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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Magic, 111:round, and, in more evolved souls, from race to race, and comprises one of the five rays of ourMagic, 113:capacity to sense a man's ray is not for this race as yet. Approximate supposition and the use ofMagic, 117:governing the higher Self. Until more of the race are governed by the soul consciousness thisMagic, 117:through heterogeneity. Principles such as the race is learning now have to do with groups; theMagic, 121:as is the emotional nature at this time? The race is progressing into an era wherein men willMagic, 130:with the Great Ones. Only a few people in the race are true idealists (though their numbers areMagic, 138:and are noted by the watching guides of the race. I would like here briefly to point out a few ofMagic, 145:- a cosmos, a plane, a kingdom in nature, a race, a nation, a human being. Consider the diverseMagic, 168:new isms, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment. He will take up one cult afterMagic, 169:his efforts from specialized service to the race into the exploitation of the psychic powers, andMagic, 174:senior disciples and the Elder Brothers of the race, and who can bring down the ideals, as known onMagic, 175:volumes which potently affect the thought of the race. The interpretation of the process arisesMagic, 175:telepathy, that which the Elder Brothers of the race and their own souls have to impart. They tapMagic, 176:and intermediaries between the Knowers of the race and the "little ones" that they keep their eyesMagic, 189:- which it is the object of the Guides of the race to stimulate into functioning activity at thisMagic, 192:and a fit associate of the Elder Brethren of the race. When these three transfers have beenMagic, 196:in the reproductive work and sex life of the race. This is a broad and general outline of the threeMagic, 204:one of the Great Ones, the Elder Brothers of the race. He bends all his powers and the forces ofMagic, 219:forth from the mental realm. The pioneers of the race, and the foremost thinkers and creativeMagic, 240:souls, is beginning to lose its power, for the race is on the verge of understanding that trueMagic, 241:into the satisfaction of desire. Now that the race is more mental, and the force of mind is makingMagic, 263:- love of wife or child, or family, pride of race, love of popularity, or lust of some kind - toMagic, 276:beginning to permeate among the thinkers of the race and this knowledge was in past aeons theMagic, 282:but will increasingly come to the fore as the race progresses. This type of force is thatMagic, 283:types. These three factors guide the Manu of the race as He builds a new race and impresses theMagic, 283:guide the Manu of the race as He builds a new race and impresses the outer Builders with His ideas.Magic, 292:of: The human family as a whole. The particular race to which a man belongs. The mental plane as aMagic, 303:and the reason is not far to seek. The race is at a point where the prodigal son is conscious ofMagic, 304:people, between nation and nation, or between race and race, there would emerge that peace on earthMagic, 304:between nation and nation, or between race and race, there would emerge that peace on earth whichMagic, 305:by world karma and the point of evolution of the race. I am not of course referring to the use ofMagic, 307:humanity. These forces, playing upon the human race, affect the most sensitive; they in their turnMagic, 307:a momentum is established which sweeps through a race or a nation, through a period or a cycle ofMagic, 310:but when fear and depression are overcome, the race will enter into its heritage of happiness, ofMagic, 314:sign is constructive among the pioneers of the race, and destructive among the rank and file ofMagic, 314:calling forth response from the mystics of the race who are asserting increasingly a groupMagic, 314:can be sensed in time by the foremost of the race. The work of this group of mystics must thereforeMagic, 322:ourselves with that which lies far ahead of the race. Immediate problems call for attention -Magic, 328:defining the old truths so that the mind of the race will be clarified, that non-essentials andMagic, 329:They are [329] gathered out of every nation, race and people; they are of every color and school ofMagic, 329:and words and teaching has been set upon the race and has persisted for many centuries. What willMagic, 332:causes the emergence into consciousness of the race of heterogeneous shapes which aggregates ofMagic, 333:in all forms. This will be possible only as the race grasps the above hypothesis, and recognizes itMagic, 334:of nature. This will break down all barriers of race and all distinctions of color; the essentialMagic, 336:civilization adequate for the work of the coming race. This work will be that of the consciousMagic, 336:also which will take the undeveloped of the race and carry them forward to a better manifestation,Magic, 344:be employed wisely for the illumination of the race and of those whom you can each, in your ownMagic, 347:come with ever increasing frequency, and as the race progresses in evolution the vibrations willMagic, 349:in the work of furthering the evolution of the race and see the necessity for trouble and forMagic, 356:Senecas, of the St. Pauls, of the Akbars of the