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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - RACE

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Magic, 605:academic world and to the thinkers of the race what they see and understand. Running all throughMagic, 608:souls are recognized as Elder Brethren of the race, as Masters of the Wisdom, as the Cloud ofMagic, 608:step which planetary evolution will guide the race to take during the next two hundred years. TheyMagic, 618:response to knowledge by the knowers of the race, the Hierarchy of Adepts has gathered itsMagic, 619:universal consciousness and equipment of the race as a whole. It is steadily coming to the surfaceMagic, 621:of the plan. Those who guide the human race are not particularly concerned as to the success of theMagic, 626:of death; through the presence of this fear, the race has fought its way to its present point ofMagic, 626:condition of being. Humanity persists, as a race and as a kingdom in nature, as a result of thisMagic, 626:it has resulted in the carrying forward of the race and [627] the persistence and propagation ofMagic, 627:and propagation of the forms through which the race can come into manifestation. The herd instinctMagic, 627:Out of this instinctual reaction of the race as whole, our modern civilization is the result; itsMagic, 627:As time has progressed, the selfishness of the race has thus grown; its sense of acquisitivenessMagic, 634:lowered spiritual and physical vitality of the race today. Never before has there been a time whenMagic, 634:and for the first time in the history of the race, senses the vision and has therefore a truerMeditationat different times, as those who guide the race see a need which must be met. Many books onMeditationcan be accomplished. The great thinkers of the race, the true exponents of lower mind, areMeditationits circumference, then the great leaders of the race, - those who emotionally and intellectuallyMeditation, 17:mind to some problem for the helping of the race; it is the bending of every mental quality and theMeditation, 18:all knowledge in the loving service of his race. The Ray of Devotion is pre-eminently the ray ofMeditation, 19:of humanity, thus making the man a server of his race. This suffices for today. Meditation, 19:as may be contacted among the thinkers of the race and among the prominent workers in allMeditation, 24:years. At this time the watching Teachers of the race see the indwelling Flame as a tiny pin-point,Meditation, 25:the egoic bodies. To the watching Guides of the race, the indwelling Flame or Light can be seenMeditation, 40:of the World Teacher, that of the Head of a root-race and that of the Ruler of civilization or ofMeditation, 41:equilibrium. At no time in the history of the race has this been better shown than in the presentMeditation, 55:at this time and ever since the fourth root-race. It shows itself in the struggle of humanity toMeditation, 67:applied, these effects will be studied. As the race becomes more clairvoyant, they will also beMeditation, 76:Ego, Higher Self, or Son, or the subray. [76] Race and nationality. The special type of work to beMeditation, 89:ends. It is deemed by the wise Teachers of the race, - as I think I have before said - that theMeditation, 89:less than the dangers of too much, and that the race can be more seriously hindered by theMeditation, 98:and from the standpoint of service to the race. Let them aim at a wise coordination in expression,Meditation, 106:resistance, owing to the polarization of the race as a whole. The work, therefore, that the studentMeditation, 110:group. It is generally recognized that each race has for its predominant feature some oneMeditation, 111:days differs fundamentally. In the fourth root race an effort was made to facilitate attainment viaMeditation, 111:to control the two lower. In the Aryan root-race, the attempt is being made to bridge the gapMeditation, 112:at this time. The orient is to the evolving race of men what the heart is to the human body; it isMeditation, 112:of heat, and of vitality. The occident is to the race what the brain or mental activity is to theMeditation, 116:giving of his best for the helping of the race. He serves through love, becoming, as time elapses,Meditation, 117:direct or help. In doing thus, the Guides of the race find out the actions and reactions of a man,Meditation, 123:The motive is ever the greater helping of the race. The obsession is then not the result of aMeditation, 123:for a specific period... As more and more of the race develop continuity of consciousness betweenMeditation, 129:the following of the law, no danger lurks. The race is possessed of a strong determination toMeditation, 130:be safely permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout the scope of life beforeMeditation, 141:whereby it succeeds. Each unit of the human race is a part of the divine consciousness, and is thatMeditation, 145:contacts the world for purposes of helping the race. In so doing he is accomplishing something thatMeditation, 156:meditations advocated by the wise Guides of the race you have some of the lesser foundationMeditation, 160:two causes, one being that our polarization as a race is not yet in the mental body. It is alwaysMeditation, 163:note with appropriate words employed; each root-race has its mantric chord known to those who workMeditation, 166:supersede all preliminary meditation. When the race has reached a certain point of development, andMeditation, 181:and who unselfishly work for the helping of the race. As I said earlier, they were