True servers of the race and those who have contacted the world of theIntellect, 253:outside the pale; they will not [253] regard one race as better than another, though they mayIntellect, 253:the evolutionary plan and the work that each race has to do. They will, in short, occupy themselvesMagic, 15:eternal verities, and the indication that the race is beginning also to bridge the gap between theMagic, 16:many and increasingly found. The minds of the race are in process of training and many are hoveringMagic, 16:will pour in, truth will be revealed and the race will enter upon its heritage - the heritage ofMagic, 17:accepted as a fact in the consciousness of the race. Only two groups of people accept it as a fact;Magic, 67:to guard what you think. These are days when the race as a whole is becoming sensitive andMagic, 74:and in it is epitomized the evolution of the race as well as the racial unit, man. Head Center -Magic, 79:problem, and likewise the Master of the English race, - not the Master who occupies Himself withMagic, 79:that which the first subrace of the Aryan root race so easily apprehended, he will contact hisMagic, 86:racial initiation, and it is with this that the race is now engrossed. The relation between theMagic, 88:evolution these relationships will emerge. The race as a whole is, however, only concerned with theMagic, 88:in response to a demand or a pull from the race of animal-men (as a whole, note that), sent aMagic, 103:We seek to train intelligent servers of the race, and these are developed by self-initiated [104]Magic, 111:determining the trend of any particular life. Race, bringing the personality under the peculiarMagic, 111:round to round, and, in more evolved souls, from race to race, and comprises one of the five rays
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