race. It is found (and sometimes in its purestMagic, 356:highly evolved and the most intelligent of the race discover in themselves the divine Flame, andMagic, 367:on which the Lodge is endeavoring to fashion the race. It involves cooperation in the work of theMagic, 370:or as the troubles of the family, nation or race weigh upon the sensitive personality. TheMagic, 371:just as long as the purpose is served and the race instructed through that form. Then the timeMagic, 371:commencement of the aeon. In the infancy of the race the forms endured for a long time. EvolutionMagic, 372:or inner expansion of the life of the race vibrates ever to a faster and lighter rate of rhythm. ItMagic, 372:of those whom you call the Elder Brothers of the race, is to stimulate, purify and coordinate theMagic, 372:consciousness is the next step ahead for the race. This will demonstrate at first as the ability toMagic, 378:during the first subrace of the Atlantean Root Race to make certain efforts, if the evolution ofMagic, 378:to make certain efforts, if the evolution of the race was to proceed according to plan. Students ofMagic, 381:be crude, impossible and of a nature which the race should have transcended for many millions ofMagic, 382:the three bodies as vehicles of service to the race. Then will the human kingdom be transcended andMagic, 383:time the third initiation was reached. In our race, the condition is reversed. The Hierarchy isMagic, 391:works out. A great part of the fifth root-race, three-fifths perhaps, stand close to theMagic, 399:thus been preserved in the consciousness of the race a pictorial representation of a momentousMagic, 402:one hundred years, the Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of all departments about theMagic, 404:vision the utter patience of the Knowers of the race. They work slowly and with deliberation, freeMagic, 404:made reference, the assembled Servers of the race noted the future coming in of the Aquarian age,Magic, 405:barriers between nation and nation, and between race and race. This determination of the members ofMagic, 405:between nation and nation, and between race and race. This determination of the members of theMagic, 406:retrospect, the work that they did for the race and their contribution to the pageant of theMagic, 406:work as they raised the mental standard of the race and put man en rapport with the world in whichMagic, 408:the temperaments and conditions of the age and race. Those who favor some particular approach toMagic, 412:their influence is not confined to one nation or race. The Hierarchy is now faced with anotherMagic, 414:all taint of ambition, and from all pride of race and of accomplishment. They must be alsoMagic, 414:meaning of brotherhood, without distinction of race. Their lives are lives of willing service,Magic, 414:group is known only to the Elder Brothers of the race, and no register of names is kept, and thereMagic, 420:the physical body in condition to serve the race. Again, a divine son of God can surely function asMagic, 424:or even four? Such is the future ahead for the race, and the disciples, actively employed, will beMagic, 425:methods approved by the Elder Brothers of the race, nor is it the way that They Themselves work.Magic, 429:of the next step for the personalities of the race. The Bhagavad Gita gives us primarily the key toMagic, 447:is a beneficent thing. Fortunately for the human race, few people as yet work in mental matter.Magic, 470:under the power of an organized cause. The race has evolved now to a point where we think ofMagic, 472:cannot help so doing, and fortunately, for the race, the forms constructed are so feeble that theyMagic, 479:the force of desire. The mind bodies of the race could not respond to that newer creative sound.Magic, 483:from the reactionaries and the devotees of the race and it should be remembered that it is largelyMagic, 500:will be deeply so for the intelligent of the race, and little by little for all. You say there areMagic, 500:will take place and a revelation be given to the race which will turn hope into certainty andMagic, 503:done by all aspirants. The Elder Brothers of the race who have guided humanity through longMagic, 515:of the initiates and trained workers of the race. Magic, 544:for their destiny is tied up with the future race, the sixth, and their end and the cessation ofMagic, 544:take place during the period of the sixth root race in the present round. Towards the close of theMagic, 544:round. Towards the close of the sixth root race, before the emergence of the seventh, we shall haveMagic, 544:in the sixth subrace. In the sixth root race it will have the seeds of portentous disaster in theMagic, 546:"Four words they utter forth, one for each human race, but not the sacred sound which bringethMagic, 551:control their own destinies, the Teachers of the race begin with the mind aspect of aspirants. TheyMagic, 576:holds nothing for himself; the savior of the race may utilize all that is laid up in the divineMagic, 582:other case, he is learning to be a server of the race, and to construct those forms of expressionMagic, 585:of the soul. Well do the teachers of the race instruct the budding initiate to practiceMagic, 603:formulation of the next step ahead for the human race; upon a manifested esoteric sense, and upon
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