known inMeditation, 188:plans, and so displeased the Guides of the race that the knowledge was withdrawn. The AtlanteanMeditation, 188:the knowledge was withdrawn. The Atlantean root race passed away through disasters by water, byMeditation, 191:distorted fetish worship of the most degraded race - has emphasized the value and efficiency of aMeditation, 193:can be unbelievably powerful. It is well for the race that as yet that power is not theirs. OnlyMeditation, 196:white magic that again will be restored to the race and by means of which a glory and aMeditation, 196:is one of the dreams of the visionaries of the race. Mantrams or words sounded forth collectivelyMeditation, 200:vast to be more than hinted at here. But as the race progresses and the secret of making theMeditation, 200:it is now, and when large numbers of the human race are more directly aligned with the egoic body,Meditation, 200:on the planet in direct relation to the human race is the Wesak festival. There is one stillMeditation, 201:and the Hierarchy [201] by those of the human race who are steady. They focus through the Lords ofMeditation, 222:is the realization by the man using a fifth root-race body in the fourth round on the fourth chain,Meditation, 223:by a man of the seventh round in a seventh root-race body? Even then a whole range of colors ofMeditation, 233:Therefore, I would like to point out that as the race progresses as a collective unit, Those WhoMeditation, 233:purity and clarity of hue in the aura of the race, which aura is composed of the composite auras ofMeditation, 233:of the composite auras of the units of the race. For instance, the aura of the Atlantean root-raceMeditation, 233:For instance, the aura of the Atlantean root-race and that of the Aryan are widely diverse, andMeditation, 236:especially as more and more of the human race come under the conscious control of their higher selfMeditation, 236:heaviness of color of the majority of the human race. There are, in the heaven world and on theMeditation, 236:as some of you awaited a period in the Atlantean race before taking incarnation on this planet.Meditation, 236:of the vibration of a larger percentage of the race has reached a certain measure, and when theMeditation, 242:during the transition period into which the race is now entering. Later, when the knowledge ofMeditation, 245:of these types of trouble, lie far ahead for the race, and therefore little concern us at thisMeditation, 246:be found amongst those who seek to serve their race and the Master. As you will note from theMeditation, 249:and this will be possible as the human race develops the faculty of seeing auras. The number ofMeditation, 251:and will be forms of meditation. Only as the race develops the dynamic powers and attributes ofMeditation, 262:but all stay not and work as servers of the race. They pass to other work of greater or equalMeditation, 262:matter, and by work on the mental bodies of the race, is the work carried on that aids theMeditation, 269:that the Master seeks for the helping of the race, and that will increase the richness of the groupMeditation, 269:utilization of that equipment in service to the race on the physical plane, thereby demonstratingMeditation, 282:that expresses itself in service for the race through love and wisdom. But some individuals expressMeditation, 284:in his relationship with other units of the race, as he constitutes himself their guide andMeditation, 285:whereby he can express himself and serve the race. It is the line of the first ray, and itsMeditation, 286:through intellectual application can serve his race with love and wisdom as the animating cause. HeMeditation, 287:principle, the quaternary, the fourth root-race or the Atlanteans which coordinated the astral. IMeditation, 292:meditation coupled with active service for the race. These intervals are rare at first but comeMeditation, 297:to hold up such an ideal, and to give to the race an objective well worth their highest endeavor.Meditation, 298:serve as a guide to Their future efforts for the race. Especially are people in America, Australia,Meditation, 301:one, being an outgrowth of the fifth root-race, the efflorescence of the fifth principle). This isMeditation, 304:A Branch that works with the fourth root-race and has two fourth root-race adepts at its head. AMeditation, 304:the fourth root-race and has two fourth root-race adepts at its head. A Branch in process ofMeditation, 304:of those connected with the coming sixth root-race. These branches are and will be closelyMeditation, 305:colleges. The aim of all is the evolution of the race, the object of all is to lead all to theMeditation, 305:with the second and third subraces of the Aryan race. The Himalayan school works with the first,Meditation, 305:fourth and fifth subraces. The fourth root-race branch works under the Manu of that race and hisMeditation, 305:root-race branch works under the Manu of that race and his brother of the Teaching Ray. TheirMeditation, 306:or high [306] perception of the thinkers of the race and upon the ability of the incarnating jivasMeditation, 309:school for the advanced egos of the fourth root-race. This will be under the Manu of that race andMeditation, 309:root-race. This will be under the Manu of that race and will be situated in Japan, with its mostMeditation, 311:depreciation, then the watching Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do throughMeditation, 326:serves his time and generation and educates the race in the higher knowledge. 2. In exactly the
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